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How much does it cost to create an on demand Food Delivery App like GrubHub?

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What is GrubHub?

We live in a world where we go through a hectic schedule. With no time to prepare food, we always look for better and easy option according to our availability. The blend of the technology and industrialization is changing the outlook of people towards the world. The flood of apps in App store is grabbing every sector of the market. Food delivery App like GrubHub is trending these days. As the app can be easily downloaded from App store and food is delivered to your doorstep after selecting the menu.

Grubhub is Chicago based online and mobile food-ordering company. Covering many other nations this company connects diners with local restaurants. The company has more than 14 million active diners, and approximately 80,000 restaurant partners. To date, the Grubhub app and website connects diners with over 55,000 restaurants in cities across the United States and London.

Within the Grubhub family of brands are Seamless, All AR Food Menus, and Menu Pages, though Grubhub is the best-known food delivery app and source for online food delivery. Users can choose to order on the Grubhub app or the website. Both options are free, and best of all, both allow for users to arrange for online food delivery either electronically or over the phone.

How Does Grubhub Work?

For interested people to know how Grubhub delivery services works, this is the right place. This content is created specifically for you with more information about this food delivery app. There are simple steps for ordering online food delivery through Grubhub. Just simply entering your location the food delivery app will show you a list of restaurants that deliver to your area. Apart from that a there is an option that displays a list of nearby restaurants that offer pickup.

Grubhub delivery also offers filters to users to find exactly what they are looking for. This type of online searching for food delivery can be narrowed down to a specific restaurant, city, cuisine, or dish.

Grubhub review found a wide range of available filters, including: american food delivery, asian food delivery, healthy food delivery, late night delivery and many more. To keep hold on users there are no grubhub food delivery fees. And if a restaurant has an order minimum or a delivery fee for their services the grubhub ordering system will let you know about it.

To create the level of transparency users can also see how far away the restaurant is, and the average preparation time for orders. Such type of user friendly mindset makes it one of the most convenient food ordering apps on the market.

When it comes about payment it is processed using PayPal, android pay, apple pay, or credit card.  In addition to that Grubhub users can leave reviews for restaurants, making it easy for new users to decide which restaurant is better.

Grubhub delivery services are made by official GrubHub drivers in cities across the country, meaning that the availability of online food delivery through GrubHub will largely depend on whether your city has GrubHub drivers.

Grubhub features

Below are some of the amazing features that you will come across while using Grubhub.


Using the GrubHub restaurant list, customers will get a chance to select their options from the wide range of restaurants. There is the chance that users will be offered several deals and discounts depending on the partnership with the restaurant.  Users can select any restaurant they prefer and Grubhub allows the customers to rate the restaurants.

The customer can select the rating option and it will help other users too. Mostly the reviews are according to the experience with the quality food that was delivered. By getting a rate the company and customers match each other to make the right decision.


Grubhub is a platform where the customers will get a chance to compare the standard rates of every restaurant. This will help the customers to order the food considering their budget. Such kind of feature allows users to make their deal confidently while acknowledging the offers.


The delivery charges can alter depending on the distance of the restaurant from your location, minimum order, and estimated wait time. For the convenience of the users, the company provides different pickup options available. This helps the customer to save time and gets the order placed within time.


Detailed information will be shared regarding the restaurant from which you are planning to order food. Every detail such as the location of the restaurant and reviews will help in getting accurate information about the restaurant.


It is important for the business organization to retain its customers. Grubhub has been maintaining a strong bond with its customers by providing 24/7 support using different platforms.

The main goal of business organizations is to not sell the products but make strong relations with their customers. The success of any business is defined by the number of satisfied customers they have.

These features are one of the reasons behind the success of Grubhub and assure that they win the trust and confidence of their clients and users.

No doubt Grubhub is one of the best food delivery app available; particularly for those people who have little time to prepare their food on their own. Do you also want to create an app similar to Grubhub? or Want to know the cost of app development?  Contact us for complete cost estimation of an app like Grubhub.

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