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How to Develop an AI Fitness App Like Zenia: A Comprehensive Guide

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With artificial intelligence becoming an integral part of various industries, it would be no surprise to see it in the health and fitness sector too. Yes, it is true that AI has revamped the fitness sector to such an extent that none of us had imagined a decade ago. Today, we have AI-powered fitness trainers, AI fitness mirrors, and other AI-enabled equipment that not only provide valuable information but also help in achieving our fitness goals.

Those who haven’t heard about an AI-based application can check Zenia, which is a personal yoga assistant. The app uses motion tracking and analyzes data from different yoga lessons or videos to determine whether the posture of a user during the exercise is right or not. AI-based fitness apps or AI personal trainer apps promote home workout.

With such an app, you don’t need to visit a gym or health club and get yourself enrolled into premium memberships. Just open the app and start exercising by listening to the instructions given by your AI fitness coach. By now, you must be having an idea that why AI home fitness apps are gaining huge momentum.

This rise in popularity is increasing the demand for fitness app development. Since the field is lucrative, you can also consider building your own AI fitness app like Zenia to earn big. Here is everything you need to know for building such an application:

Key Features of Zenia App

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  1. Motion Tracking

With the help of your smartphone’s camera, Zenia identifies 16 joints of your body. It tracks your spine curve to determine your movements. Thus, when you practice yoga, the app provides you with real-time feedback.

  1. Body Positioning
Body Positioning

As mentioned earlier, Zenia uses your phone’s camera to monitor you throughout the asanas. It not only watches you but also gives you step-by-step instructions. It tells you the exact way to stand or bend for specific positions.

  1. Personalized Mentor
Personalized Mentor

Zenia serves as your personal yoga assistant. It crafts a customized plan for you, shares tips to make your every workout effective, takes care of your safety while you practice yoga, points out mistakes in real-time, and share with you a detailed analysis so that you can keep a watch on your performance.

  1. Voice Feedback

While exercising or performing yoga, Zenia tells the user the exact feeling that should feel during that particular time. It does this with voice-controlled commands. Thus, it acts as an actual assistant that offers real interaction.

Essential Features: AI-powered yoga assistant App

Here are some of the features that should be there in your fitness application:

  • Sign up and Sign in
  • Fitness levels
  • Video repository
  • Audio instructions
  • Social media sharing
  • AI personal trainer
  • Target setting
  • Fitness tracker
  • Real-time feedback
  • Push notifications

You can also integrate additional features, such as compatibility with wearable devices, streaming music, and more, to make your app stand apart.

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Types of AI-based fitness apps

Zenia focuses on offering yoga lessons; if you want to offer some other type of exercises or ways to help people stay fit, then here are some of the options you can consider developing:

  • AI-based HIIT fitness app
  • AI-enabled diet and nutrition app
  • AI-based activity tracking app
  • AI-powered personal trainer app
  • AI-powered yoga assistant App

Technologies to be used in the fitness app development

To develop a fitness application like Zenia, you need to integrate these technologies:

How to build an AI Fitness App like Zenia?

To build such an application, you can do either of the following:

Find an AI development company- A plethora of AI development companies offers AI fitness app development services. You can choose any of them for your AI fitness app development. Before you finalize anyone and hand over your app development project, don’t forget to check the portfolio of the company to know how they work. Also, discuss everything including your project requirements beforehand to avoid any chaos during the development.

Hire AI app developers- You can also hire AI developers to build your fitness application. Make sure you hire from a reliable source. Also, ensure that the developer has considerable experience in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other technologies required for building such an application.

On the other hand, if you want to build an AI-based fitness application on your own, then keep the following in mind:

  1. Select the type of fitness app you want to develop
  2. Do thorough market research to find out what your competitors are offering, what customers are expecting, and which features you can add to make your app stand out.
  3. Start with an MVP and get feedback.
  4. Based on the same, begin developing the app.
  5. Make sure you have a sound knowledge of AI, ML, computer vision, and other technologies needed to create the app.

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How much does it cost to create an AI fitness app?

Estimating the cost of developing an AI fitness app depends on the following factors:

  1. Which platform (Android or iOS) you want to release your app on?
  2. Technology stack required for the app development
  3.  Size and location of the AI development company
  4. Experience of the AI app developers

Final Thoughts

AI fitness apps are a smarter way of home workout. These apps offer cardio, aerobics, yoga, HIIT exercises, and more to keep you stay physically and mentally fit. These apps are in demand; therefore, you can consider it as a lucrative startup mobile app idea. But before reaching out to a company for your AI fitness app development, read this article to know the essential features and other information needed to build an AI fitness app like Zenia.