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How to Hire Top React Native Developers

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React Native is one of the greatest mobile app development frameworks in the market. Every industry-leading company in the industry is opting for React Native Development. To hire a developer who is a master of React Native and knows how to build user-friendly Apps then the process of hiring applicants must be rigorous. It is seen as a developer with poor knowledge attempting to develop a poor application.

App developing companies hire React Native developers to build mobile apps, so it is important to hire expert developers to build exceptionally high-quality apps. For this, it is more important to know what skills should be tested while interviewing a programmer to check if they know the ins and outs of React Native. Here is the article that details the overall aspects of React Native development.

Benefits of Hiring React Native Developers

Before hiring a developer, one should consider the benefits of hiring React Native developers. Thus, consider the detailed knowledge about the react developer before hiring. Many App development companies prefer to hire  React Native app developers. Hiring React Native developers is a big deal as there is fewer prudent React Native developers in the industry. Here are the benefits of hiring a developer efficiently in React JS native app. 

  • Speedy development with ease of updates means that there is a great economy of development time.
  • There is no resubmission required of the React Native app for smaller updates.
  • Have a wide range of rich libraries for loading indicators, social sharing and analytics.

Guidelines to hire the right React developer for your mobile app development

  1. Skilled Developers
  2.  Portfolio
  3. Experienced
  4. complexity of projects

React Native has a quite large community with great numbers of developers in the industry. But there is still a challenge to hire developer which best suits according to the respective business project.

Leading giants of the industry also prefer to develop their apps using React Native. With time there is increasing demand for the React Native apps development in the industry. React Native developer for mobile app development can be selected with these guidelines.

1. Skilled Developers for Mobile App development

React Native is the open-source platform that is why the React Native developers are in demand. The expert of React Native app development has good knowledge that aware of all the basic working that is required to build a good User Interface (UI) for cross platforms. React Native framework is developed by Facebook which is basically provides components that use Android UI components and iOS UIKit for the app development.

2. React Developer skills

When it comes about the skill set of react developer it should work with both front-end and back-end technologies. It is always expected that the developer has good knowledge about the react native. The developer must possess a strong skill set to fulfill prospects. Here are some of the basic skills set that a developer must carry.

  1. Expertise in React.js development
  2. Knowledge of other JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS would be a bonus
  3. Good command over fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  4. Familiarity with CSS preprocessors like Sass and LESS
  5. Working knowledge of JavaScript libraries like jQuery or Backbone.js
  6. Skills for front-end CSS frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation
  7. Know how to use JavaScript build tools like Bower, Gulp or Grunt
  8. Experience in Unit Testing with React Testing Tools

3. Experienced React Developer

In case if there is a requirement of the developer who must carry experience in React Native development then there are few things that need to be considered while hiring such applicants.

  1. Understanding of the Business
  2. Having Served to a Similar Domain
  3. Ability to Provide Innovative Solutions
  4. Acceptability to External Auditors
  5. Scalability and Reliability in Service
  6. Overall Cost Charged by Provider
  7. Trust in the Outsourcing Partner
  8. Communicate in a Common Language
  9. International/Global Presence

4. Traits of React Native Developers available

In industry, there are the developers who have gained expertise or who are in the queue of taking experience. There are traits or drawbacks through which we can analyze the developers. Therefore, looking at the requirements of a project we can evaluate the skills in terms of competence and qualities.

  1. The developer should be a very good team player.
  2. Should possess interdependence quality to match the development process.
  3. Fast learners who might be fresher but is good at learning.
  4. Grip over the React Native JS comparatively faster than the rest framework.
  5. The Consultant type of the developers who have to play a short-period role.
  6. In-house developers who are going to play a long-term role.
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Bottom Line

React Native developers can transform your dream app in a very intuitive way with the outstanding user interface. These are the front-end developers hired the companies with business prospects aimed to enhance the user experience. As they have demand in the market for the reason that they are a fine blend of experience, expertise, and have updated knowledge regarding the app development.