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How to Make an Instant Delivery App Like Instacart

how to develop instant delivery app like instacart

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Have you noticed how much the speed of life has increased in the last decade?

There is almost no place for the household routine. People are increasingly willing to delegate regular errands, such as shopping, cooking, house cleaning, laundry, and repairs, to on-demand services.

Instant delivery apps became one of the big reliefs in this race to achieve work-life balance. there is a growing demand, and people trust online services more, and easy market access for startups creates a perfect environment for those who want to develop an instant delivery app.

How to develop an instant delivery app like Instacart? Let’s find out!

But before proceeding further, you should know what is an instant delivery app like Instacart. 

What is an Instant Delivery App Like Instacart?

Instacart is an instant grocery delivery app that allows customers to order groceries and other products delivered to their homes. It’s not really a breakthrough discovery or service, but when this service is delivered through a mobile app, the convenience is multiplied on both ends of the spectrum.

An individual no longer had to worry about going to the store and back or relying on someone to pick up the purchases. Just click and order, and you’re done!

Now, let’s proceed to know the latest stats on instant delivery apps. So that your decision for instant delivery app development will take a step ahead. 

Instant Delivery App Revenue & Usage Statistics 

  • In UK and France, the B2C express market—same-day and next-day delivery—is anticipated to reach 1.2 billion and 1.9 billion parcels, respectively, by 2023 and 2027.
  • According to reports, Instacart brought in nearly $1.8 billion in revenue.
  • On average, 55% of customers will switch to a competitor that delivers faster.
  • According to a study, when delivery times are too slow, 85% of customers say they look elsewhere for better options.
  • In the most recent Nielson IQ survey, approximately 61% of respondents stated that they would like their orders to be delivered as quickly as possible.
  • An estimated 600,000 shoppers use Instacart to pick up products from stores for customers
  • According to reports, there are roughly 9.6 million active Instacart users.
  • In 2023, it is anticipated that Instacart sales will reach $35 billion.

So, after going through the instant delivery app stats, it’s crystal clear that your idea of instant delivery app development will work amazingly well. Let’s proceed to read more about how to develop an instant delivery app like Instacart. 

Instant Delivery App For Whom? – Let’s Know!

All companies that have to do business in deliverable things can use the instant delivery service for their shipments. However, there are some industries that can benefit more from this:

Instant Delivery App

Must-Have Features for Instant Apps Like Instacart

Planning for an instant delivery app development requires careful consideration. The key features play a fundamental role in making it a success. The business model requires applications for vendors, consumers, delivery agents, and the administrator. Each app must have the necessary features to run smoothly and ensure that the order is placed and delivered on time.

Instant Delivery App Development – Features for Users 

Features Description 
Rating & ReviewsEasily rate & review the purchased product and the overall services. 
User RegistrationAllows users to create an account and login into the app without any hindrance. 
Product Search Allows users to search for specific products
Product CatalogDisplay the list of products available to make purchases
Product Filters Filter products by brand, category, price range, etc.
Shopping Cart Hassle-free add & remove items from the shopping cart
Secure CheckoutPay for their purchases securely via several modes, like cash, debit & credit card, etc.
Delivery Management Track the delivery status of their order by selecting a specific time.
Order History View their past orders
Multi-platform SupportBuild the app for iOS and Android, among other platforms.
Multilingual Support Support numerous languages to serve different client bases
In-app Messaging Speak with the conveyance individual or customer support 

Instant Delivery App Development – Features for Admin

Dashboard Provide an overview of important metrics like order volume, revenue, and user activity.
User Management Control access, permissions, and user accounts.
Product ManagementEasily manages the availability of products, product listings, and product prices.
Payment ManagementManage payments to delivery agents and vendors
Order Management Manage, monitor, and view orders
Analytics Provide information regarding user behavior, sales performance, & other metrics.

Instant Delivery App Development – Features for Vendor

Features Description
Product ManagementHelp vendors in updating, add, and remove products from their catalogs.
Order ManagementEffectively view and satisfy orders put by clients
Payment ManagementMonitor their earnings and securely receive payments online
Vendor RegistrationMake it possible for vendors to sign up and add their products to the app.
Multilanguage Support Support numerous languages to serve a different client base
Customer Feedback Allow vendors to view and respond to feedback and reviews from customers.

Instant Delivery App Development – Features for Delivery Agent

Features Description
Agent RegistrationAllows agents to sign up for an account and view open delivery positions.
Real-time Order Tracking Keep track of their delivery jobs’ current status in real-time.
Order ManagementAccept or decline delivery jobs.
Navigation IntegrationUtilize navigational services to optimize the routes to delivery locations.
Earnings ManagementMake it possible for agents to securely track their earnings and receive payments.
In-app Messaging In the event of issues, communicate with customers or support.

These are a few of the most important features you need to have in an app like Instacart that works for all kinds of users. The specific features may vary based on the project’s scope and target market requirements.

How to Develop an Instant Delivery App Like Instacart?

It takes a significant amount of time and money to completely design and build an instant delivery app like Instacart. An entrepreneur should also think about things like how to solve problems that customers have, what their competitors’ strengths and weaknesses are, what technology stack to use, how to design an easy-to-use user interface and user experience, the features that a grocery app needs to have, how to make money, and other things like that.

So, we took all into consideration and mentioned the steps to develop an instant delivery app like Instacart. If in case you want to develop your app without putting any effort, then we are here for you, our team will do that for you! Let’s connect with our experts for instant delivery app development like Instacart. 

development process

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an Instant Delivery App Like Instacart?

How much does the development of an instant delivery application cost? Several factors will affect the cost of developing instant delivery apps like Instacart. On the other hand, you can approximate the cost by adding up the prices of the essential components.

The amount of effort required to develop the app is influenced by its complexity, such as the number of features you want to include in your Minimum Sustainable Product (MVP). Submit an overview of your project to an instant delivery app development company so they can provide you with a detailed estimate of app development costs.

To create a superior instant delivery app, you may need a mobile app development company and a group of people who formulate design, development, test, and deployment strategies. As a result, selecting the right potential candidates and periodically evaluating them is critical. Here are the key personnel, the ones you should hire for sure.

  • Project Manager
  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Test engineers

The cost of developing instant delivery apps like Instacart largely depends on three factors: the complexity and size of the app, the number of platforms you want to run your app on, and the country of the development center. In point of fact, hourly rates differ from nation to nation.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Instant Delivery App Like Instacart

Here, we have mentioned the factors that affect the cost of developing an instant delivery app like Instacart.

01- The  Complexity of the Application

The total cost of your software increases along with your UI/UX design and feature complexity. Therefore, creating an MVP with only the most important features is recommended, and then making the final application.

02- Geographic Location

Another equally important factor is the geographic location of your computer. The fees that developers charge differ from location to location and from country to country. This is because developers need to be able to charge prices based on how much it costs to live in each area.

03- Development Partner

The cost of developing an instant delivery app like Instacart is also influenced by your development team. The price will increase as more tech experts are hired. It also varies depending on your choice of hiring an in-house team or hiring a trusted instant delivery app development partner.

AI-Driven Solutions Transforming the Instant Delivery Apps Operate

AI-driven solutions have revolutionized the way instant delivery apps operate. They have brought efficiency, speed, and accuracy to the process, enabling delivery companies to provide better services to their customers. Here are some of the AI-driven solutions used in instant delivery apps:

  • Route Optimization: Delivery companies use AI algorithms to optimize the route taken by their delivery drivers, thereby reducing the time and distance traveled. This optimization takes into account various factors such as traffic conditions, delivery schedules, and vehicle capacity.
  • Predictive Analytics: AI algorithms analyze historical data to predict future demand for delivery services. This helps delivery companies to plan their resources better and meet the demand more efficiently.
  • Chatbots: AI-powered chatbots are being used by delivery companies to provide real-time customer support. They can handle queries, and complaints, and provide order updates, freeing up human agents to focus on more complex tasks.
  • Image Recognition: AI algorithms can be trained to recognize and classify images of products, which can be used to automate the sorting and packaging of products for delivery.
  • Fraud Detection: AI algorithms are used to detect fraudulent activities such as fake addresses, fake credit card details, and other forms of identity theft, reducing the risk of fraud for delivery companies.

So, it’s quite clear that AI-driven solutions are transforming the instant delivery industry, making it more efficient, cost-effective, and customer-centric. So, connect with our team of experts, we would love to transform your vision into a beautiful reality. 

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