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Best Healthcare App Ideas for 2024

Healthcare App Ideas for Startup

The advent of mobile applications has changed the way people interact and engage with brands to get their products and services. These applications have created a win-win situation where the brands can reach their targeted audience conveniently and the customers can access the brands’ products and services at their fingertips.              

Businesses from all verticals, including the healthcare app development company, have been using mobile applications to offer their services. Mobile apps for healthcare are in demand because they provide the convenience of accessing various digital health services in the blink of an eye. Just download the app, create your profile, find a medical professional, and get a consultation.  

As per the research, the mhealth market size is valued at USD 24.93 billion in 2020. Which is predicted to reach 39 billion by the end of 2021. Many reports predict that in the year 2028, the global healthcare app market size will reach 314.60 billion dollars.      

Since the demand for healthcare, medical, and fitness applications is increasing at an unprecedented rate, it is a great idea to build the same for your startup.      

Agree with us? As the top healthcare app development services, we’ve listed some of the ideas you can consider building for your startup.     

Top Innovative Healthcare App Ideas for Startups in 2024! 

Well, here’s the countdown:   

#1. IoMT Apps  


The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is a collection of medical tools and applications that can use networking technologies to link to healthcare information technology networks. By linking patients to their physicians and permitting the transfer of medical data through a secured network, it can decrease hospital visits and pressure on health care systems.         

The impact of the Internet of Things on the healthcare business is evident and irreversible. The global IOMT market is predicted to increase from $41 billion in 2017 to $158 billion by 2022, as per a recent Deloitte poll. Beyond the patient context, the use of IoMT devices in conjunction with telemedicine can be beneficial for ongoing treatment.       

Furthermore, hospitals must monitor the quality and availability of their medical assets throughout time, as well as how workers and patients move across the facility. IOMT sensors and other tracking devices are used by healthcare practitioners to track all of these interactions so that administrators can obtain a complete view of what’s happening overall. 

#2. AI based Medical Training App

An AR-based medical training app can be used to train medical professionals about conducting various surgeries. There is no need to have an actual human body to perform the same. Developing such an option is really a great idea.

#3. AR-based Thermal Imaging App  

A medical thermal imaging camera produces a thermal image that shows the various amounts of heat emitted by the human body. Whenever the temperature is standard or raised, this image acts as a signal to thermographers, operators, or doctors.     

A medical thermal imaging camera can also be used to monitor a region of the body in order to detect high temperatures causing inflammation, circulation problems, injury, or disease. Besides, thermal imaging can also be employed in airports, public transit hubs, offices, retail shops, health facilities, and on public roadways, among other places.                 

#4. AI-based Drug Discovery App        

Pharmaceutical medication development is a time-consuming and expensive procedure. The use of algorithms to speed up a multi-year process to a couple of months has been demonstrated by AI-discovered pharmaceuticals. This massive decrease in development cycles, as well as the quantity of compounds that must be manufactured for lab testing, provides for substantial savings, addressing two key challenges in pharmaceutical R&D.

In the coming, AI will have the greatest impact on medication discovery. While the accessibility of structure determination on which to apply AI algorithms enables structure-based virtual screening, the diversity of systems implies that the structure and fit of compounds do not predict a compound’s safety and efficacy as a medicine. If you want to develop a similar app, then you need to contact a top healthcare app development company.  

#5. AI-based Personal Training App

AI Fitness app

This healthcare mobile app developers idea is the most popular one. Mobile phones nowadays have access to technologies previously only available to professional sports teams, gyms, personal trainers, and experts. AI has made it possible to create workout and fitness sessions that do not require any human interaction. 

Once digested and passed through numerous algorithms, and paired with anonymized data from people all around the world, AI can optimize fitness, exercise, and nutrition regimens for everyone. Because of continual machine learning and AI algorithms, personal fitness routines become more precise over time. 

#6. Chronic Disease Tracking App

Mobile health apps, or mHealth apps, are health and fitness-related apps that operate on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. No obvious pleasures can be promised by a chronic disease app. Rather, the app closely monitors the patient’s vital signs and assists individuals in adhering to specific limits, such as eating healthier foods. This innovative healthcare app idea is really a boom for the Fitness App Development Company

It also reminds the user that he or she should be tested. The patient advantage of a chronic disease tracking app is obvious. Users get all of the information they need concerning their health, and despite having a chronic illness, they can stay at home and live a regular life. For the hospital, this means fewer doctor workloads and more beds available for patients truly needy.  

#7. Mental Health App  

With the hectic lifestyle, people these days are facing several mental health issues, such as depression, stress, PTSD, anxiety, and more. You can think of creating a mobile application on this unique healthcare app idea for startups and dedicate it to providing treatment for mental health problems. This would surely be a great hit among users. 

#8. Remote Patient Monitoring App       

Remote patient monitoring, combined with the internet of medical things, is transforming the healthcare system, transforming it from a “hospital-centered” to a “home-centered” model that is more inexpensive and accessible to people from all walks of life. In a day when medical care remains in high demand and hospital stay expenses continue to rise, an application that enables doctors to monitor patients remotely and keep track of their vitals is an extremely appealing choice.    

With the use of cardiac resynchronization devices and smart pacemakers that can communicate patient health information to a central repository, remote patient monitoring telehealth applications might reduce the risk of heart failure in individuals who are prone to it. This data can be studied to find patterns and assist physicians in keeping patients stable, thus enhancing their quality of life. 

#9. AR-enabled Medical Diagnosis Apps

AR-enabled Medical Diagnosis Apps

An Augmented Reality based diagnosis application can help patients to describe their symptoms precisely to medical or healthcare professionals. When connected to an AR-enabled handheld scanner, this amazing medical application idea can help nurses to find veins without any difficulty. Considering developing such an application is surely a worthwhile option for your startup.

#10. AR/VR-enabled app for Blinds

Virtual reality and augmented reality development company appear to be springing up everywhere in a variety of sectors and industries. Virtual reality is gradually becoming widespread, from the surgery room to the classroom, living room, and just about anywhere else. It gives the blind the ability to see, physicians the ability to perform more precise surgeries, and the fearful the ability to become bold. 

Through a mixture of intelligent computer vision algorithms and cameras, the glasses identify visual defects in a person’s eyesight and then magnify those specific details. Users will be able to move more autonomously, avoid collisions in ordinary life, and improve their vision in low-light situations.

If you have a little bit of idea of the mobile app development process, then prepare a list of the app requirements before connecting to the company or the developer.


How to Turn Your Healthcare App Idea Into Reality?

Once you shortlist a healthcare app idea for your startup, the next step is to find a reliable mobile app development company or hire healthcare app developers to begin the development. If you have a little bit idea of the mobile app process, then prepare a list of the app requirements before connecting to the company or the developer. However, if you are naïve, then simply share your healthcare app idea or goals with the company.

Now the next thing you must be thinking about is the cost of the app development. Calculating the same needs to consider several factors including the following:

  • The platform on which you want to release the app
  • Tech stack of the app
  • Experience and location of the development company
  • Size of the development team
  • Time duration required for the project
  • UI/UX design of the app
  • Type of healthcare/fitness/medical app

With the right healthcare app development company like Quytech, it won’t cost you a fortune. Moreover, a reliable and experienced company would also take necessary factors like making the app HIPPA compliance, setting the right customers for the app, deciding the right monetization strategy, and more in mind.

For healthcare, fitness, or medical app development, you might need to pay somewhere between the US $25,000 to US $70,000. The price may increase or decrease depending on your specific healthcare app requirements and the factors mentioned above.

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