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How ChatBots Can be implemented in various Industries


Technology is evolving with the time and simultaneously many firms in market are always looking for interesting ideas through which they can remain connected with their customers.

Chatbots are in trends with business practices as well as with customer utilities. With artificial intelligence these chatbots provides an advance experience. Chatbots are becoming a very viable customer support solution in every manner. It has drastically changed many business processes and strategies.

Chatbots have a very wide range of services that let you to interact with a computer using a simple chat-like interface. There are many platform and firms offering services to assist users if anyone is having trouble in any ways.

There are a couple of customer support companies that offer support through their instant messenger service. For an example a chat box, much like Facebook messenger, pops up and user can immediately in contact with customer support services.

The best part is that chatbot will it ask a few questions and accordingly direct user appropriately. By answering the question through the chat interface Chatbot using artificial intelligence the user gets the solution. Advance technology is inventing useful chatbots like Siri and Alexa that gives an experience as if you are communicating with a real human being.

Top 4 Industries Taking Advantage of Chatbots

Hospitality & Travel

This is where the chatbots will come into picture. After the arrival of the smartphones and the mobile apps the hospitality and travel industry has undergone a major change.

It also helped in making great deal with travel arrangements. Online booking of hotels and tickets got next level of exposure. Chatbots created new version of experience by providing facilitates the users to search for the famous restaurants, shopping malls and other places of sightseeing. Suggestions are offered regarding the holiday destinations to the tourists depending upon their budget estimate.

Let’s look at a few examples of winners in the space:

  • Snap Travel: $1,000,000 in Bookings
  • Marriott: Use of chatbot services at the company has grown 85% month over month since the technology was launched via Facebook Messenger.
  • KLM: Increased customer interactions by 40%, helped 15% of customers get their boarding passes via Messenger while improving Net Promoter Score.
  • Wynn: Adding Amazon Echo’s to over 5,000 Rooms.
  • Waylo: 50K Month in Revenue

Bots in this space are being successful on a number of critical fronts:

1) They Increase Revenue

2) Increase customer satisfaction

3) Increase Engagement and Brand Loyalty and

4) Lower Costs via Automation.

Here is how companies are using the technology today.


chat bot health
If the doctor not physically present chatbots can guide the medical staff to take the necessary actions with the help of AI. You can say chatbots are blessing for the health industry. The patients can be in touch with the doctor by instant messaging.
With advance features the chatbots can also analyze the body symptoms and accordingly make the patient aware about disease.
To interact with the doctor if necessary where the patient’s life is under threat chatbots are there to assists. Moreover, it can prescribe emergency direction if the patient requires an immediate medical attention and proper diagnosis.


A number of e-commerce brands have successfully established their unique identity in the market. The chatbot benefits e-commerce industry as it assists in establishing a brand image among the end users.
Using this customer gets the personal attention and therefore based on their tastes and preferences suggestions about products can be provided. The users also gets customer care service with real-time response throughout 24×7.

Let’s look at a few examples of winners in the space:

  • 1–800-Flowers: reported that more than 70% of its Messenger orders derived from new customers!
  • Sephora: increased their makeover appointments by 11% via their Facebook Messenger Chatbot.
  • Nitro Café: increased sales by 20 percent with their Messenger chatbot which was designed for easy ordering, direct payments and instant two-way communication.
  • Sun’s Soccer: Chatbots drove nearly 50% of its users back to their site throughout specific soccer coverage; 43 percent of chatbot subscribersclicked through during their best period.
  • Asos: increased orders by 300% using Messenger Chatbots and got a 250% return on Spend while reaching 3.5x more people.


The banking industry also need a perfect chatbot interface, which will make their immense activates simpler. 24×7 several transactions are done very carefully. Chatbots helps the users to check their balance, money transfers and history of transactions. Apart from that locating the nearest bank branch or ATM can be done all through the bots.
In fact, there are many national and international banks that have already implemented the bots for that specific purpose. Since most of the financial transactions are conducted online these days banking industry has gone over a huge change. For this reason the banks also need a perfect chatbot interface.

Let’s look at a few examples of winners in the space:

  • Chase: JPMorgan has numerous bots! COIN, has saved over 360,000 hours of manpower and its simple bots work by parsing emails for employees, grant access to software systems, and handle common IT requests like resetting passwords and more. Bots are expected to handle 1.7 million access requests this year, doing the work of 140 people.
  • HiCharlie: This bot keep track of your finances so you don’t have to. On average Charlie saves users $80 per week!
  • Sweedbank: Their chatbot, Nina, handles 40,000 conversations a month and resolves 81% of the issues.
  • Trim: Trim is Financial Assistant bot that can help you reduce expenses and even negotiate bills on your behalf. Trim has a 94% retention rate!


Advantages of Chat bots to Drive your Business

Cost Effective

Talking about the cost effective Chatbots are cost effective in comparison to developing the mobile apps. It can be said that they are taking position of mobile apps.
The reason behind such importance of the chatbots is due to the unique Development of chatbots. Chatbots are mostly based on the server and the conversations of the chatbots are mostly test-based. Using their personal tone the users can easily chat.
Now most of the customer service representatives don’t have to attend calls every time as the messages remain safe and confidential option.


“Interacting one-to-one with their customers” feature of chatbots have provided a wider scope for the online business owners. Apart from that the instant messaging tool is also proving to be a great marketing asset. After the data of your esteemed users Chatbots acts in the best way to know what are customer’s desires and accordingly provide the service. Getting more personalised experience is the benefit of the chatbots.


With flexible infrastructure chatbots offers engagement of more customers. Implement of it with other channels can ease the user and the usability.
Taking an example, if you are looking for a restaurant through chatbot you can also check into another channel too. Chatbots provides the key areas that help in flourishing business and thereby takes the user experience to the next level.

Wrapping up
Now it is high time to think about execute the chatbot in the right direction. If you want to enhance the customer engagement and take your business to the next level then chatbots are worthy assets for a number of industries with different purpose. Chatbots are proving to be best approach to enhance the heights of achievement and surely these heights will hike in the near future.

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