How to Develop a Crypto Exchange App Like Coinbase?

How to Develop a Crypto Exchange App Like Coinbase

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, the need for robust crypto exchange apps like Coinbase is also increasing. Coinbase is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange applications that allows users to trade various cryptos, either buying or selling, or both, in a single place. 

As of recent reports, Coinbase has approximately 56 million verified users. Another report revealed that it has generated a revenue of $3.1 billion in 2023.

Considering the performance of Coinbase, many business owners and entrepreneurs are keen to develop a crypto exchange app. They are looking for a complete roadmap to build a crypto exchange app similar to Coinbase.

If you are also among them, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we have explained the complete process of developing a crypto exchange app like Coinbase. From its key features and development process to tips to keep in mind while developing the app, we covered it all. So, let’s start. 

Market Overview for Crypto Exchange Apps 

People are finding cryptocurrencies as fascinating investment options. They are using various crypto exchange apps and platforms to sell, buy, trade, and invest in various cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Binance Coin, USDT, and many others.

According to studies, the global cryptocurrency exchange platform market is estimated to be worth $264.32 billion by the year 2030, growing at a CAGR of 27.8% from the forecasted period.

Market Overview for Crypto Exchange Apps 

Source: Research and Markets

Why Invest in a Crypto Exchange App?

There are various reasons why you should invest in developing a crypto exchange mobile application. A few of them are: 

Increase in Adoption of Cryptocurrencies

Over the last decade, cryptocurrencies have seen a high adoption rate in various industries. Whether, it is healthcare, finance, real estate, or gaming, every industry has either adopted cryptocurrencies or is in the process of. 

With more adoption, the need for crypto exchange apps similar to Coinbase has also increased. 

Crypto Exchanges’ Vital Role in Finance Ecosystem 

Crypto exchange apps and platforms play a crucial role in the digital finance ecosystem. By developing a crypto exchange app, you can provide your users with a secure and easy-to-use platform to buy, sell, trade, and invest in cryptocurrencies. 

Revenue Generation 

Last but not least, you can generate revenue from the cryptocurrency exchange app like Coinbase. You can use different monetization strategies and generate income by developing a crypto exchange app. 

What is Coinbase App? 

What is Coinbase App? 

The Coinbase app is one of the leading and trusted cryptocurrency exchanges that allow users to buy, sell, trade, store, and stake crypto securely. The application supports various top cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, Polygon, Solana, Uniswap, and many others. 

Top Features of Coinbase App 

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Coinbase Earn (a gamified learn-and-earn feature)
  • Portfolio management
  • Crypto wallet
  • News and update 
  • 24/7 customer support, and more. 

The Coinbase application has over 10 million users (at the time of writing).

Now, let’s proceed and see what it takes to develop a Coinbase-like crypto exchange app. 

Step-By-Step Guide to Develop a Crypto Exchange App Like Coinbase

Here is the complete development process to build a crypto exchange app similar to Coinbase. 

Research and Planning

Your first step towards developing a crypto exchange app similar to Coinbase should be to research the market and plan further development. There are various crypto exchange apps, one is Coinbase, in the market. 

Research them and identify what are their USPs and where they lack. Check what blockchain trends are ruling the market during the development phase. Use them for developing your app. 

Also, plan your target user base; for whom you want to develop the app.  

Hire Development Team

Crypto exchange app development is a tedious and time-consuming process. Plus, it requires deep knowledge, expertise, and years of experience to build a Coinbase-like crypto exchange app. It would be difficult for you to develop the app alone. 

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you hire top blockchain developers who have both experience and expertise in developing crypto exchange apps and platforms, to make your job easy. 


Begin with designing the user interface for your crypto exchange mobile app. In reference to the Coinbase app, it has a user-friendly and easily navigable interface. You must also design a similar yet unique user interface for an enhanced user experience. 


Simultaneously, code the backend infrastructure of the crypto exchange app. Build the core trading engine, implement various security features and protocols, and add secure payment gateways in your crypto exchange app like Coinbase. Also, integrate other APIs to empower the app with cutting-edge functionalities. 


Testing is one of the crucial stages of app development. Post development, test the crypto exchange app to identify bugs and ensure its smooth functioning. 

You can also opt for Beta testing, that is, releasing the app for a small closed group to collect feedback. Based on the feedback, make the necessary changes and move on to the last step. 

Launch the App

Once you tested the app and it is bug-free, launch it for the general public use. Publish it on app stores from where people can download your crypto exchange app similar to Coinbase.

Additionally, do not forget to market your app to the target user base. Use app store optimization, advertisements, influencer marketing, search engine optimization, and other tactics to market your crypto exchange app. 

Monitor and Update 

After the launch, keep a tight eye on the app’s performance. Also, read the user feedback to know what people think about the app. With time, upgrade it with new functionalities so that it stays relevant in the crypto industry for a long time. 

Hence, this is how you can develop a crypto exchange app similar to Coinbase. However, if you need assistance developing your app, feel free to reach out to our team and we will build your crypto exchange mobile application. 

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Top Features of Coinbase-Like Crypto Exchange Mobile Application

To create a crypto exchange application that revolutionizes the industry, you need to add some cutting-edge features that not only enhance the user’s trading experience but also make your app stand out and give a competitive edge. 

Hence, the following are the top features that you must consider adding to your crypto exchange app similar to Coinbase. 

User-Friendly Interface 

The most crucial feature of the crypto exchange is its user-friendly interface. 

When you analyze Coinbase’s UI, you will notice that it has a well-structured and organized interface, which is why users prefer it over most of the other crypto exchange mobile apps. 

Therefore, you must also design an intuitive, decluttered, yet unique user-friendly user interface that depicts your brand image.  

Easy Account Creation and Login

If you have two options – First, sign up in an app with a time-consuming process that asks for irrelevant information or in an app that allows you to follow a few simple steps! 

Most probably, you will choose the second option-signing up in a few simple steps. Similarly, you must keep the signup process simple, and only ask for relevant details. 

Moreover, you can make the login process easy by adding biometric authentication in the crypto exchange app. 

Security Measures

According to us, security is the most crucial factor you must take care of while developing a crypto exchange mobile app similar to Coinbase. Nobody wants that their financial information leaked just because they added it to a crypto exchange application. 

Hence, you must integrate high-end security measures such as end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication to protect your user’s data. 

Trading Features

This is the crucial feature for a Coinbase-like crypto exchange mobile application. The trading features involve charts, tools required for trading, easy buy and sell options, real-time prices, market information, alerts, and more. 

All these features make trading easy for the users, hence enhancing their user experience. 

Wallet Integration 

A Wallet is another feature to add to a crypto exchange mobile app. A wallet is a digital place where you store your cryptocurrency holdings in a crypto exchange app. Coinbase has its own dedicated wallet, known as Coinbase Wallet. 

Similarly, you can also develop a custom crypto wallet and integrate it into the crypto exchange app so that your users can store cryptocurrencies.

Customized Watchlist 

Everyone is unique, and so does the investment options they choose. A customized watchlist in a crypto exchange application allows users to select a number of listed crypto options and add them in a single place, so they do not need to search for them every time when they want to invest. 

Adding a customized watchlist option in your Coinbase-like crypto exchange app will save your users time and make crypto trading easy for them. 

AI-powered Crypto Recommendations

It is easy to make money when an expert recommends some cryptos to trade or invest in, right? Similarly, you can also recommend cryptocurrency options through your app. Here, the expert will be Artificial intelligence. 

AI-powered crypto recommendation feature give options to users to make investments based on their financial goals, risk potential, and market conditions.

Adding this feature to the crypto exchange app like Coinbase will enhance your user’s trading experience and help them make more informed decisions. 

Pay Bills With Cryptos 

Why not give users an extra means to pay bills? Yes, we are talking about bill payments through cryptocurrencies. Many government departments, schools, colleges, grocery stores, gas stations, etc., are now accepting cryptos. 

Hence, allowing your users to pay bills through cryptocurrencies using your crypto exchange app will attract users and help you gain a competitive edge. 

Latest News and Industry Insights 

Keeping a tight eye on crypto and related markets is essential for informed trading and investing. 

Therefore, add the latest news and industry insights feature to your crypto exchange app so that your users get all the key points and latest information, all in a single place. 

Customer Support 

Customer support is a crucial feature of a crypto exchange mobile app. It addresses the user’s queries, either at fixed hours or around the clock. Likewise, you must integrate a customer support chatbot to address your user’s queries. 

Moreover, you can empower the chatbot with generative AI and provide solutions to user’s unique queries 24/7. 

Hence, these are the top features of a crypto exchange mobile app like Coinbase. You must integrate these features into your app to enhance user’s trading experience and provide them with an ultimate app for crypto trading and investing. 

Developing a crypto exchange app like Coinbase is an investment part. For a business, it is crucial to earn returns on every investment it makes. Hence, now we will talk about how to generate revenue with the crypto exchange app development. 

Crypto Exchange App Monetization Strategies

The following are the proven ways to generate revenue with a crypto exchange app similar to Coinbase. 

Transaction Fees

The first proven monetization strategy is to charge transaction fees from users. You can charge a certain amount of fees when they trade cryptos. It could be percent-based or a flat fee, depending on your targeted market. 

Moreover, you can also charge withdrawal fees, that is, whenever users withdraw their profits, you generate revenue. 

Premium Memberships

You can offer premium membership for your crypto exchange app similar to Coinbase, and earn money. 

In this, you can offer users high-end features that uplift their trading experience, 1-on-1 live sessions with industry-expert crypto traders, educational content to enhance knowledge, and more. 


Another way to generate revenue through a crypto exchange app is to lend money to users against interest. 

You can lend money to users based on their credit history and charge interest. The interest rate could be flat or a percentage of the total amount. 

This way, you can generate revenue from your Coinbase-like crypto exchange mobile application. 

Listing Fees

You can reach to cryptocurrencies to list them on the exchange and charge listing fees against it. These days, many businesses are developing tokens and listing them on exchanges. You can find, reach out, list them, and earn fees. 


Last but not least, the most popular monetization strategy to generate revenue from crypto exchange applications is advertisements. You can run ads of businesses on your application, and charge them per impressions or clicks. 

However, you need to ensure that excessive ads ruin the user experience and, hence, run advertisements within a certain limit. 

So, these are the best monetization strategies for crypto exchange mobile applications similar to Coinbase. By implementing these strategies, you can easily generate revenue and earn good returns on the investment you made in developing the crypto exchange application. 


As cryptocurrencies are gaining the attention of people, the demand for crypto exchange apps like Coinbase is also increasing. By developing a crypto exchange app, you can fulfill this demand, and by implementing the right business strategies, you can create your brand image in the industry very soon. 

You can use the comprehensive guide on developing a crypto exchange app like Coinbase, given in this blog to develop the next industry-disrupting crypto exchange mobile application. However, if you need professional assistance from industry experts, you can reach out to Quytech. 

Quytech is a leading crypto exchange development company with 12+ years of experience in uplifting trading and investing experiences with its top-notch mobile applications, software, and other digital platforms. Visit our portfolio page to learn more about expertise in the cryptocurrency industry. 

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 Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are a few frequently asked questions related to crypto exchange app development. 

Q1. What is a Crypto exchange app? 

A crypto exchange app is a mobile application that allows users to buy, sell, trade, and invest in leading cryptocurrencies. 

Q2. Why should I develop a crypto exchange app? 

The cryptocurrency industry is booming and there is a high demand for robust crypto exchange apps. Hence, it will be a profitable idea to invest in developing a crypto exchange app. 

Q3. If I develop a crypto exchange app, will I be able to make money out of it? 

Yes, by implementing various monetization strategies, you can generate revenue from the crypto exchange mobile app. The top strategies are as follows: 

  • Transaction fees 
  • Premium memberships
  • Lending
  • Listing fees 
  • Advertisements 

Q4. How long and how much does it cost to build a crypto exchange app similar to Coinbase? 

The time and cost of building a crypto exchange app similar to Coinbase depends on the specific requirements. Hence, we suggest you reach out to our experts and share your ideas and requirements to know about the cost and time of development. 

Q5. How Quytech can help in developing a crypto exchange app? 

Quytech is a leading blockchain development company with 12+ years of experience in developing custom crypto exchange apps and software tailored to client’s specific needs.

From research and planning to development and deployment, we assist you professionally at every stage of crypto exchange app development.