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How to Develop an App Like Threads? Features and Cost

Guide to Develop an App Like Threads

Did you know the Threads app reached 150 million users within two weeks of its launch? Launched in July 2023 by the world-renowned company Meta, Threads is a text extension of Instagram. It was released in over 100 countries and got around 10 million users within the first seven hours.

Threads surpassed ChatGPT and became the fastest app to reach 100 million users in the first five days. Another interesting Threads app statistic is that it received approximately 95 million posts within the first 24 hours.


Apart from these statistics, there are many other records that Meta’s Threads app has broken. Considering Threads app growth and popularity, if you are also thinking of creating a similar app, this blog is exclusively for you. 

Here, we have covered everything you should know for Threads-like app development. Besides, we have included detailed features and costs to build a mobile app like Threads. Let’s begin with what is Threads.

What is Threads App?

Threads is a social networking and social media platform that allows users to post texts, videos, and images. It is similar to the popular social networking platform Twitter. Threads aims at streamlining user experience with faster and highly intuitive navigation. Users can react to each other’s posts via replies, reposts, and likes. Here is what you can do on Threads:

  • Post texts (up to 500 characters) 
  • Post videos with a maximum length of 5 minutes
  • Post photos 
  • Like, repost, and comment on others’ posts
  • View who has seen your posts
  • Create different quizzes and polls
  • Tag locations

What are the Benefits of Building an App Like Threads?

Building an app like Threads renders immense opportunities for those looking for a successful mobile app idea. Check out some of the benefits of it:

1. Effective Content Sharing

Threads-like mobile apps are a platform to share content within a private group, including close friends, family, or circle. This focused content-sharing approach removes the noise from a wider social network.

2. Improved Privacy

An app like Threads focuses on users’ privacy by restricting content visibility to a particular circle or audience. Users can share their photos, texts, and videos without getting them circulated among the masses. 

3. Streamlined Interaction 

Threads-like apps streamline interaction by allowing users to catch up on important updates from their circle without getting lost in a sea of posts. The app also focuses on better content consumption. 

4. Instant Sharing

With a Threads-like app, you can enable users to share and receive instant updates as the platform focuses on real-time conversations and sharing. They can like, share, and respond to the updates. These posts automatically disappear after 24 hours. 

Must-Have Features of an App Like Threads

Now that you know about Threads and its popularity and benefits, let’s move on to the next step to discuss the key features of a Threads-like application. We are providing these features to help you prepare a feature list before connecting with an enterprise mobile app development services provider.

Must-Have Features of an App Like Threads

Add to Story

Threads app allows users to add their posts to Instagram stories. All they need to do is tap the share button and select Add to Story. 

Take a Break

As the name suggests, this feature allows users to take a break from the app. They can go to the Accounts section and choose “Take a Break.” Users can schedule a reminder for the available time options. The app will automatically send a reminder after the scheduled time. 


Threads app offers the option to pause notifications for a particular time. This option is available under App Settings. Once enabled, the user will not receive notifications for replies, reposts, and likes for the selected time. 


With the repost feature, users can share a particular post of their connections. All they need to do is tap the Share button and choose “Repost.” 


It allows users to respond to a post by clicking the reply button. They can share their views or beliefs about that post. 

Upload Media

The feature enables Threads users to add videos or photos to their posts. The duration of the video should be less than five minutes. 

Share Profile 

The feature empowers users to share their profiles by tapping the “Share Profile” option on the app’s homepage. 


Selecting this option from Settings deactivates the user’s Threads account. The user will no longer be able to access Threads; however, it will not impact their Instagram account.

Deactivate account

Keep Track of All Likes

The feature empowers users to view all liked threads by tapping the Profile Settings and then “Tap on your likes” option.  

Sorting Followed Accounts

There is a feature available in the Threads app using which users can sort the accounts they follow “by latest or earliest.” A user can select the “Following” tab and then “Sort the Threads Accounts” to access this feature.


A Step-by-Step Guide to Threads-Like App Development

Developing a mobile app like Threads needs a strategic approach and a deep understanding of the Threads app. Since we have provided enough information on the Threads app, let’s begin with its development process:

Ideation and Conceptualization  

The first step to Threads-like mobile app development is to figure out its value proposition. Define your app’s objectives, identify your target audience, decide on the features of the app, and more. Also, list the pain points you aim to solve with the app. 

Conduct Thorough Market Research 

The purpose of market research is to understand user preferences and competitor offerings. It also helps in keeping track of emerging market trends. Analyze the Threads app thoroughly and spot the gaps or features it lacks. You can add those features to your app and differentiate it from the competitors. 

Decide on the Technology Stack

The next step is to list the technologies, tools, frameworks, and programming languages for app development. Also, choose the platform for your app. Decide whether you want to build a native app for either Android or iOS platform or a cross-platform app that can seamlessly run on multiple platforms. To understand the difference between these two types of apps, contact a cross-platform app development company.

UI/UX Design 

Your app must have an intuitive interface with simple navigation to compete with Threads. Therefore, create wireframes of the app’s UI and UX. Focus on maintaining simplicity while making users share and consume different content effortlessly.

Coding or Development 

Use the top-notch tech stack to build an app similar to Threads. Build the app’s core functionality and embed advanced features such as user authentication, content sharing, group creation, friend management, sorting followings, notifications, and more. Ensure your app supports real-time updates and private messaging functionality. 

Quality Assurance 

The next step in the Threads-like app development is to test the app for functionality, stability, usability, and performance. Conduct different types of testing on all devices, screen sizes, and platforms to ensure the app works flawlessly and efficiently. Address any bug or glitch you identify. 

App Deployment 

Releasing the app on targeted platforms is the next step of the development process. Follow the Play Store and App Store guidelines for app submissions. Adhere to all of them to ensure successful deployment.


Marketing and Promotion 

Build an effective marketing and promotion strategy to update users about your app. You can do offline and online marketing and collaborate with social media influencers to promote your app. Besides, add engaging content and unique features to your app to increase its popularity.

Continuous Improvement 

Collect user feedback and make necessary changes to your app to improve user experience and make your app successful. Regularly update new features to your app based on the changing market trends and users’ expectations. 

Before developing a full-fledged and feature-rich app, you can also plan to create an MVP (minimum viable product). Launch it among your targeted audience and collect feedback. It will help you identify the changes your app requires to be a hit.

Cost of Developing an App Like Threads

Calculating the cost of building an app like Threads is not an easy task due to the involvement of multiple factors, which include the following:

Features and Complexity of the App

The app’s features are among the prime factors you should not overlook when determining the Threads app development costs. Implementing advanced features, such as gamification elements, push notifications, and more, requires more development time and effort and, thus, increases the total costs. On the contrary, integrating only the essential features in the app keeps the cost minimal. 

Development Team Size and Experience

The size and experience of the custom app development team or company contribute majorly to the costs of an app similar to Threads. The Threads-like app development team may include project managers, UI/UX designers, developers (frontend and backend), and quality analysts. Their experience also counts when calculating the app’s development costs. 

Geographical Location of the App Development Company or Developers

While calculating Threads-like app development costs, the app development company or developers’s location matters due to the difference in hourly rates. A developer in the US may charge up to $150 hourly, whereas in Eastern Europe, Australia, and Asia, the developers may charge up to $55, $90, and $45, respectively. 

Platform and Technology Stack 

The platform and technology stack of the app are also two significant factors when calculating the cost of developing an app similar to Threads. The cost of creating a native app is different from a cross-platform one. Similarly, integrating advanced technologies, such as AI, AR, VR, ML, etc., would also impact the overall costs of developing an app like Threads.

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Why Choose Quytech as Your Tech Partner for Developing an App Like Threads?

Quytech is a reputed and trusted enterprise mobile app development service provider with over 12 years of experience. The company has developed hundreds of social media and networking native and cross-platform mobile apps that are immensely popular among users. 

Quytech has dedicated teams of designers, developers, testing professionals, and support and maintenance providers to develop Threads-like apps with advanced features. The development team follows an agile methodology to streamline communication and collaboration and ensure the app’s flawless performance. Here are some other reasons why we are a preferred partner when it comes to developing an app like Threads:

  • Technical expertise and experience in AI, AR, ML, VR, and other technologies
  • 100% transparency with clients
  • Subject matter experts 
  • Post-deployment support and maintenance services

To get a quote for Threads-like app development, contact one of the experts at Quytech. 


Instagram’s latest extension, Threads, became famous at an unprecedented rate. The app broke ChatGPT’s record and became the number one app to receive 100 million sign-ups. Considering the popularity of the Threads app, if you want to build a similar app to this social media and social networking application, then this blog is for you.

Read the features and benefits mentioned above to understand how to make your Threads-like app stand out. To create an app like Threads, contact a leading app development company with experience in developing social media and social networking mobile apps. Before connecting with such a company, research thoroughly to know in detail about Social Media App Development: Trends, Types, Features, and Cost. It will help you choose the right partner or developers for building an app, such as Threads.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Benefits of Building an app like Threads?

There are several benefits of building a mobile app like Threads. Some of these benefits include:

  • Effective content sharing
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Streamlined interaction
  • Instant sharing

What are Some Essential Features of an App Like Threads?

Some features you can consider to implement in an app similar to Threads are:

  • Add to story
  • Take a break
  • Notifications
  • Repost
  • Reply
  • Upload Media
  • Share Profile
  • Deactivate Account 
  • Tracking likes
  • Sorting followed accounts

How to Build an App Like Threads?

Here is a stepwise process to develop Thread-like mobile app development solutions:

  • Ideation and conceptualization
  • Conducting market research 
  • Deciding technology stack
  • Creating UI/UX design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Marketing and promotion 
  • Feedback collection and improvement 

Which Factors Determine the Cost of Developing an App Similar to Threads?

The cost of creating an app like Threads depends on the following factors:

  • Features and complexity of the app
  • Size and experience of the developers or development company
  • Location of the app development company or developers
  • Platform and technology stack

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