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How to Develop a Real Estate App From Scratch?

Real Estate Mobile App Development

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The real estate industry has been transformed by technological advancements in the previous few years, particularly with the introduction of real estate apps.

Owing to the development of real estate apps, the procedure of finding, buying, selling, and leasing properties are today simpler than what it was previously. The real estate app development is currently exploding. These applications have simplified finding the perfect home, which is often the most stressful and time-consuming part of renting or buying a property.

Real estate apps are a brilliant business opportunity. In contrast to other sectors, there is a considerable demand for such apps, and rivalry has yet to reach its peak. 

The very first thing that immediately comes to mind when talking about real estate app development is How Much It’ll Cost to Develop a Real Estate App? 

Puzzled? Don’t worry; in this blog, we’ll concentrate on real estate app development.

Specifically, we’ll go through how to create your own real estate app, and we’ll look at the functionality you’ll need in your application. Apart we’ll also discuss key steps to follow to build a successful real estate app.

Specifically, we’ll discuss:- 

Why Is Real Estate App Development Gaining a Lot of Traction?

Business benefits of real estate app development! 

How to develop your own real estate app?  

Must-have features of real estate mobile apps

Key steps to follow to develop a successful real estate app. 

How to make money with real estate apps?

How much does real estate app development cost? 


So, let’s start!

Before jumping to the features and steps to build a real estate app, let’s quickly discuss,

Why Is Real Estate App Development Gaining a Lot of Traction?

The real estate sector is rapidly expanding, and building your real estate application means that you will be linked with much more prospects. Your real-estate company can benefit from the app’s visibility and brand-building possibilities. The real estate mobile app has all of the information that the user is looking for effectively, such as information about apartments, farmhouses, flats, plots, villas, commercial offices, stores, and factories, as well as appealing videos and waypoints. Real estate application development might take considerable time, so it is necessary to hire highly qualified mobile app developers from top real estate app development companies. 

Apart from the above, here are some of the requirements that influenced the development of the real estate app:

  • Time constraints
  • Lack of information
  • Fewer resources

Besides, we’ve compiled a list of a few of the numerous reasons why your real estate business needs an application. So take a look!

  • Enhances market reach
  • Helps to build power brand identity
  • Offer more value to clients
  • Mobile app helps to increase Digital presence
  • Helps to stand apart from competitors

As of now, we’ve discussed a lot about the prominence of real estate app development.

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Now, let’s move one and discuss,

Top Features You Must Consider While Real Estate App Development!


Your app must, without a doubt, take a radically different approach to the real estate industry. Nonetheless, to ensure a rich user experience and satisfaction with given services, your app must include a certain variety of features. Below are some defining features that will ensure that your app provides a seamless, safe, and efficient user experience. So, take a look! 

  • Profiles – Users will be able to build personal profiles that include information like their age, name, address, as well as other details. Agents must also be capable of creating property descriptions, submit images, and add properties to their catalogs.
  • Filter – By removing properties that just don’t match the customer’s demands, enhanced search capabilities will save both agent’s and client’s time. The goal is to make searching as simple as possible for any application user.
  • Favorites – Users are allowed to keep their favorite properties in their accounts so that they may access them later. The disadvantage of having a “favorites” function is that it requires a client to create an account in order to store a property. This is a fantastic approach for real estate agents and brokers to capture leads and follow up with appropriate offers.
  • Virtual Tour – A virtual tour or 3D walkthrough is a brilliant approach to offer purchasers a sense of the home they wish to buy in real-time.
  • Messaging – Users can get the help they need through realtors or agents utilizing direct calls, messages, live chat, callback options, or other contact channels thanks to proper communication options that are available inside the application.
  • Push notifications – The use of push notifications as a marketing tool is extremely effective. To be successful in the long run, your software must have these attributes. Push notifications help you maintain and stay top of mind with your customers. Additionally, it aids in the promotion of marketing services.
  • Calculate price – Allow your users to compute the total price of their home, taking into account interest on loans and loan repayments, as well as installments, taxes, and insurance rates.
  • Authentication – As the clients and brokers can communicate with one another, this functionality is critical. If a person adds their phone number, they will receive an OTP (one-time-password) that will validate their identity. This is a must-have security feature in any application.

Apart from the above, below are some additional features that you can consider in your custom real estate app!

  • Filter properties 
  • Search and sort properties
  • 3D property
  • ViewShare property
  • Maps integration 
  • List property
  • Fix appointment
  • Loan/EMI calculator
  • 360 Degree Tour
  • Import/Export Data
  • Budgeting and analysis
  • Live chat
  • Chatbot
  • Login/Signup
  • eContracts (Agreement)
  • Verify Properties

Moving on, now let’s discuss the crux of this blog, which is,

How to Develop a Real Estate App From Scratch? Necessary steps to follow!

Real Estate App steps

Do follow these steps to build an efficient real estate app!

#1. Make a plan

The first phase in the real estate mobile app development process is a thorough examination of the project’s core. What is the objective of your real estate mobile phone app? Knowing about other applications would also help with another part of application development: identifying and comprehending the target audience. Instead of jumping into app development blindly, do some research and look into the competitors for your app concept. 

#2. Mockups/Wireframes

A wireframe is a low-fidelity reference to your application’s UI and UX that provides a rough understanding of the app’s operation and flow without delving into the finer points of style and pattern. Your wireframes don’t have to be completely featured; instead, concentrate on showing the fundamental capabilities of your application (basically, the minimum viable product or MVP) and getting feedback on them.  

#3. Design the app

To begin, your UX and UI designers will need to polish the authorized wireframes. This includes things like positioning and constructing UI elements, designing user flow, and appreciating the relevance of element hierarchy, among other things. It would be best to create high-fidelity mockups at this phase, which your engineers can then turn into a functioning application. Users are likely to engage with a mobile application that is straightforward, user-friendly, and functions quickly.

#4. Development

The development phase is where developers start writing the code for the application’s “initial” version. Your app will now begin to function, and you will be able to experience it as your idea gains momentum. However, don’t put it all to your developers. Because communication is so important in the development process, take advantage of your mobile app development specialists’ expertise. Develop custom for every conceivable user interaction so you can understand how your application is being used and how individuals are moving around. Once your application is out to the public, you can utilize this data to understand more about your users and improve the design to build the greatest high-quality product.

#5. Test the app

Testing should, ideally, take place concurrently with the development phase. To keep post-release expenditures low, it’s critical to test frequently. Unit tests, user interface tests, and integration testing are all required to catch any severe errors or blunders as soon as possible. Testing processes can add time to the development process, but they can drastically cut the time and money spent on delivery and upgrades in the long term.

#6. Select the right monetization models

You can monetize your real estate app in a variety of ways. We’ll go over the most prevalent and effective methods. 

  • Premium Model – Offering additional paid premium services targeted to the demands of certain people is a fantastic concept. Real estate agents, for instance, may have access to extensive demographic and consumer behavior information, as well as competitive market analysis tools and e-signature choices.
  • Advertisement – Advertisement is the most common technique for any app to make money these days. Mortgage ads, bank home loan ads, furnishing advertisements, interior decorating services ads, property insurance ads, and so on should all be pertinent in a real estate mobile app.
  • Commission – For effective closings on a property listed on your real estate app, your company can charge commissions, including brokerage fees.

#7. Select the right tech stack for real estate app development

Tech stack plays an important role in real estate app development. To implement the features mentioned earlier in your app, you need a robust tech stack that will also make your real estate app robust and fast. Below, we’ve listed technologies Quytech’s experts use to build top real estate apps for clients. So, take a look!

Application DesigningAdobe Photoshop and Canvas Flips
iOS Application DevelopmentSwift/Objective C, Mac OS, iPhone SDK
Android Application DevelopmentJava, JDK, SQLite, Kotlin
Backend DevelopmentPHP, MySQL
Video Calling APITwilio

Apart from the tech stack, you will also require a team that makes your idea into reality. The following individuals are important for real estate app development:

  • Business analyst
  • Frontend developer
  • Backend developer
  • UI/UX designer
  • Project manager
  • QA engineers

Tip – Hiring a top mobile app development company is a viable alternative that might offer outstanding outcomes. However, the best course of action is determined completely by your specific requirements. Make an effort to learn about the expertise, testimonials, service offerings, and pricing strategies of each development company.


How Much Does Real Estate App Development Cost?

The real estate mobile app development cost will be determined by a number of factors, like the complexity of the real estate app, the database, the number of agents, buyers, and sellers, the visuals, and the creative functionality. However, A real estate app will cost between $30,000 and $35,000 to design, with the cost rising to roughly $55,000 for an app with advanced features. 

Quytech’s developers created an estimate for you like they always do. Remember that this is just an approximate estimate; if you’d like a more accurate estimate for your unique idea, please get in touch with us.

Why Choose Quytech for Real Estate App Development?

Quytech is a well-known top mobile app development company that provides world-class mobile solutions to help the real estate industry or market. We are dedicated to developing real estate apps that provide value to the real estate business. We use an agile methodology that allows us to manage priorities, scope, and life cycles more effectively, allowing us to complete projects more quickly. Our working methodology enables us to provide the finest possible service to our clients. As a result, we’ve amassed a sizable clientele over the last few years. We make sure to take you to competent service at competitive costs based on your objectives, whether you need project-based solutions or full-time assistance. You can hire us on an hourly, part-time, or full-time basis and at very reasonable rates.

Ending Note

The real estate industry has recently experienced tremendous growth. A real estate smartphone app is sure to be a hit since it makes the process of buying or leasing a home faster and easier, and it has the ability to satisfy both customers and agents. But, make sure you pick a technology that’s simple to scale and manage so that you can continue doing great things as the volume of traffic increases. As a leading real estate app development company, we can assist you in getting started on the path to establishing the ideal platform for your real estate business.

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