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How Much Does It Cost to Develop an AR Wine Label App Like 19 Crimes Wine?

AR Wine Label App

Augmented reality is an immersive technology helping in opening new opportunities to add highly engaging virtual content to products. Augmenting real-world objects using immersive technology transforms our physical world. AR is all about adding layers of digital information onto products and surroundings. This technology is a great way of entertainment and user engagement. The utilization of Augmented Reality technology is helping brands and businesses to uplift their services.

Likewise, who would have imagined that wine brand “19 Crimes” can evolve with such an exclusive idea? It offers a more enhanced experience where each bottle comes to life by animating the labels’ photographs. This easy-to-use technology plays video attached with prompting characters to give unique promotions.

This technology is inspiring startups and enterprises to bring the attention of the customers by introducing intuitive strategies in their business model. Likewise, AR is helping them to stand out in the industry. Augmented Reality Brings New Experiences in the Wine industry where the AR act as the storyteller.

Augmented Reality wine label app projects stories of each bottle by animating the labels’ photographs. Businesses in wine can pitch AR wine labels with the innovative new app for marketing.

How the Wine Industry Is Utilizing Augmented Reality?

Large wine producers are introducing new level marketing strategies to the wine industry. The wine, spirits, and beer brands are adopting AR technology to provide customers with an immersive experience. Through smartphones, the users can view prompting characters narrating the unique stories behind the labels. The idea is to integrate appealing ad-pooped with fancy packaging marketing messages.

Users can share entertaining experiences with friends, family, and followers on social media. As a result, such sharing supports viral campaigns, gives brands great promotional power. It is the best way to reach customers/users while extending the marketing efforts. AR wine app created a unique opportunity for a wine producer to deliver a deeply engaging brand experience. AR wine label connects consumers in a fun and entertaining manner. This is also the best way to use augmented reality in packaging in this industry. Augmented Reality is efficient in bringing wine labels to life and redefine packaging strategies.

About 19 crimes App

19 Crimes labels wines are one of the first wine or spirits brands to merge Augmented Reality in brand promotion. Now you see every beer, whiskey, and wine bottles labels speaking own their own via AR app. It is a practical application of augmented reality necessary for a business prospect to thrust the mainstream.

Augmented Reality is an exciting technology, helping the wine industry to engage the users and broadcast the brands globally. 19 crimes is a big example of how a brand can harness new technology for an experience that creates a positive buzz.

19 Crimes wine introduced AR application, giving us the unique opportunity to let these historic criminals-turned-colonists. This helps the users to interact and listen to their stories in a way that fascinates today’s consumer. You need to go to the store if you haven’t seen the bottles of wine yet that are labeled with vintage mug shots of former criminals turned Australian colonists. The men (and women) were punished for committing at least one of the 19 crimes.

Wine Labels App Transforming the User’s Experience

Augmented Reality wine label app mechanized an innovative opportunity for the wine industry. It is an immersive way to deliver a deeply engaging brand experience. This AR experience includes within the Wine Labels AR framework, which included brands stories correlated to the same incident. AR labels application includes informative information on the wine label that creates huge potential for the businesses.

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This helps in delivering a promotional ancient lifestyle message to directly to consumers in a fun and entertaining manner. Augmented Reality has been widely successful in every sense that attributed the following factors to the Wine industry.

  • The app creates an enjoyable and surprising consumer experience.
  • Such advertisement spreads far with wide coverage all over the world.
  • As a result, wine industry got significant merchandising support with prominent benefits.
  • This innovative way of marketing leaders helps to offer pitch to a large wine producer.

How Does 19 Crimes AR Storytelling App (Living Wine Labels) Work?

Australian wine brand 19 Crimes’ new app that you can download via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store with the name “Living Wine Labels” and feel the experience watching criminals come to life to tell the story of their crime. Augmented Reality is breaking every parameter while using this App user can hear from The Banished Dark Red, James Wilson narrating his creed to “fight ‘till the end,”.

These wines are bold, smooth, and come to life under your smartphone using this App. The whole story of the criminals can be visualized straight from the bottle. To take the experience you can check out the female leader of a gang of thieves, Jane Castings, who talks of grit and fronts 19 Crimes’ first white wine.

Each battle has its unique label indicating the criminal. Once the label is scanned by the AR Application the respective criminal starts speaking the crime it committed.

Use Cases – Speaking Bottles

Treasury Wine Estates is one of the largest wine companies, allows users to interact with their wine bottles using their smartphone via the AR app. The focus of the AR application is to engage and entertain users while narrating the history of the wine and prisoners experience. Treasury Wine Estates has expanded the Living Wine Label range to include few more brands in its ‘19 Crimes’ wine collection. Treasury Wine Estates has passed 3 million Augmented Reality app downloads across all of its wine brands till now.

Jack Daniel’s world-famous spirits maker is using Augmented Reality technology as an effective marketing tool to connect the world. AR app turns the classic black-and-white front label of any Whiskey bottle into a matching pop-up book. It is a new way of educating consumers about their company and brand. AR offers unique insight into the history of the spirits and its creation.

Cost to Build 19 Crimes AR Wine Label

19 crimes set an example for the other industries. We are currently working on AR application like 19 crimes for a few of our prestigious US clients. Want to develop Augmented Reality  Storytelling app for your brand story or Do you want to develop an app such like that? If yes then, here we are to assist you. Developing an AR storytelling app like this is not as much high. Approx cost of AR wine label is 8k to 10k( excluding animation).

Our Work in AR Wine Label


Loco Porti wines, is a Florida-based wine manufacturer. They wish to launch the AR campaign for their wine collection. They want to build poetry-telling AR-enabled application for iOS and Android platforms to present the romantic poetry and story which is associated with every wine bottle label. There are total of 31 labels which have AR experience and when users will scan any of the labels they will get the AR experience and will hear the romantic poetries.

What Difference an AR-Based Wine Label Application Can Make to the Business?

According to a report, approximately 67% of the buyers, as well as media planners, want to integrate AR/VR in their digital marketing campaigns. This clearly depicts that augmented reality can make a stronger impact on the business. Here is how it can benefit your business:

  • With this technology, you have the freedom to add animations and other effects to attach an engaging story to the message you want to deliver to your audience.
  • It helps in delivering a memorable and immersive experience to the customers.
  • From the marketing perspective, augmented reality can help you connected to more number of customers through social media.

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