Augmented Reality

How iOS’s 14 new AR feature will impact startups and other tech giants

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Like every time Apple with its amazing feature try to reach more people than ever before. These days Apple is working on improvements to the iPhone’s augmented reality capabilities. According to a 9to5Mac report, the company is developing a new app for iOS 14. The project, codenamed “The Gobi,” would enable iPhone users to find out information easier than ever before. The users can view virtual objects superimposed onto the camera view via their phones.

Further, the report explains that Apple seems to be testing AR integrations with Apple Stores and Starbuck. With this, the users would be able to get more information about the world around them by using an AR experience on the phone.

This will unlock many possibilities for third-party developers to develop their own AR experiences. It can be a futuristic approach where visitors at the museum could watch virtual dinosaurs come to life next to the fossils. The customer at retail could view information about the products on display, get pricing, and compare features. Just by pointing their camera at book cover the user visualize book covers come to life. 

Apple is developing a new app as part of its work on iOS 14 with AR experience that would be part of Apple’s upcoming AR headset projects. Augmented reality has been amazing technology for engaging and improving the mobile user’s experience.

With “Gobi” apple could bring it to new pinnacles which would simplify the process of creating augmented reality-powered apps. “Gobi” would help effectively in launching separate apps and memorizing which app to use in the right time. This could turn out to relatively niche transforming the smartphone for a new way to experience the world. It would be convenient to explore hidden experiences in the real world avoiding the users to download and then wait to install a different apps for different places or products. Businesses are adopting an AR app for simpler experiences that load instantly to speed user experience.