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How To Hire iOS App Developers (Step-by-Step Guide)


Nowadays, businesses are looking for competent iOS developers to build robust mobile apps. But, you would be wondering why iOS developers? There are many reasons behind this. 

A large number of people use iOS-operated devices, such as iPhones, Tabs, Macs, and others. According to reports, there are approximately two billion iOS users worldwide. It would be beneficial for any business to develop an iOS app to sell its products and services, covering a wide range of customers. 

But, as we all know, the mobile industry is constantly evolving, and it has become difficult to find and hire the best iPhone app developers, who have relevant expertise and experience and are also familiar with the latest market trends. 

Therefore, we come up with a comprehensive step-by-step guide to hiring iOS developers, which can help you significantly to hire top iOS developers to create customized apps for your business. So, let’s get started. 

Benefits of iOS App Development For Businesses

There are various benefits of developing iOS apps for businesses. The top of them are mentioned below: 

01. Better Growth

An iOS app can help a company achieve its goal significantly. In advanced economies, iPhones and iPads are very prevalent, and having an iOS app is one approach to contact the audience of people who use these devices and gain a strong presence in the market. 

02. Highly Secured

When it comes to high-security options, there is no match for iOS app development. Considering iOS has a name for being extremely secure, users may rest assured that they are protected from security breaches. 

Most iPhone users are unconcerned about malicious software, so they believe that their personal information is secure, enabling them to conduct more transactions and share sensitive data. 

03. Better ROI

According to statistics, there are approximately 1.46 billion active iPhone users worldwide. If a business invests in developing an iOS application to sell its products and services, it will have a huge market to cater to. Selling goods and services to this massive market will also generate more revenue, thus resulting in better returns on investments. 

As now you know the benefits of developing an iOS app, you must be thinking of hiring top iOS app developers to build an app tailored to your business. So, without wasting any moment, let’s delve into the step-by-step process of hiring iOS app developers. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Hire iOS App Developers 

Let’s go through the step-by-step guide to hiring iOS app developers for your iOS app development. 

  1. Define Your Requirements

Before hiring iOS app developers, you must define your iOS app development needs. It is because when you already know what you want to develop, it will become easier to hire the right number of iOS developers for your project. 

For example, imagine you hire ten iOS app developers, but later you realize that you need only six to develop your app. Thus, it is essential to understand your needs before hiring iOS developers. 

  1. Start Looking for iOS App Developers 

Once you have noted your requirements, you may begin searching for iOS app developers to hire for your app development project. There are numerous options from where you can find quality iOS app developers. A few of them are: 

Job-Searching Websites: You can easily find top iOS app developers for hiring from job websites, such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and Linkedin. 

Freelancing Platforms: You can also explore various freelancing platforms, such as Upwork, Toptal, and Freelancer, to hire iOS app developers. 

iOS App Development Companies:  This is the option to hire iOS app developers for your project. The major benefit of hiring iOS app developers from a leading app development company is that you get expert developers with years of experience, and the company will be accountable if anything goes wrong. 

  1. Shortlist the iOS App Developers

After exploring various job sites and freelancing platforms, connect with the iOS app developers that match your requirements and shortlist the best ones. 

While hiring iOS app developers from a top iOS app development company, you can ask for the list of iOS developers with their details and shortlist the best ones for your iOS app development. 

  1. Interview Your iOS App Developers 

Once you are done with shortlisting, conduct detailed interviews with your iOS app developers to understand their competency, skill set, and experience. 

You can ask various technical questions related to iOS app development as well as soft skill-related questions to understand their overall personality and capabilities.  

  1. Assign Technical Tasks 

After interviewing your iOS app developers, assign them technical tasks related to iOS apps to test their practical expertise in iOS app development. This is the best way to analyze the technical skills of any developer. Based on their work, choose the right iOS app developers to hire for your project. 

  1. Complete the Necessary Paperwork  

The Last step to hiring iOS app developers involves the completion of the necessary paperwork. Draft a detailed contract and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to make your iOS developers sign them. Always remember to mention every term and condition clearly in the contract to avoid clashes in the future. 

Once the paperwork is completed, you have officially hired your iOS app developers, and now you can begin with your iOS app development. 

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Factors to Consider While Hiring iOS App Developers  

There are some crucial factors that you should consider when hiring iOS app developers to build apps for your business. In this section, we will talk about the top factors that you should consider while hiring iOS app developers. 

  1. Expertise 

The major factor to consider while hiring iOS app developers is expertise. Always hire iPhone app developers who have extensive expertise in developing iOS applications. A good app developer should possess the following skills and knowledge: 

  • Proficiency in Swift and Objective-C 
  • A deep knowledge of Xcode
  • A strong grasp of UIKit and SwiftUI
  • Familiarity with RESTful APIs
  • Practical knowledge of MVC/MVVM Design Patterns
  • Well-versed with App Store Guidelines
  • Expertise in Core Data and Database management 
  1. Experience 

After expertise comes experience. Experience is another crucial factor to consider when hiring iOS app developers. Depending on the years of experience, the iPhone app developers can be designated into three major categories:

Junior iOS app developers: Developers with 0-2 years of experience. 

Mid iOS app developers: Developers with 2-5 years of experience. 

Senior iOS app developers: Developers with 5+ years of experience. 

Expert tip – Now you examine the various sorts of developers, you must decide which ones your process needs depending on the size of your workforce and your budget. Nevertheless, if you want more than one developer then go with a mix. Engage one senior developer and a few middle and junior developers so that the cost does not increase and you get the right mix of talent.

  1. Portfolio 

The portfolio is another crucial factor that you must consider while hiring top iPhone app developer. The portfolio helps you significantly to gain insights into the types of projects the developer has done in the past. 

Always look for developers who have a diverse portfolio consisting of iOS app development projects of various types and sizes.  

  1. Communication Skills

Effective communication is vital for the success of any iOS app development. Thus, you must hire top app developers who possess good communication skills, so that they can coordinate with other developers and teammates without any conflicts and carry out the project smoothly. 

  1. Ratings and Reviews 

Ratings and reviews are the best factors to look upon to understand the professionalism of any iOS developer. Therefore, don’t forget to check the ratings of your potential iPhone app developers and reviews given by their past clients.

If possible you can connect with their past clients to have a better understanding of your iOS app developers. 

  1. Rate of iOS Developers 

Understanding the rate of iOS developers while hiring them is equally important as the previous factors. The majority of the time, people need to understand the rate chart of the developers and end up paying extra bucks. 

So we advise you to carefully understand the rate of developers and mention it clearly in the contract. 

  1. Capable of Working in Different Timezones

This factor is major for remote developers. When you hire remote iOS developers, make sure to ask them if they are capable of working in different time zones or not. 

Usually, businesses hire iOS app developers unable to work in their preferred time zone, which leads to a lack of coordination and delay of projects. Thus, always hire the right developer who can work with your team in your preferred time zone remotely.

So, these are the top factors you should consider while hiring iOS app developers for your iOS app development project. 

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How Much Does it Cost to Hire an iOS App Developer? 

Whether you hire iOS app developers from a freelance platform or the top iOS app development company, their hourly rates are predefined. Multiplying their rate per hour by the number of hours you hired them for gives you the total cost of hiring an iOS app developer. 

Here are some of the rates of iOS developers from major countries. 

Country Hourly Rate ($) 
United States$80-$110
United Kingdom$80-$110
India $20-$40 

By analyzing the rate of developers from the above table, you can estimate the cost of hiring iOS app developers. For example, when you hire app developers in India for $20/h for the iOS app development that takes 40 hours, then the cost of hiring iOS app developer will be: 

Rate of developer x time = Cost of Hiring iOS app developer

$20 x 40= $800 

Hence the cost of hiring an iOS app developer will be $800. Please note that this is the basic calculation to find the cost of hiring iOS app developers. The actual cost may vary on various other factors too. 

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Final Thoughts

When you know how to cut down the queue, finding the finest iOS developer is not a difficult endeavor. The procedures outlined above will assist you in finding the ideal talent for the significant development project while minimizing risk. 

Are you looking for a strong preference to recruit competent iOS developers to work on your plan? In this case, Quytech is a good choice. We don’t only promise to be the top iPhone mobile app development company in the United States. 

Several international iOS application development communities have praised our expertise for multiple industries, like education, travel, logistics, healthcare, automobile, e-commerce, and more. 

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