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How to Develop a Dating App like Flirtual and Nevermet


The dating industry is witnessing a new trend; virtual reality-based dating. But, what is it? 

Virtual reality-based dating is a type of online dating done in virtual and immersive environments, like Metaverse. In conventional online dating, users get matches and chat with each other. They can also video call, depending on the dating app they are using. 

However, dating apps have taken this way of interaction a step forward. Now, dating apps like Flirtual and Nevermet have virtual-reality features that allow users to interact with each other in a virtual environment. 

Isn’t it interesting? Considering this growing trend of virtual reality dating apps, businesses have a huge opportunity to invest in developing these dating apps. 

Therefore, we brought to you a complete guide to developing a dating app like Flrtual and Nevermet so that you can gain insights into what it takes to develop a VR-based dating app. So, let’s get started. 

Overview of the Flirtual and Nevermet Dating Apps 

Before moving on to the development process, it is crucial to know about Flirtual and Nevermet dating apps and how they are different from the rest of the dating apps in the market. 

Flirtual and Nevermet are the leading virtual reality dating apps in the dating industry. In these apps, users create profiles by using avatars instead of their real pictures, like in traditional dating apps. 

They can swipe on various profiles to find the right date. After getting a match, users can connect through the chatting feature, in the virtual reality chatrooms, or metaverses. 

Now, let’s learn about the latest market of dating apps by exploring the current statistics. 

Dating Mobile Applications: Latest Market Statistics 

The following are the current statistics of the dating app market: 

  1. According to studies, approximately 1500 dating apps and websites are active worldwide, and this market is estimated to be worth $9.2 billion by 2025. 
  1. The online dating market’s revenue is expected to reach $3.15 billion in 2024. 
  1. A recent survey revealed that 47% of participants are okay with using an AI-powered dating app to find their long-term dating partners. 
  1. In 2024, Nevermet and Flirtual dating apps have 100k+ and 50k+ downloads respectively. 

Dating apps are always in demand worldwide. The statistics given are proof that dating mobile applications always had a large number of users and in the coming years, more users will use dating apps to find and meet their companions. 

Hence, developing an emerging virtual reality-based dating app like Nevermet and Flirtual will be a profitable idea in 2024. 

How to Develop a Dating App Similar to Flirtual and Nevermet 

Flirtual and Nevermet are virtual reality dating apps that allow users to create avatars instead of real-life pictures. Also, they allow the user to connect to their matches in virtual reality chatrooms and Metaverses. 

Therefore, here is a step-by-step guide to developing a dating app like Nevermet and Flirtual. 

Step#1. Market Research and Idea Validation 

The first step in the process of developing a dating app is to do in-depth market research to understand the target user base, demographics, preferences, and the competition – Flirtual, Nevermet, and other similar dating apps.  

Besides market research, you can also conduct surveys or ask for suggestions about functionalities and features people want in the Metaverse-based dating application. 

Step#2. Set Up Your Development Team

For developing a dating app like Nevermet and Flirtual, your team must have the best mobile app developers having expertise in building VR-based dating apps. 

Thus, if you do not have a relevant team, you can hire mobile app developers from India to develop your dating app. 

Another option is you outsource the project to a leading dating app development company. Before making any decision, make sure it aligns with your business requirements. 

Step#3. Determine Features and Functionalities 

After setting up the development team, discuss with the developers and determine the features and functionalities of your Metaverse-based dating app. 

You must add the basic features, such as sign up and log in, text-based chatting options, likes and super likes feature, profile sharing with friends, etc. 

Moreover, you must also add cutting-edge features of dating apps, such as avatar creation, AI-powered matching algorithms, integration with virtual reality chatrooms and Metaverses, VR headsets like Meta Oculus compatibility, and more. 

Step#4. UI/UX Designing

Once you decide on the features and functionalities, begin designing the user interface for the dating app. As the major users are young adults, it is necessary to create an attractive UI for the app. 

You can take references from Nevermet, Flirtual, and other similar VR-based dating apps. While creating the UI/UX, remember to keep it simple, engaging, yet attractive to engage users for a long time. 

Step#5. Develop the Backend

The next step is to develop the backend of the dating mobile app similar to Flirtual and Nevermet. 

Also, you must integrate third-party APIs to enhance the functionalities of the dating app. Some Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to integrate into Metaverse-based dating apps are: 

  • Social Media Integration: Facebook Graph API and Instagram API  
  • Messaging and Communication: Twilio API and SendGrid API
  • Geolocation Services: Google Maps API and Mapbox API
  • Payment Processing: Stripe API and PayPal API
  • Identity Verification: API and Jumio API

Moreover, during this step, integrate the advanced matching algorithms to enhance the chances of matches for the users. Integrate virtual reality features for virtual dates in virtual reality chatrooms and Metaverse platforms

Step#6. Testing and Quality Checks 

Post-development, test the virtual reality-based dating application to check if it is working properly. 

Test your dating app on different devices, such as smartphones and tablets, and platforms, such as Android and iOS, to ensure its functionalities. 

Also, check the quality of the virtual environment as its quality matters to engage and retain users. 

Step#7. Deploy the Dating App 

Once testing is done and the dating app is bug-free, deploy it for public use. Publish the app on Playstore and App Store so that users can download and use your virtual reality-based dating application. 

You also need to market the app so that more people know about it. Thus, you must use different marketing strategies, such as app store optimization, influencer marketing, SEO, and paid advertisements to market your virtual reality-based dating app. 

Step#8. Post-Development Maintenance 

Dating apps for Metaverse tend to have bugs and irregularities in functionality after the launch. Therefore, it is crucial to monitor your dating app and update it regularly to ensure it functions effectively and stays relevant for a long time.

So, this is how you can build a custom virtual reality-based dating app tailored to your specific needs. You can also add advanced features to it to make it more efficient and help you gain competitive advantage. 

In the next section, you will read about the features you can add to virtual reality-based dating apps like Flirtual and Nevermet. 

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Must-Have Features of Dating Apps like Nevermet and Flirtual 

The features play a crucial role in making a dating app successful. Therefore, it is important to pay attention while adding features to your VR-based dating app.  

The following are the must-have features that you must integrate while developing your dating app for Metaverse. 

  1. Account Creation: To allow users to create profiles with interests, hobbies, preferences, favorite music, etc. 
  1. Avatar Customization: To allow users to create avatars and represent themselves in the VR chatrooms and Metaverses. 
  1. Virtual Reality Chatrooms: To provide a variety of virtual environments for dates, such as cafes, parks, beaches, and themed spaces.
  1. Cross-Platform Compatibility: Compatibility with various VR headsets and non-VR devices.
  1. Private Messaging: To allow users to text and voice messages securely outside of VR dates. 
  1. Identity Verification: Various high-end profile verification processes to check the authenticity of the users. 
  1. Behavior Monitoring: Artificial intelligence algorithms to detect and address unacceptable behavior. 
  1. Block and Report Features: A simple feature to block and report inappropriate users. 
  1. Match-Making Algorithms:  AI and machine learning algorithms to suggest perfect matches depending on users’ profiles and information like preferences and interests. 
  1. Data Encryption: To encrypt user data and messages to enhance privacy. 
  1. Privacy Controls: To allow users to control their profile visibility. 
  1. Notifications and Updates: Push notifications to timely notify about matches, messages, events, and other updates.  
  1. Reward Systems: Gamification elements to encourage users to use the app daily.

These are the must-have features of a virtual reality-based dating mobile app. Now, read further to learn about the advanced features of a dating app that can make your dating app a success and help you gain a competitive advantage.

Advanced Features of Dating Apps Similar to Flirtual and Nevermet

The following are the advanced features worth considering to add to a dating app for the metaverse. 

  1. Realistic Environment Simulation:  High-quality graphics and audio quality to create realistic virtual environments. 
  1. Relationship Success Prediction: AI algorithms to predict the chances of relationship success based on user interactions. 
  1. GenAI-Powered Conversation Starters: Generative AI suggests topics and conversation starter phrases based on users’ preferences. 
  1. Augmented Reality (AR) Integration: Augmented reality elements in the app to enhance user experience. 
  1. Emergency Assistance: Quick access to emergency services within the VR-based dating app. 
  1. Dynamic Avatar Changes: To allow users to change the clothing and appearance of avatars dynamically to match special occasions. 
  1. In-App Currency: Virtual in-app currency to buy upgrades, date enhancements, and special features. 
  1. Emotion Analysis: Advanced AI algorithms to analyze voice and body language for emotional cues. 
  1. Interaction Heatmaps: Provide heatmaps showing where users spend most of their time on virtual reality dates. 
  1. Shared Experiences with Friends: Allow users to invite friends to join parts of their VR date or activities.

Therefore, these are the advanced features to add to a virtual-based dating app similar to Flirtual and Nevermet. 

Benefits of Developing Metaverse-Based Dating Apps

Dating apps for dating in the metaverse are gaining popularity among young adults. Proof of this is the success of VR-based dating apps, such as Nevermet and Flirtual.  

Developing a VR-based dating app not only enhances the dating experience of users but also provides various advantages to the business. The following are the top benefits of developing a Metaverse-based dating app.

  1. Enhanced Dating Experience 

You can enhance the dating experience of people by developing an advanced virtual-reality dating app like Flirtual and Nevermet. 

VR dating apps allow users to meet their dates in virtual reality meeting rooms. As more people use your dating app, your business will grow exponentially.

  1. Market Differentiation

By developing a VR-based dating app, you can offer an immersive and engaging experience that sets you apart from the existing conventional dating apps. 

This will attract tech-savvy users looking for innovative people to find and meet their dates. 

  1. Monetization Opportunities

By implementing premium features, such as exclusive virtual locations, advanced avatar customization, and special date activities, you can generate revenue from the dating app built for Metaverses

Also, you can sell virtual goods like clothing for avatars and virtual gifts in the dating app and host virtual events to increase revenue streams. 

  1. Global Reach

Another benefit of developing a VR-based dating app is that you can connect to worldwide users beyond demographic boundaries. This will enhance your user base and eventually grow your business. 

  1. Partnership Opportunities

Virtual Reality Dating app development will bring various partnership opportunities with VR hardware manufacturers, content creators, and other technology companies, enhancing your business and brand identity in the dating industry. 

Hence, these are the top benefits of developing a virtual-reality dating app similar to Nevermet and Flirtual. 

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Concluding Thoughts 

Dating apps are the most convenient way to find dates. People, especially those who are super busy, socially introverted, and new in the city, use dating apps to make new friends and find their companions. 

Moreover, these apps also enhance users’ safety. They can meet with their matches in virtual reality meeting rooms and know each other better, then approach for real meet-ups. 

This is the reason why their demand in the market is growing exponentially and in the coming years, it will skyrocket. 

Therefore, it is the right time to develop a virtual reality dating app, like Flirtual and Nevermet, and gain a competitive advantage while providing users with an enhanced dating experience. 

So, contact us today to develop a custom virtual reality dating mobile application tailored to your specific needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the top FAQs related to virtual reality dating app development: 

Q1. What is a virtual reality-based dating app? 

The virtual reality-based dating app is a dating app that allows users to meet their dates in virtual environments or metaverses. Instead of real pictures, users create avatars that represent them in the virtual world. 

Q2. Is developing a virtual reality dating app a profitable idea? 

Yes, developing a virtual reality dating app is a profitable idea in 2024 and beyond. The online dating industry is transforming rapidly and VR-based dating apps play a crucial role in this transformation. 

Q3. Are there any VR-based dating apps available? 

Yes, Flirtual and Nevermet are two leading virtual reality dating apps, each having more than 50K downloads worldwide. 

Q4. How to develop a custom virtual reality dating app? 

Yes, you can develop a custom virtual reality dating app by following the process given in the blog. Moreover, you can reach out to Quytech to develop your VR dating app. 

Q5. How to make revenue from VR-based dating apps? 

To generate revenue from a VR-based dating app, you can leverage various monetization strategies, such as a freemium model, advertisements, selling virtual goods and in-app upgrades, hosting events, collaborations and partnerships with other related businesses, and more.