Augmented Reality

How Augmented Reality in Furniture is Craving an Omni-channel Experience

Benefits of AR in furniture

Augmented Reality is considered as a promising technology. This technology is offering an AR experience to the users with immersive solutions in various verticals. Likewise, Augmented Reality for the furniture industry is introducing new opportunities for furniture businesses. They will be able to sell their products in an effective way. AR is enabling the users to get more in-depth details on the object. This is helping the businesses in furniture to transform their business prospects.

With the support AR, it easy to broadcast hundreds of furniture designs and thousands of colors. Moreover, AR in furniture has taken a whole new avatar of shopping experience. This persuasive technology is currently used for numerous reasons in different industries. And one industry which is using this technology to lift its potential is the Furniture Industry. The furniture industry is leveraging this advanced technology to design and develop complex designs. AR applications in furniture can offer benefits in the planning and design of home décor.

How AR is helping the businesses to promote their products

AR-based applications for furniture offer exclusive services to the customer. AR technology is helpful to fulfill customer’s every need. Augmented Reality provides a powerful additional capability to the businesses that complement the user’s experience.

3D models of furniture capture the best possible detail and realism that enables shoppers to see a product from every angle. This eases the overall experience of the users and lets the businesses to promote their products.  AR app in furniture enables the businesses to offer the immersive experience for their potential customer. The process of buying any product online lacks potential features.

 Implementing AR help businesses in offering customers a much better idea of how a piece of new furniture will look in the desired setting. Using AR app user can take the view of the 3D model of the products and how they will look like in their own homes. Visualizing products via AR app leads to a more informed buying experience in every sense.

How do AR furniture apps work?

Augmented Reality is all about overlaying virtual animated objects onto real-world surroundings. Users with the help of mobile devices can experience realistic visualization anytime and anywhere. Using AR virtual elements —- sounds, images, and videos are a fuse in the real-world environment. Augmented Reality Apps come in two groups as per the utilization by any business brand.

  • Location-based apps
  • Marker-based apps

Location-based apps use GPS to locate places nearby or to offer directions to the users. Whereas, marker-based is dependent on the image recognition technology for detecting images/marker using a phone camera. AR helps to add a virtual image on the phone screen to present additional information.

Benefits of Augmented Reality in furniture

Benefits of AR in furniture

Today, Augmented Reality has a larger potential application in various verticals. AR solutions are easier to fit into our daily lives due to the utilization of smartphones. This is helping retailers can use this technology in multiple ways. 

  • Businesses in the furniture industry can use AR to overcoming physical barriers.
  • The AR applications can help users to virtually try on furniture to their smartphone with personalized instructions.
  • AR can help to improve the retention rate of users with superimposing products with real-life environments.
  • Help to reduce pre-purchase indecision while cutting the rate of product return post-purchase.
  • AR also enables to easily personalize the product offering tailored promotions based on personal preferences.
  • Using analytics tools customer preferences can be gathered in different ways forecasting on the basis of the user’s history.
  • Furthermore, AR helps to create a unique customer journey in order to stay a step ahead of the competition.

Now when you know how AR can impact the furniture industry, why not develop an AR-powered furniture application for your business.

How to develop an AR-based furniture application?

To develop the same, you can reach out to a trusted mobile app development company, such as Quytech, with expertise on the technology and tools needed for the app development. Another way for creating such an app is to hire AR developers. For those who want to build the app on their own should know about the development team required for the same. You will need:

  • Project managers
  • UI/UX designers
  • Android or iOS developers
  • App testing engineers
  • Backend developers
  • Support and maintenance professionals
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What is the cost of developing an Augmented Reality based furniture app?

Calculating the total cost of developing such an app depends on various factors. Some of them are:

  1. Features of your furniture app
  2. Complexity of the app
  3. Size and location of the development team or the developer you hire
  4. Type of the furniture app
  5. Platform where you want to launch the app

Roughly, you might need to pay somewhere between US $20,000 to US $50,000 for the AR furniture app development. The price may change depending on your specific app requirements.

Top Augmented Reality furniture applications

Considering the benefits of augmented reality in the furniture industry, businesses are adopting this technology at an unprecedented rate. Here are some of the apps that are already there in the market. Check them out before you create your own:

  • SayDuck
  • Houzz
  • DécorMatters
  • Neybers
  • IKEA Place
  • Homestyler Interior Design
  • Housecraft

Harness the potential of AR and get your furniture app developed today!

Final thought

Augmented Reality is helping businesses to educate users about their products and engage them meaningfully. AR in furniture is a smart way to connect potential users in a unique way. The AR apps to provide users with an advanced and immersive shopping experience. With AR customer can browse the company’s furniture collections using their smartphones in their homes. It creates a more streamlined, enjoyable shopping user experience in a whole new way to transform your business.

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