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How Augmented Reality is Enhancing Cosmetic Surgery

Augmented Reality In Cosmetic Surgery

Augmented Reality technology in a true sense is helping in combines computer-generated images with a real object. Developers developed a sophisticated yet simple and modifiable AR technique. Thus user during cosmetic or reconstructive surgery can view the proper layout of their surgical part.

To evolve the field of cosmetic surgery developers are helping Scientists to develop an augmented reality system that could be a useful guide for evaluating the results of facial reconstruction before operation.

Talking about the system it helps researchers to create three dimensional (3D) simulations of the desired part of face. Thus it creates a reconstructive procedure that project it over the patient’s face during surgery.

Current experience of the researchers suggests that augmented reality could be a useful guide to planning and performing. It can also help in evaluating the results of facial reconstruction and other procedures.

Virtual 3D breast Augmentation

Benefits of Augmented Reality In Cosmetic Surgery

  • This system helped in visualizing the planned correction and confirming the final outcome with structured information.
  • The surgeon will be able to superimpose the desired part using a pair of commercially available smart glasses embedded with AR technology.
  • To make the procedure successful the 3D digital simulation image of the desired part of body can be visualized over the patient’s during surgery.
  • The AR technology provides an open source software product to solve various technical problems during the surgery.
  • Including manipulating and displaying the 3D simulations of particular surface of body AR is giving benefit to doctors as well as the patient with the surgical results.

With such benefits the patient is able to interact with a virtual image on a system. Apart from that there is a gain of comfort with their expected post-operation appearance. To be particular the patient can also view themselves in real time with virtual body parts when overlaid on their person. Due to the advancement in technology the user can view a virtual image that is placed on a real patient to allow them to view themselves using a mobile device as a virtual mirror.

Types of  3D Virtual Cosmetic Surgery

AR Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty refers to any surgery that repairs or reshapes the nose using AR for cosmetic reasons.

Lip augmentation

AR can help the patient to give the fuller-looking lips before Lip augmentation. Before the permanent change user can use it to look increased lip volume, shape, or structure.


Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that improves the shape of the body by removing fat deposits. Thus AR is the help the doctors to take an idea how the patient would look like.

Facelifts AR

Facelifts is another field where AR is used to visualize the repair sagging, loose, drooping, or wrinkled skin on the face. The Neck lifting are commonly done in conjunction with facelifts with AR technology.

Breast Implants

3D Virtual Mirror‘ for Breast Implants. Women can see what they will look like with cosmetic breast surgery before going through the surgery. With this AR technology women choose the size and shape of their implants easily.

Our Work: ILLUSIO: Virtual 3D breast Augmentation and Simulator App

AR Plastic surgery

We designed and developed Virtual 3D breast Augmentation and Simulator App for one of our prestigious clients Illusio. Through this app user is able to see what they want after surgery. The use of this solution will superimpose the 3D digital simulation image of the desired appearance over the Breast augmentation before surgery. 

Wrapping up

The researchers describe their positive experience with AR system for cosmetic surgery. The AR system enhanced in planning and confirming reconstruction of the underlying bones of the selected body part.

Patient with a congenital bone development disorder and another patient with a complex facial fracture can take advantage of this solution. Hence, the 3D simulation of the body surface provided a visual reference of the final cosmetic appearance.

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