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How to Develop Self-Care App Like Happify?

How to create selfcare app like Happify

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Many people nowadays choose proper sleep, a well-balanced diet, and exercise to keep them in good shape. But, they forget to maintain their mental health too! Mental health, like physical health, is important for total health and well-being. 

According to WHO reports, about 1 billion individuals suffer from a mental illness. 

Mental health apps are incrementally becoming a popular way for individuals seeking mental health advice.              

According to the report by Researchandmarkets, the worldwide mental health apps market is estimated to reach $10.2 billion by 2027, growing at a 16.3% CAGR over the forecast period.

The industry is growing as individuals are becoming more aware of the value of mental health so as self-care app development becomes more popular. 

Currently, as there are many mental health apps, Happify being one of the most prominent among them. As the mental health app market is filled with tons of apps.  But, there is still room for improvement. You can also tap & disrupt the market by developing a custom self care app like Happify.  

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner looking to build a self care app, then this blog is for you!

In this blog, we’ll discuss,

👉 Happify: Quick Overview!

👉 Must-have features to consider during self care app development! 

👉 How to successfully develop a self care app like Happify?

👉 How to monetize mental health apps? 

👉 Why choose Quytech for developing a self care app like Happify?

👉 Conclusion

Quick Overview on Self-care App – Happify

Happify is a self care app that provides people with the abilities they need to keep their mental health in shape. Happify includes solutions to help you understand and control your emotions, whether you’re happy, sad, confused, or manic.     

happify app

Apps like Happify offer training that serve as easy check-ins for emotional health and wellbeing. More than 60 sessions are accessible, with subjects ranging from resilience and meditation to anxiety, as well as sessions to assist people cope with secondary stress caused by chronic health illnesses.

Apps like Happify use games to improve emotional states. Positive CBT therapies and psychological approaches were used to build games.

This is one of the best mental health apps available, and it can also assist individuals in the following:

✓ Increasing self-assurance  

✓ Coping with anxiety

✓ Assist you in overcoming negative thoughts

✓ Enhances your professional achievement

According to Crunchbase, Happy has raised a total of $118.7 million in funding so far. 

Impressed by the numbers? Ready to build a custom self care app like Happify?

Read on to find out the,

Features Of SelfCare App Like Happify! 

Features & functionalities can make or break your app. Also, including unnecessary features can lead to increased mental health app development cost. That’s why you need to be very careful before deciding the functionalities of your custom mental health app like Happify. 

Below are some must-have features for your mental health app like Happify to assist individuals better manage their mental wellbeing!

Have a look!

features of selfcare app like happify

Moving ahead, let’s discuss the core element of this blog; which is,

How to develop a self care app like Happify?

There are a range of mental health apps available. What will set your mental health app apart? Below is a list of best practices to keep in mind if you’re developing a self-care app like Happify. 

#1. Determine your goals    

Before you begin the self-care app development process, you must first decide which aspects of mental health you want to include. It’ll become easier to create products that are valuable to specific people if you have a thorough understanding. 

#2. Study your competitors   

In today’s competitive marketplace, knowing your competitors and understanding their strong and weak points is always a smart option. If you really want your self care app like Happify to become a success and make money, you must first understand what other businesses are doing and how they are doing it. 

Try to find the answers of following questions:-

  • What do they offer?                    
  • Which segments are they targeting?
  • Check reviews!
  • What features do they offer?
  • What are they lacking?

You can structure your design and development activities better and chose the best features if you have access to competitor data. 

#3. Define UI/UX 

After successfully conducting competitor research, the next stage is to build a prototype of your custom mental health app like Happify. The prototype will be built depending on your project’s specifications as well as the styles or functionalities you selected during the project’s discussion stage.

By designing UI/UX, you can get a sense of how your custom self-care app will look!

#4. Follow best security standards

People care about their information and are hesitant to put it at risk, therefore security is a major factor. Of course, being HIPAA and FHIR compliant is essential for data security, but you can also assure data security by having a comprehensive privacy policy and educating your users on security and best practices. You can also include some security features in your custom self care app like Happify, such as:-

  • Two-factor authentication
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Fraudulent push notifications 

#5. Hire professional mental health app development professionals

You need to hire dedicated developers in order to build self care app like Happify easily. The most important facts can only be shared by an expert.    

Expert advice is always vital to guarantee the success of your mental health apps, whether it’s validating your app idea, offering the latest market trends, or even assisting you in selecting the finest development team.                           

In order to build self care app like Happify, you need following roles in your team:-

  • QA testers
  • Android app developers
  • iOS app developers
  • Business analyst
  • Project manager
  • UI/UX designers

#6. Choose the right tech stack

In this step you need to choose the right tools and technologies to build custom mental health apps like Happify.        

Yes, it’s true that the tech stack for mental health app development may vary significantly based on the app’s complexity, number of features and functionalities, team structure, and other factors.                     

As the top healthcare app development company, below we’ve listed the tech stack That you can use for developing an app like Happify! So, take a look!

  • Languages & Frameworks – Kotlin, Java, Swift, ReactJS, NodeJS, Flutter, Python.
  • Database – MySQL, MongoDB
  • Payment gateway – Stripe, PayPal, Braintree
  • Maps integration – MapKit, Google Maps API
  • Push notifications – Twilio, Push.IO

#7. Test your app before releasing it

When it comes to self-care apps like Happify, thorough testing is essential because people may have attention issues, extreme sensitivity, and other issues.

As a result, usability testing must be comprehensive and exact. 

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As you’ve seen the points that you need to consider during developing a self care app like Happify.

Now let’s move forward and discuss, 

How to monetize mental health apps? 

When you build a self-care app, it’s usually for the benefit of your users, but making revenues is also crucial. You use below-mentioned options for making money with your custom mental health app like Happify.

So, take a look! 

monetization model

Freemium Model

This revenue-generating model is focused on providing users with a free, simplified version of the app. Premium features may ask for payment, or they could only have access to the entire version for a limited period.

Subscription model

Users are given access for a limited time and must then subscribe to keep their access to the app. Users who have the opportunity to trial before they buy.                          


This is the most common app monetization model, and it is based solely on the idea of generating revenue by allowing adverts within the app. As a result, your customers will see advertising while using the application, allowing you to profit from it.  

Why choose Quytech for developing a self care app like Happify?

Quytech is a prominent healthcare app development company with over a decade of experience in the developing healthcare mobile apps. We have a squad of healthcare app developers with years of professional experience in mental health app development.

We have 9+ years of experience developing secured HIPAA and FHIR compliant mhealth apps, and know how to create robust apps that can handle resource-intensive features.       

Don’t hesitate to contact Quytech to see how we can improve the efficiency and profitability of your healthcare business. 


When you choose to develop a mental health app, it’s essential that it’s driven by solid features and technologies, and that it gives users with best security practices that ensures their data is secured so they can feel more confident about using your app.

Also, it takes a smart idea and a partnership with the best mental health app development company to develop an efficient mobile mental health app that helps users. 

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Quytech can assist you with the development of self-care apps, providing top talent, versatility, and high-quality solutions.

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