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How to make an AI Personal Trainer App like Aaptiv?

How to make an AI Personal Trainer App like Aaptiv

Technological advances have transformed almost every industry, including the fitness world. Earlier, gyms and fitness clubs were the only option where people can find a personal trainer who can help them build their dream bodies. But, hiring a personal trainer is not something that everyone can afford. And that’s when AI personal trainers came into the picture.

With so many digital fitness applications, integrated with the digital coach, gaining popularity at an unprecedented rate, AI personal trainer is no longer a new term. For those who have a little idea of this or haven’t heard it before, let’s first explain what an AI personal trainer is.

“AI personal trainers are virtual trainers powered by artificial intelligence that help you to achieve your fitness goals. After collecting a few details, such as body measurements, current fitness level, fitness goals, and more, the digital personal trainer can provide you customized workout and diet plans.” 

Since AI-based fitness personal trainer apps, such as Aaptiv, give you the freedom to work out from the comfort of your home, such applications are high in demand. If you, too, are interested in building a virtual personal trainer app, then it is good to understand the functioning of Aaptiv (which might be your biggest competitor).

How does Aaptiv App Work?

Aaptiv is an AI workout application that comes up with a virtual personal trainer known as Coach. The ultimate goal of this app is to design personal training for every individual with different fitness goals. You can either choose from more than 2500 workouts and fitness programs available in the app or access Coach (Aaptiv’s AI-based personal trainer) to craft a customized one for you.

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Key highlights of Coach

  • Personalized programs

With Coach, you can get exclusive fitness programs as per your current fitness level and fitness goals. All you need to do is to enter a few details.

  • Fitness-related information

Besides offering personalized fitness programs, Coach can also provide you the answers to common fitness-related questions.

  • Audio-based instructions

To do exercises the Coach designs for you, there is no need to stare or squint at your phone’s screen as it also offers audio-based instructions that are easy to understand.

  • Right posture

Doing exercise or working out is effective only when you do it the right way. To ensure the same, the Coach leverage artificial intelligence and tells you if the posture during an exercise is correct or not. Yes, it works exactly like a human personal trainer.

  • Personalized diet chart

Coach also guides you on the food that you should eat during the day.

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How to develop an AI personal trainer app like Aaptiv’s Coach?

By now, you would know enough about the fitness trainer Coach app or an AI personal trainer app. So, let’s check out how to create such an application. The first thing we would like you to keep in mind is that it’s not an overnight task. There are a plethora of points that you need to consider before approaching an AI development company or an AI developer for beginning with the development of the app. Some of them are:

Types of application

Decide what your AI fitness trainer coach app will guide you about: whether it will be workout and exercise programs, diet and nutrition, yoga and meditation, activity tracking, or all of them. You can make your AI virtual trainer provide all these services but that would further need you to find highly experienced and reliable mobile app development companies or AI app developers.

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Features of the app

AI based personal trainer app

Along with the essential features, such as registration, account management, payment gateway, social media integration, activity log tracking, and push notifications, you need to add some exceptional features to make your app stand out. You can think of adding live sessions by fitness experts, consultation with dietitians, and more.

Monetization strategy

It is imperative to think about the monetization strategy beforehand to get maximum ROI. To earn money from your AI personal trainer app, you can choose from these three ways:

  • Freemium (Free + Premium) model 
  • In-app advertisements
  • eCommerce

Once you finalize these three things, the next step is to find a trusted AI/ML app development company with a proven track record of developing artificial intelligence applications. To verify the same, you can check the company’s portfolio or connect to its previous clients, if possible.

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How much does it cost to build an AI personal trainer app?

To calculate the same, you have to have the answers to the following questions:

  1. What will be the platform to launch your app?
  2. What are the features of your app?
  3. What is the location and size of your app development company or team?
  4. The complexity of the app
  5. Tech stack of the app
  6. Time duration of the project

Roughly, an AI-based Fitness personal trainer app might cost you somewhere between USD 25,000 to USD 60,000. To know the exact price, write down your requirements and connect to an AI/ML development company.

The Bottom Line

AI fitness personal trainers provide personalized workout plans and diet charts to achieve fitness goals that too without hitting the gym. With an AI workout app, such as Aaptiv’s Coach, you have the freedom to choose the type of workout to stay fit and calm. That’s one of the major reasons behind the popularity of such applications. If you are interested in building an AI-based personal trainer app, then consider the points given in this article before reaching out to the best AI fitness app development company or hiring an AI developer.

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