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How to Develop Dog Boarding & Walking App Like Rover? Cost and Features


Having a dog is an awesome experience, filling our lives with companionship, a deep sense of belonging, uncontrolled joy, and persistent love. The indelible bond formed between humans and their furry companions is capable of enduring a lifetime. 

Yet, in this busy world, it is not always feasible to provide our beloved pets with the undivided attention they deserve, particularly when we are unavoidably absent. In such situations or circumstances, we often find ourselves 

  • Reaching out to neighbors or friends
  • Hiring someone trustworthy to care for our pets. 

However, this search can be a burdensome undertaking, fraught with stress and time constraints. Would it not be convenient if there existed an application that easily connects pet owners with reliable dog sitters and walkers in their local area? 

In this digital era where one can effortlessly order groceries and have them delivered to their doorstep, why not extend such conveniences to pet ownership? Thus, emerges the idea of a dog boarding and walking app like Rover. 

If you are an ambitious entrepreneur, eagerly seeking billion-dollar business ideas, the creation of a dog boarding and walking app holds tremendous promise. 

Let us delve into an overview of the flourishing market for dog boarding and walking apps while gaining invaluable insight into the essential features that your app should include, as well as estimating the potential costs involved in its development.

Dog Boarding & Walking App Like Rover: Market Analysis

  • The pet industry is growing exponentially and analysts project that by 2027, it will have grown to a market size of over $358.62 billion.
  • According to a report by Pet Business, dog walkers earn an average of $5000 with a 30 to 45-hour shift per week. This shows the potential income and employment opportunities in the industry.
  • In 2021, the worldwide market size of pet sitting was estimated to be USD 1.94 billion, and it is expected to grow with a CAGR of 11.52% from 2022 to 2030.
Market Analysis

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  • In the United States, 68% of households own a dog, and the number of pet owners continues to rise every year. 
  • During the five years, the Dog Walking Services industry grew at an estimated annualized rate of 3.7% to $1.0 billion, according to Statista. 

The American Pet Products Association (APPA) predicts that over 10% of existing pet owners are new to owning pets. Moreover, this surge in pet ownership has led to high demand for services like dog walking, pet boarding, and grooming. 

In response, on-demand dog boarding and walking apps like Rover have become increasingly popular. If you’re considering entering this market with a similar app, it’s crucial to research the market and discover areas where your application can fulfill unmet needs.

What is an On-demand Dog Boarding & Walking Apps like Rover?

On-demand dog boarding & walking apps connect dog owners with people who are willing to walk or dogsit for a fee. A popular app similar to this called Rover offers-

  • Dog walking services
  • Dog sitting services
  • Dog boarding in the sitter’s home
  • Drop-in visits for dogs
  • Dog training services

It has an extensive network of verified pet sitters and dog walkers in Canada and the US. The app offers essential features such as GPS tracking, photo sharing, messaging, and comprehensive information to prioritize the safety and well-being of dogs. 

However, as the number of dog owners utilizing these apps continues to grow, business owners must seek a reliable Android app development company or iOS app development company that comprehends the key features that contribute to their success and value for pet owners.

Must-Have Features for a Successful Dog Boarding & Walking App like Rover

For Pet Owners Side:

Registration and loginEasy sign-up and login options, including integration with email and social media. Additional options like multi-factor authentication through fingerprint or OTP mechanism.
My ProfileAllows users to add and update contact information, addresses, and pet details. Includes a dashboard highlighting past and upcoming bookings and payment details.
Find ServicesSmart search and filter options for users to find services. Services include Boarding, House sitting, Day care, Dog walking, Drop-in visits, and Virtual dog training. Additional filters based on geographical region, costs, and reviews.
View Service ProvidersProvides detailed information about service providers, including their bio, cost range, years of experience, and reviews.
Schedule ServiceAllows users to schedule services according to their preferred time. Enables communication between owners and service providers to confirm the booking.
Online PaymentsFacilitates online payments through various options such as debit cards, credit cards, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), and Cash on Delivery (COD). The choice of payment options should be based on customer preferences.
In-app CommunicationIntegrates an in-app chat or call service for seamless communication between owners and service providers.
Ratings and ReviewsIncludes a rating and review mechanism where users can rate and provide feedback on service providers. Reviews serve as a deciding factor for other pet owners when selecting a specific service provider.

For Pet Walkers/Sitters Side:

DashboardProvides a graphical interface for pet walkers/sitters to view past and upcoming bookings, total revenue earned, ratings and reviews, and other relevant information.
Manage BookingsAllows pet walkers/sitters to accept or decline booking requests based on their availability.
Pet’s Profile CheckEnables pet walkers/sitters to access the pet owner’s profile, which includes details about the pet’s habits and specific requirements.
Manage PaymentsOffers a system for pet walkers/sitters to receive payments, view their earned revenue, and track outstanding amounts.

For Admin Side:

Manage CustomersAllows the app administrator to manage customer profiles and address their queries in semi-real time.
Manage Pet Sitters/WalkersFacilitates the management of service provider profiles and queries for the app administrator.
Manage BookingsEnables the app administrator to track and manage bookings, including handling any issues that arise during the service period.
Manage Offers and DiscountsProvides the capability to update and remove offers and promotional materials within the app on time.
Handle Client SupportAllows the app administrator or customer support team to handle user queries and concerns in real-time.
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Advanced Features To Include In Dog Boarding & Walking App Like Rover

Virtual Dog TrainingOffers virtual dog training through one-on-one video consultations with experts.
Insurance GuaranteeProvides insurance to pet owners in case of harm to their pets.
Extended CareEnables pet owners to request and pay for extended care if the pet walker/sitter needs to stay beyond the specified time.
VerificationImplements a thorough background check and verification process for service providers, including document verification and virtual KYC.
NotificationsNotifies pet owners of tasks performed by service providers through Rover cards, which can include information such as bathroom breaks, food, and water activity, at least one photo with an optional message, and a map of the walk with total distance.
eCommerce StoreIncludes an eCommerce store within the app where users can purchase pet products such as toys and food, providing a trusted source of revenue.

How to Develop a Dog Boarding & Walking App Like Rover?

Developing a dog boarding and walking app like Rover evolves a lot of things. There are several things that you need to take care of i.e., from what features to include to whom to hire (Android vs. iOS app development company) to what tech stack to use. Here is a guideline to help you in a way to develop it. 

  1. Understand the Market

Before you start developing your dog boarding and walking app, it’s important to understand the market. Market research can be divided into two main categories:

Your Target Market:

  • Develop a user persona to specify your target audience.
  • Gather demographic information and identify users’ challenges.
  • Offer suitable solutions and stay updated on industry trends.

Analyzing Your Competitors:

  • Identify popular dog-walking apps in the market.
  • Determine the services provided by competitors.
  • Study their marketing strategies.
  • Assess the market position of these dog-walking apps.

The main goal is to gather ideas from successful dog-walking apps and create a superior app that caters to the needs of users and walkers.

  1. Identify the Core Features

To start, it’s crucial to identify the core features your app will offer. For a dog boarding and walking app like Rover, you’ll want to include features such as pet owner profiles, pet sitter profiles, booking and scheduling capabilities, in-app messaging, GPS tracking, and payment integration. These features will ensure a seamless experience for both pet owners and pet sitters.

  1. Pick the Perfect Business Model:

Choosing a business model is a critical decision for your app. In the area of service-aggregator apps, various revenue models can be considered.

Business ModelDescription
Paid AdvertisingDog agencies or pet walkers pay a fee to be listed on the app. Additional charges for specific locations.
Paid PromotionsOffering advertising space to pet-related companies once the app gains sufficient traffic.
Transaction CommissionCharging a percentage of the price when customers book services through the app.
List PriceCharging a small fee to dog walkers for adding themselves to the app’s service listings.
Surcharge FeesImplementing surge pricing during high-demand periods, charging more to match dog owners with walkers.
  1. Design an Intuitive Interface

The success of your app relies heavily on its user interface. Design a visually appealing and user-friendly interface that will make it easy for pet owners and pet sitters to navigate the app. Keep the design simple and intuitive, ensuring that even users who are not tech-savvy can easily find their way around. A clean and inviting design will create a positive emotional connection with your users.

  1. Develop the App

You can consider engaging a top mobile app development company to craft the essential code and breathe life into your app. Seamlessly integrate the feedback acquired from your comprehensive market analysis and infuse it into your development methodology. 

Besides, follow an agile and iterative approach throughout the development process, enabling continual enhancements and refinements along the way.

  1. Test and Refine

Before launching your app, thorough testing is essential. The user experience may be affected by bugs or glitches. Identify and fix these as soon as possible. Conduct usability testing to ensure that pet owners and pet sitters can easily navigate the app and perform necessary tasks. Take feedback from beta users to make further refinements and improvements to the app’s functionality and user interface.

  1. Launch and Promote

Once you’re confident in the stability and usability of your dog boarding and walking app, it’s time to launch it to the world. Promote your dog boarding and walking app through various channels, such as social media, targeted online advertising, and partnerships with local pet-related businesses. Highlight the accessibility and inclusivity of your app, emphasizing that it is designed for all pet owners and pet sitters, regardless of their background or experience.

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Cost Estimation for Developing a Dog Boarding & Walking App like Rover

According to experts, the budget required to build a Dog Boarding & Walking App like Rover is not fixed. Several factors influence the cost of creating such mobile apps. Let’s explore these factors:

  1. Platform:

Whether you opt for Android, iOS, or both, and if you decide to include a web version, the costs would increase accordingly.

  1. Features and Tech Stack:

The cost of development will also depend on the specific features you choose to incorporate into your app. Here are different tiers of features with varying levels of complexity:

  • Simple: Basic features like user registration, payment gateway, dog profile, search functionality, and settings.
  • Medium: Includes all the simple features plus additional functionalities like real-time GPS tracking, in-app messaging, ratings, and reviews.
  • Complex: Complex features may include advanced filters, customized notifications, integrated payment systems, and social media sharing.

Besides, the tech stack you are choosing to develop a dog boarding & walking app like Rover also affects cost. Commonly used technologies include:

Front-end Development:

  • HTML, CSS, and JS (JavaScript) for the user interface
  • React Native or Flutter for cross-platform mobile app development

Back-end Development:

  • Node.js or Ruby on Rails for server-side programming
  • Express.js or Django for backend API


  • PostgreSQL or MySQL for database management.
  1. The geographical location of app developers:

The cost of hiring app developers varies based on their geographical location. 

  • In Western nations such as the US or Australia, the average hourly rate ranges from $80 to $200. 
  • In Eastern nations like India, the cost can be around $25 to $80 per hour.

To determine the exact cost of developing a dog boarding and walking app like Rover, it is advisable to consult with an on-demand app developer and discuss your specific requirements with them.

How Can Quytech Help In Developing On-demand Dog Boarding & Walking App?

At Quytech, we excel in on-demand app development. We conduct thorough research and competitor analysis to finalize app features. Our UI/UX design incorporates brand elements and user-friendly features. We integrate cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, AI, and APIs. With immersive and intuitive features, your pet care app will shine in the market. 

We ensure glitch-free and secure performance through rigorous quality assurance. Ultimately, we launch the MVP version of your app. Choose us, a top mobile app development company, for a standout pet care app in the digital market.

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