How to Develop an App Like Hevy: Best Workout Tracker & Gym Planner App

Workout Tracker & Planner Gym Fitness App

Undoubtedly, participating in regular physical activity can lead to several benefits. Whether it’s to lose weight, improve brain health, build muscle, or simply feel better, exercise is essential for our physical and mental well-being.

People go to the gym, attend workout classes, and follow fitness routines to achieve their fitness goals. In today’s digital age, technology has made it possible to take the gym with us wherever we go. With the help of fitness apps, people can easily track their progress and plan their workouts. Hevy is one such app that has gained popularity among fitness enthusiasts. 

Besides, during COVID-19, the importance of fitness apps has increased even more. According to a study, during the three-year period between 2019 and 2022, the usage of mobile health, fitness, workout, and meditation apps in the United States saw a rise from 23 percent to 36 percent.

Fitness apps have become an integral part of our lives and for good reason. Business insiders predict that the fitness app market will continue to grow. The market size of fitness apps is expected to reach USD 4.8 billion by 2026.

With this in mind, it’s worth considering how you can develop your own workout tracker and planner gym fitness app like Hevy. In this blog post, we will explore the features of such an app and the cost involved in developing it.

What is a Workout Tracker & Planner Gym Fitness App Like Hevy? 

When we perform any physical activity, tracking and monitoring progress can help us reach our fitness goals. A workout tracker and planner gym fitness app like Hevy can provide the perfect solution to fitness enthusiasts who want to stay on track with their goals. It can help users:

  • Create workout plans
  • Set goals and reminders
  • Record nutrition and water intake
  • Track progress with exercise logs and measurements
  • Connect with other users for support and motivation 

With such an app, users can have access to a vast library of workouts and exercises and even customize their own workout plans. Further, with features like reminders, it’s easy to stay motivated and on track with fitness goals. Fitness enthusiasts are showing increasing interest in using these types of applications, which are capable of aiding in maintaining focus and accountability for everyone.

Furthermore, before we dive into the expenses involved in creating a gym fitness tracker and planner app similar to Hevy, let’s first examine the benefits it provides.

Keep in mind in order to create a highly specialized fitness app, it is essential to enlist the help of the best Android app development company or iOS app development firm. Such companies must possess the expertise and proficiency to craft an application tailored to a specific purpose.

Benefits of Developing a Workout Tracker & Planner Gym Fitness App Like Hevy

1. Target a Niche Market

The lack of significant progress occurred in the fitness app industry before the onset of the pandemic, but during that year (2020), it’s noteworthy that there was an increase of nearly around forty-five percent when it comes down to how many people were accessing and utilizing fitness apps which brings us with a total user count at approximately 385 million.

Thus, creating a workout tracker and planner app like Hevy isn’t just any ordinary idea – it’s genius! With millions of fitness enthusiasts out there who are constantly searching for an app that caters specifically to their fitness goals, a gym fitness app that provides detailed workouts, diet plans, and tracking of progress can really shake up the industry.

2. Increase Engagement and Retention

With a workout tracker and planner gym fitness app, it is easier to keep your users engaged and motivated. You can add engaging elements, like

  • Rewards
  • Challenges
  • Leaderboards, and more.

These features incentivize users to stick with their fitness routine, and also foster a sense of community as users can connect with others and share their progress. Over 25% of fitness app users use their applications frequently, engaging with them more than 10 times a week.

3. Brand Awareness

This age of digitalization presents an opportunity for gyms and fitness companies to enhance their brand visibility and prominence by investing in mobile applications. With this, users will be able to easily access and interact with your brand through the app, making it more likely for them to choose your gym or fitness brand over others.

Besides, over 400 million fitness apps were downloaded in 2021 alone, meaning that the market for such apps is vast. Therefore, have thought of hiring an iOS mobile app development company or a team of Android developers to build a custom app that will help you stand out from the competition.

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Steps To Develop a Workout Tracker & Planner Gym Fitness App Like Hevy

If you’re like most fitness buffs out there, you know that having a gym workout tracker and planner app on your phone can be the difference between hitting your fitness goals and failing miserably. And if you’re considering developing an app of your own, you’ll want to follow in the footsteps of the impressive Hevy fitness app – the gold standard in the fitness tech industry.

To develop a workout tracking and planning app as effective as Hevy, it’s important to have a distinct perspective and an innovative approach. So, let’s explore the procedures required to create an exceptional fitness app like Hevy.

Define Your Target MarketClearly identify the demographics, exercise preferences, and fitness goals of your target audience.
Choose the Right FeaturesSelect features that align with your target market’s needs, such as Personalized workout plans Workout tracking Progress tracking Exercise Library
Plan the User Interface and ExperienceCreate an intuitive user interface and experience that your target audience will love. This involves wireframing, creating mockups, and testing with real users.
Hire DevelopersAssemble a skilled team, including Front-end and back-end developers UI/UX designersTesters
Launch and Promote Your AppLaunch your app on the App Store or Google Play and promote it through social media marketing, influencer outreach, and paid advertising to attract users and build your brand.

The Features of Workout Tracker & Planner Gym Fitness App Like Hevy

Now that you understand the numerous benefits associated with gym and fitness applications like Hevy, we can take a deeper look at what features would usually be found within such an app.

1. Must-Have Features of a Workout Tracker And Planner App For Users

Personal ProfileAllows users to create and update their personal profiles, including fitness goals and levels.
Workout TrackingTracks workouts and progress, including sets, reps, weights lifted, and time spent exercising.
Exercise LibraryProvides a library of exercises with descriptions, instructions, and videos to help plan workouts.
Goal SettingEnables users to set fitness goals and track progress toward those goals.
Workout Plan CreationAllows users to create and save customized workout plans based on their fitness goals.
Social Sign-inEnables users to sign up and log in to the app using their social media or email accounts.
Social SharingAllows users to follow other fitness enthusiasts, like and comment on posts, and share progress on social media.
Workout HistoryTracks and displays users’ past workout sessions, including date, time, duration, and exercises performed.
Personalized RecommendationsProvides customized workout recommendations based on users’ fitness goals, preferences, and workout history.
Progress TrackingEnables users to set fitness goals and track progress toward those goals.
In-App CommunityFacilitating a virtual space for individuals to engage with like-minded fitness aficionados.
In-App RewardsRewards users for achieving their fitness goals or reaching certain milestones.
In-App PurchasesThe app provides premium features or content, like personalized workout plans and extra exercise libraries, which can be accessed by making in-app purchases.

2. Must-Have Features of a Workout Tracker And Planner App For Gym Service Providers

Member ManagementAllows gym staff to easily manage member accounts, including sign-ups, renewals, cancellations, and payment tracking.
Class SchedulingEnables gym staff to schedule and manage group fitness classes, including class descriptions, capacity, and trainer assignments.
Equipment TrackingTracks inventory and usage of gym equipment, including maintenance schedules and repair requests.
Personal Training ManagementManages personal training sessions and schedules for trainers and clients, including progress tracking and session summaries.
Reporting and AnalyticsGenerate reports and analytics on member usage, class attendance, equipment usage, and personal training revenue.
Mobile App IntegrationIntegrates with a mobile app to allow members to access gym information, schedules, and workout plans on their mobile devices.

3. A Few Advanced Features To Include In Workout Tracker And Planner App

AI-Powered PersonalizationUses machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to personalize workout plans and recommendations based on users’ fitness goals, preferences, and progress.
Virtual CoachingProvides personalized coaching and feedback from certified trainers via video chat or messaging, enabling users to get professional guidance and support from anywhere.
Wearable IntegrationIntegrates with wearable fitness trackers and smartwatches to automatically track users’ workouts, monitor heart rate and other biometric data, and provide insights and recommendations based on that data.
AR/VR WorkoutsOffers immersive and interactive augmented reality or virtual reality workouts, providing a more engaging and motivating workout experience.
Voice Command IntegrationEnables users to control the app hands-free using voice commands, making it easier to navigate and use the app during workouts.
Nutritional TrackingAllows users to track their daily food intake and nutritional information, providing insights and recommendations on how to improve their diet and achieve their fitness goals.
GamificationIncorporates game-like elements such as challenges, rewards, and leaderboards to motivate users and make workouts more fun and engaging.
Offline AccessEnables users to access workout plans, routines, and tracking features offline, without requiring an internet connection.
Multilingual SupportProvides support for multiple languages, making the app accessible to users around the world.

The Cost of Developing a Workout Tracker & Planner Gym Fitness App Like Hevy

It’s an obvious question -how much will it cost to develop a workout tracker and planner gym fitness app like Hevy? And the answer that you often hear is “It depends.” The expenses involved in developing a mobile application are influenced by several different aspects. Let’s dive deeper into some of the factors and see how they can impact the cost 

1. App design and layout

Think of the layout and design of your app as the face of your business. When people interact with your app, they need to feel comfortable. Adding pop-u ps and cluttered pages will make the user experience unpleasant, resulting in fewer downloads. 

Thus, investing in a user-friendly, sleek design can make all the difference. But with a better design and layout, comes a higher cost. 

2. Development platform (iOS or Android)

Choosing between iOS and Android or both is an important decision. Building an app for both platforms will cost more than just one. The complexity of the platform will also impact the cost. iOS tends to be more expensive due to its strict app submission guidelines and extensive quality assurance process.

3. Complexity of app

A more complex app will naturally cost more. Features like video tutorials, chat functionality, and more detailed tracking metrics will require more development time and effort.

4. Development partner you hire

Selecting the right team to build your app is a crucial choice that demands careful consideration. You have three primary alternatives to choose from: employing in-house developers, outsourcing a development firm, or engaging freelancers. 

Each option carries its benefits and drawbacks, and the expenses involved are subject to the proficiency and expertise of the team you choose.

5. Technology stack used

Incorporating the latest advancements, like Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, into the development of a fitness application can be advantageous in terms of enhancing user experience and streamlining the process. Nevertheless, the associated costs could rise accordingly.

In contrast, developing an app using older technologies may not be as efficient or produce the same level of quality, yet it can lead to a lower cost.

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How Quytech Is The Best Partner For Developing Such an App?

The development of a workout tracker and planner gym fitness app similar to Hevy requires extensive technical skills and experience, so we pride ourselves on being the best mobile app development company in India for developing such an app.

The combination of talented developers and designers along with dedicated project managers makes up our team which ensures delivering the best possible solutions. Our experience in creating health applications for over 12 years has taught us what it takes to make a user-friendly application.

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