How AI-enabled CRM Can Boost Your Sales: Business Guide For 2024

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The world of sales is quickly evolving and the success of a company relies heavily on how they manage their customer relationships. With that in mind, many companies have adopted CRM systems as a way to stay organized and optimize their performance. 

However, merely having a CRM system in place isn’t enough to get the best results. Utilizing AI-enabled CRM technology is becoming increasingly important and is showing tremendous potential.

Currently, only 37% of sales companies are taking advantage of this advanced AI-enabled technology, despite it already providing extraordinary results to those who do. Modern language models such as ChatGPT, with their advanced generative AI capabilities, are creating a technological revolution and revolutionizing the customer relationship management process. 

Utilizing AI-enabled CRM technology is the best way for companies to strengthen their relationships with customers and boost their overall sales performance.

It has been projected that incorporating artificial intelligence into the CRM sector of the US could yield an extra revenue of $394 billion within 5 years.

AI-enabled CRM

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So, let’s uncover how an AI-driven CRM system can help companies, regardless of their scale, and explore some examples of the many forms of AI-enhanced CRM software that are offered in today’s marketplace. Besides, we will scrutinize renowned brands that are skillfully utilizing AI in their CRM solutions.  

What is AI-enabled CRM?

AI technology is a truly remarkable invention that empowers machines to perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence.

These tasks include comprehending natural language, identifying patterns, making crucial decisions, and learning from experiences. 

Whereas, CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is an approach that companies use to manage interactions with their customers. This entails carefully managing customer data, tracking customer engagement, and observing customer behaviors – all of which ultimately improve the customer experience. 

Furthermore, when AI is included in the CRM system, it transforms into an AI-enabled CRM, using Artificial Intelligence to automate and upgrade the customer relationship management process. 

But, with AI-enabled CRM, what advancements can be seen in sales operations? Let’s find out the same!

The Role of AI in Sales Performance

We all crave success and recognition. It’s no different for salespeople, who put in endless hours trying to close deals. However, in the past, relying solely on intuition and experience often made it a long and exhausting process with no guarantee of success.

But with the emergence of artificial intelligence, everything changed. AI has brought a new level of precision and accuracy to the sales process. Besides, there are many other reasons for which the impact of AI on sales cannot be overstated. How? Let’s see them below.

The Complexity of Data:

As a salesperson, you know that making a sale requires a lot of effort to understand customer needs and play with data. You have to delve into the customer’s behavior, their purchase history, and even their demographics to close a deal successfully. It can be overwhelming to handle so much data. But with the help of AI, the handling of data becomes much easier.

Increased Competition: 

Isn’t it true that the market has become quite cutthroat nowadays? Salespeople are constantly struggling to steal the deal with each other. As said before, data plays an important role. 

With AI, they can gain access to invaluable insights into market trends, competitor behavior, and customer preferences. Therefore, for sales teams, AI can be a helping hand to create effective sales strategies and stay ahead of the competition with this kind of information at their fingertips.

Efficient Use of Time:

Salespeople often find themselves bogged down with a bundle of tasks such as data entry, lead qualification, and follow-ups. These tasks can be repetitive and draining, leaving sales teams feeling frustrated.

But fortunately, technology has come to the rescue! AI has the power to automate these time-consuming tasks, allowing salespeople to focus on what really matters: building strong relationships with their customers and closing deals.

Now, getting back to our most important concern: How can AI-enabled CRM boost your sales?

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The Impact of AI-Enabled CRM Solutions On Your Sales 

The mere mention of “AI” and “CRM” might make some people feel like they’re in over their heads, but these terms hold immense promise for businesses looking to increase their sales. Utilizing AI-powered CRM can bring about numerous advantages. Don’t believe it? Allow us to explain further.

AI-Enabled CRM Solutions

01- Personalized Customer Experience

In any business venture, the customer is paramount. Meeting customers’ needs and providing them with excellent care is extremely important.

From the first customer contact, until the final sale takes place, this is considered part of the sales engagement. However, with so much competition out there, delivering personalized experiences is essential.

Leveraging artificial intelligence to examine customer information permits us to better comprehend their behaviors, preferences, and needs. This information gives us the opportunity to provide an enhanced, tailored customer experience that can potentially result in greater customer loyalty and elevated sales. You need to hire developers in India who have an in-depth understanding of AI technology. This is because with their help it’s easy to integrate AI into CRM software. 

Key Points: 

  • Pinpointing opportunities to cross-sell and upsell based on customers’ purchase history and preferences
  • Proposing products and services based on the customer’s conduct and preferences.
  • Generating personalized content and promotions that cater to the unique tastes and routines of every customer

02- Improved Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting helps businesses make accurate revenue predictions and budget allocations for marketing campaigns. Now, you might be thinking, “Okay, that all sounds great, but why should I care?” The answer is simple: because these benefits lead to tangible outcomes that affect your bottom line. 

Key Points: 

  • Predict sales trends and adjust sales strategies accordingly.
  • Identify which products and services are most likely to sell and adjust inventory levels accordingly.
  • Anticipate customer demand and adjust pricing and promotions accordingly.
Improved Sales Forecasting

03- Effective Lead Management

Lead handling is a difficult and time-consuming task that can take a toll on our emotional well-being. Fortunately, Artificial Intelligence-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software offers the ideal solution to help us efficiently manage leads. 

The complexity of sales demands that we have the right tools in place to maximize our workflow, classify our potential leads, and build meaningful connections with our clients. 

When we integrate AI into our CRM system, we gain the capacity to prioritize leads based on their likelihood to purchase, making sales more predictable and eliminating the time spent chasing leads with a low conversion rate.

Further, with their help, we can efficiently handle our leads while keeping our sanity intact.

Key Points: 

  • Track and analyze lead data to identify patterns and optimize lead generation strategies.
  • Scoring leads based on their likelihood to convert

04- Streamlined Sales Process

Don’t you think it would be great if we could make our customers feel like they were part of our family? Of course, it is! An AI-enabled CRM system can help us achieve this by streamlining our sales process, making it more efficient and effective.

With these AI development solutions, we can provide personalized service to each customer, ensuring their satisfaction. And don’t you think that happy customers mean increased sales and more revenue for us? Definitely yes!

Key Points: 

  • Automate routine tasks, such as data entry and lead follow-up.
  • Optimize campaigns in real-time based on data analytics.
  • Predict equipment failures before they occur, allowing for preventative maintenance and minimizing downtime.

05- Emotionally Intelligent Customer Interaction

Incorporating generative AI into customer service strategies is a game-changer. It allows businesses to create a humanized touchpoint, making the customer experience more genuine and meaningful.

 For instance, imagine receiving a customized message from your favorite brand on your birthday. You feel special, acknowledged, and valued as a customer. This is just one example of how AI-enabled CRM can enhance customer interaction and make it emotionally intelligent. This has a positive impact on customer loyalty and, hence, helps drive sales.

 Key Points: 

  • Using sentiment analysis to understand customer emotions and respond appropriately
  • With advanced chatbot technology, you can offer real-time assistance 24/7.

Although we all adore the advantageous impact of AI-driven CRM in heightening sales, we cannot disregard the fact that it also has certain negative aspects. Just like life, technology has both upsides and downsides. Acknowledging the drawbacks is crucial and must not be overlooked.

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Top Brands That Leverage AI-Powered CRMs

Many well-known companies across different industries have embraced the power of AI-enabled CRM software to optimize their sales processes. Here are some examples of these trailblazing brands and how they have benefited from AI: 

  • Coca-Cola 

They have integrated an AI-powered CRM system that enabled them to streamline their marketing efforts and enhance personalization for their invaluable customers. The impeccable utilization of AI technology empowered Coca-Cola’s marketing team to pinpoint the intended audience and craft noteworthy messages that deeply resonate with consumers.

  • Amazon

Amazon’s implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in its customer relationship management (CRM) system has greatly enhanced the company’s customer service and boosted its sales. The AI-driven chatbots can efficiently handle a substantial volume of customer queries, thereby allowing human agents to handle more complicated problems.  

  • Adobe Sensei 

Adobe Sensei is an application of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to streamline various processes, as well as to provide insightful data. Through Adobe Sensei, customers, and audience segments can be intelligently analyzed, and meaningful differences attributed to their conversion.

  • Oracle AI 

Oracle AI is an infrastructure comprised of accelerated AI, ML, and infrastructure services. This platform allows companies to utilize AI to assess and optimize sales activity by examining their data. It can provide ultra-low latencies for GPUs and clusters, allowing thousands of nodes to work together. 

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Final Thoughts

As we wrap up this discussion on AI-enabled CRM solutions and their impact on sales, one thing is crystal clear: businesses that are serious about sales growth cannot afford to ignore the benefits of AI development solutions.

From the automation of routine tasks to personalized insights, AI-powered CRM can make a massive difference in your bottom line. According to a recent survey, companies that adopt AI in their CRM systems see a 15-20% increase in productivity.

If you’re still hesitant about adopting AI in your CRM strategy, think about this: 

‘Your competitors are already using this technology to streamline their sales processes and provide an unbeatable customer experience. If you’re not keeping up, you’re getting left behind.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to take advantage of AI-powered CRM software. Embrace the power of technology and give your sales team the tools they need to close deals faster and more efficiently than ever before. Reach out to a CRM software development company like ours where you can hire developers from India to help you develop your CRM software from scratch or just integrate AI technology into existing systems. 

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