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How to Develop a Real Estate App like Redfin

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This blog will provide an in-depth guide to developing real estate apps from the ground up!

Technological advancements have revolutionized how people throughout the world use products and services. The way people buy houses has changed dramatically in recent years. The conventional practice of contacting a dealership or real estate agent has become obsolete. Real estate mobile apps have taken its place.

Redfin is a well-known name in the domain of real estate buying and selling, with a variety of features to entice customers. 

Out of so many innovations, real estate businesses are looking forward to developing mobile apps with crucial industry measures and required functionalities. Redfin, being a pioneer in the real estate sector, has access to all of the essential features. Moreover, the real estate business has grown more open as a result of the effective solution.


To build a viable real estate app like Redfin, you must first understand why these apps are effective. This article will teach you how to build a great real estate mobile app, as well as the cost of building a real estate app like Redfin. 

Before discussing the real estate app development steps, let’s quickly discuss,

Redfin: Quick Overview!

Redfin strives to make the purchasing and selling process as simple as possible. Working with Redfin can be done in two ways: as a buyer or as a seller. Redfin allows sellers to list their houses for as little as 1% commission. This is the company’s most fundamental service. Buyers will still engage with a listing agent and get professional images as well as a 3D tour. 

According to Crunchbase, Redfin has raised around 319.6 million dollars in funding as of today. 

redfin funding data

And, Redfin has about 6 million monthly users, as per Statista.


Why invest in Real Estate App Development?

The purchase and sale of various assets, buildings, and land is referred to as real estate. Real estate app development like Redfin can assist users in renting or selling their homes and connecting them with individuals who are interested for property.

✓ Users of the application can also search for lodging using sophisticated filters to assist them clarify their needs.

✓ Users can create a list of rental houses depending on their budget, preferred location, facilities, and other factors.

As a result, you may not only communicate with your users, as well as provide them with real-time assistance in finding the finest properties for their requirements. 

Also, there are some needs and benefits of real estate mobile app development.

Let’s discuss, 

The Need of Develop a Custom Real Estate App:-

  • Lack of free time among buyers.
  • Lack of knowledge.
  • Because our everyday duties take up so much of the time, potential buyers cannot afford to waste time walking about looking for the ideal house. 
  • Privacy concerns. 
  • Cost and budgets.

And if we talk about, 

How to develop a real estate app like Redfin? 

Building a custom real estate app like Redfin is not a child’s play, you need to be very careful before starting the real estate app development process. Below, we’ve listed some steps that you need to take to build a highly efficient and effective real estate mobile app like Redfin. So, take a look!

#1. Do Some Thorough Market Research

Validation will be useful in determining whether or not there is a market for your app. You can test your idea by using Google and competitor research to determine how many people are looking for what you’re attempting to do. 

Try to find out the answers of following questions:-

  • Is there already a demand for the real estate mobile app?
  • What is the goal of your custom real estate mobile app like Redfin?
  • How would it assist its users in making their lives easier?
  • How would it assist its users in resolving their issues?
  • How will you advertise it to your intended audience?
  • What are your competitors doing?
  • What features do they offer? 
  • What features are you looking to offer? 
  • Will your actual outcome appeal to a broad audience or a more targeted audience? 

The answers to these questions will assist you in identifying the objectives that need to be prioritized. After you’ve agreed on them, prioritize your objectives so you know where to real estate app development process begin. 

#2. Prepare Wireframes

You’re setting the groundwork for your future interface by creating sketches. This step makes it easier to find the primary features as well as the app’s general layout and structure. Having a basic sketch of your app on hand helps everyone else on your real estate app development team understand the objective and product you’re aiming to create. These sketches should be used as a guide for the project’s next step. You must also build an outline for your custom real estate app like Redfin while focusing on your mockups. The goal is to create a blueprint that will make you know the link between each screen and how your app may be navigated by the user. 

#3. Build a Solid App Development Team

Building an app is not an easy task! You need to build an efficient app development team who can convert your idea into reality. 

You need to include the following members in your real estate app development team:-

Find a real estate app development company with a strong design team and a strong mobile app development team. When looking for a developer, search up evaluations and examples of their work on the web. If you like an app from their portfolio, there’s a strong chance they’ll be a good fit for your product. Quytech is a top real estate app development company that can turn your idea into reality. 

#4. Build a Backend

Your backend structure is now built on the base of your wireframes and storyboard. Make an illustration of your servers, APIs, and data. This will be a useful reference for the real estate app development team, and when other people join the project, you’ll have a (largely) self-explanatory diagram to review. If there are any technical limits, make changes to your mockups and design. 

#5. Choose the Right Monetization Model

You can profit from your custom real estate app in a variety of ways. We’ll go over the most prevalent and reliable alternatives: 

  • Premium model – Many real estate app firms give consumers with restricted access a trial version. If users want more alternatives and access to more property information, users should join and become premium member. 
  • Ads – Advertising is the most common technique for any app to make money. Mortgage ads, bank home loan ads, furnishings ads, interior designing service ads, property insurance ads, and so on should all be pertinent in a real estate mobile app like Redfin.
  • Fees – Real estate apps can make money by charging sellers fees. Property owners who publish their property details are required to pay a fee.  

#6. Test the App

Testing of your custom real estate mobile app design is essential. From initial preliminary design through advanced beta testing with the first launch of the custom real estate app like Redfin, having a global community of testers to extract their comments is incredibly beneficial. Consider releasing your first version to a small group of voluntary testers and asking them to fill out surveys regarding their experience at regular intervals. As you make final design modifications, this input might assist you through the last stages of the real estate app development process. Bugs are frequently easier to fix earlier on in the development process rather than later in the final product. 

As you’ve seen, the above-mentioned are the steps that you need to consider specifically in order to build the best real estate app like Redfin. 

If you don’t have prior knowledge of the real estate mobile app development process, then it’s better to partner up with the right real estate app development company which would be beneficial for you!

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Benefits of Real Estate Mobile App Development! 

Many real estate agencies offer an advanced app for the convenience of their clients and to increase revenue for the growth of their business. Let us define some of the key benefits of getting started with real estate app development:

real estate app development

✓ The most effective marketing strategy.

✓ Ensures continuous communication.

✓ Gives a virtual tour of property.

✓ Tasks are automated.

✓ Make finding a home simple.

✓ Helps to targets buyers accurately.

✓ Make selling a breeze.

✓ Helps to extend reach.

✓ Increase sales.

✓ Connects potential buyers.

✓ Calculate your mortgage quickly.

So, these are the business benefits of custom real estate app development for your business. 

Developing a mobile app for your real estate business will set you out from the competition. When your app is more engaging and informative, a potential customer is more likely to choose it over a competition. It provides improved communication, a more efficient marketing approach, automated internal processes, and improved consumer experiences. To develop high-quality custom real estate mobile app like Redfin for your business, contact a top real estate app development company like Quytech immediately.

Moving ahead, it’s time to talk about,

Top Must-have Features to Include in Your Real Estate App like Redfin

Before beginning the real estate app development process, it’s critical to decide which features to include. A list of features that you should include in your custom real estate app like Redfin is listed below. So, check it out! 

Basic Features Advance Features 
11. List multiple properties
12. 3D virtual tour
13. Manage ads
14. Upload digital docs
15. AR/VR integration
16. Messaging
17. Favorites
18. Street View
19. Add landmark
20. Property management 
11. List multiple properties
12. 3D virtual tour
13. Manage ads
14. Upload digital docs
15. AR/VR integration
16. Messaging
17. Favorites
18. Street view
19. Add landmark
20. Property management 

As you’ve seen the must-have features of real estate mobile app like Redfin.

Now, it’s time to discuss the real part, which is, 

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Why choose Quytech as your real estate app development company? 

We provide high-end real estate app development services that help real estate businesses and firms get a competitive advantage. The unique solutions we develop are targeted to the needs of our clients and are designed to provide them with tangible benefits by improving their customer experience, operational efficiency, and expansion. Whether you’re a real estate investor, realtor, or rental agency, we can develop a custom real estate app that’s tailored to your specific needs. 

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The real estate market is rapidly evolving. The adoption of real estate mobile apps may aid in the discovery of new business opportunities. 

looking for real estate app development company

Before diving into the technicalities of real estate app development, make sure you understand the app’s goals. You should explore the market and conduct similar research, as well as evaluate all existing apps in the store. 

If you want to enhance your real estate business, you should work with a reputable real estate app development company like Quytech.

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