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How to Develop a Voice Chat App Like Clubhouse

clubhouse like app

Forget about the calendar invitation. Simply start a conversation. 

That’s the idea behind a new wave of social startups poised to take advantage of our schedules while being quarantined.

Clubhouse exemplifies this. It’s become the breakout hit of quarantine by allowing people to join chat rooms with friends when they open the app. 

It hosted up to 10 million users in a week, a 9X increase over the last six months in some areas. It has become the number #1 social app in 154 countries, including the United States, with 600,000 registered users and has been courting influencers. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of voice chat app development similar to Clubhouse.

What Is Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse is an audio-based social network where people can join voice chat rooms. When a user opens the app, he or she will see a list of rooms and a list showing who is in each room. You can join an existing chat room or send invites to new people and start new conversations. Moderators, speakers, and listeners are present in each room. Moderators decide who gets to speak, though listeners can “raise their hand” to speak.

Why Is Clubhouse So Famous?


Being a no posts, no photos, no videos – just voice-only app. Clubhouse appeals to users who are sick of video interaction.

Clubhouse is a place where anyone, from a hilarious neighbor to Elon Musk, can interact. Besides, it’s the new shiny thing, and it’s being promoted by a slew of tech pioneers, business gurus, and celebrities.

The secretive nature of Clubhouse adds to its allure. The app never records any conversations. If you want to participate in a discussion, you must be present when it takes place.

Looking For App Development Like Clubhouse? – Let’s Talk

4 Steps To Develop Your Own Voice Chat App Like Clubhouse

  1. Research Your Target Market

Understanding your user’s needs simplifies development and results in a better final product. Learn everything you can about your potential customers. 

You can begin by looking into the following:

  • Demographics: Discover your user’s average age, where they live, what devices they use, and so on.
  • Behavioral patterns: Discover what reduces a user’s desire to download an app, as well as your security expectations.
  1. Choose a monetization model

The next step is to select the best monetization model. Here are three different monetization models to consider:

  • Paid: Users pay one-time to access your app.
  • Freemium: Users can download your app for free. They can then pay to upgrade or use premium features on their accounts.
  • In-app Purchases: Users can pay for various items and features via in-app purchases.
  1. Hire an app development team

The third step is to find the right mobile app development company. The first phase of development will include market research, technical specification development, cost estimation, and project planning. 

Before diving into the actual voice chat app development, you and your team should establish an app development workflow, select the main features for the app, and create a design for the app.

Then, your development team should establish project milestones and begin working on the minimum viable product or MVP.

  1. Create an MVP

Developing a voice chat app is a complex project. We recommend first launching a minimum viable product and testing its technical and commercial performance.

Using an MVP approach, you will learn what users like and dislike about your app. Then you’ll be able to take their suggestions and improve your app.

Wrapping Up

The long pandemic has left us yearning for spontaneous communication to top up strictly scheduled Zoom meetings and mundane chatting on traditional social networks.

With mobile app development on the rise, Clubhouse has shown that there is still room for new social media apps, especially with the shift in lifestyle. A successful spontaneous voice chat app can provide a lot of value to users if developed correctly. Leading offshore development centers can help you develop such an app, the right way. Don’t hesitate to seek their help if you’re running out of time.

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