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How To Set Up An Offshore Development Center in India?

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With Offshore development emerging as a global trend in the field of software development, businesses all over the world are finding reliable offshore development services providers. If you, too, are sailing in the same boat, then this article is for you. Here, we have provided every piece of information you need to know to set up an offshore development center.

But, before proceeding, we would like to throw light on offshore development. Offshore development is the new trend of developing software by your dedicated development team sitting in a remote location. The place where the team works is called an offshore development center. In simple words, offshore development is hiring a dedicated software development team in some other country.

What is Offshore Development Center (ODC)?

The offshore development center is a physical office dedicated to providing the enterprises and organizations with software development services. It involves developers, testers, project managers, designers, copywriters, and UX/UI specialists, among others. The offshore development centers is a common business model for a variety of businesses, encompassing startups and large corporations. It manages operations such as software development and maintenance, project planning, testing, migration, and other IT related services, allowing businesses to concentrate on their core capabilities. You can access competent and intelligent resources through offshore development. They are extremely competent specialists who adhere to worldwide quality and safety standards. Offshore development center provides you with low-cost resources and eliminates the need to invest in training the employees to perform particular tasks.

Why Set Up an Offshore Development Center in India?

Offshore Development Center

When it comes to finding suitable locations for offshore development, India comes to the top. Here are a few reasons behind it:

1. Low Operating Cost

Setting up an offshore development center in India is affordable because of the low cost of living. You don’t need to spend huge amounts of money to pay salaries and bear other expenses.

2. Access To Talented Professionals

There is no dearth of qualified and skilled software developers in India. In fact, IT hubs like Bangalore produce more talented IT professionals than any other country in the world.

3. Expertise On Various Technologies

Developers, designers, testing engineers, and other professionals in India are well-versed with front end and back end databases, top programming languages, designing tools, and testing tools required to develop software or mobile apps.

4. On Demand Setup

Indian offshore development services providers offer you complete freedom to set up your office according to your specific requirements. In short, you have the authority, access, and control over everything. Just provide your requirements and the offshore development company will arrange the resources accordingly.

Besides this, there are many other reasons for which you should choose India for offshore product development. Make sure you choose wisely.

How to Establish an Offshore Software Development Center in India?

1. Set up a clear product vision

Before you choose an offshore development company to set up a virtual office for you, it is recommended to list down your software requirements and the product idea. Sharing a bigger and detailed picture of your to-be-product ensures that you are moving in the right direction.

You can use images, screenshots, videos, and references while preparing your requirements. Besides this, there are a plethora of doodling tools, available in the market, using which you can make your software needs understandable.

2. Choose the right offshore software development company

Once you have your project requirements handy, begin finding the right partner for your project development journey. Do thorough research, read about what different companies offer under offshore product development services, and end up with the one that provides you a good value for money. Make sure the company has prior experience of setting up an offshore development center.

Also, ensure that the offshore development company understands your requirements and vouches for providing you the right resources to turn your software development idea into reality.

3. Hire your team carefully

ODC business

An offshore development company gives you the resumes of the professionals that suit your project requirement. Go through them and schedule the interview. Ask as many questions as you want to assess the skills and talents of the professionals. Also, share the job responsibilities with them.

4. Engagement is necessary

Setting up your dedicated offshore development company means half of the job is done. However, you still need to be concerned about various things. Keeping in touch with the offshore development services provider is one of them. Additionally, communicate regularly with your project development team to ensure they are not left in the dark.

Engagement means communicating with them to know the progress of your project. However, it doesn’t mean not giving them the freedom to work on the project. Simply ask for regular work reports; you can schedule weekly meetings through a video conference.

5. Consider the time-zone differences

While choosing to set up your virtual office in India, time zone difference is one of the biggest challenges businesses face. With an offshore software development center, you have the authority to decide the working hours as well as job responsibilities for your team.

So, if you want your virtual team to work during your working hours, then you ask for the same to your offshore development company. To manage this difference, you can communicate with your dedicated development team early in the morning or late at night.

6. Treat your virtual software development as a part of your company

The team working at the offshore software development company is your own team, and therefore, you should consider them as a part of your organization. Don’t keep the “us Vs. them” mentality. To increase communication and for better engagement, and schedule regular meetings and video calls. Introduce them to other teams in your company. Keep them posted with the important announcements of your company. Also, give them the flexibility to work; don’t micromanage the things.

While choosing an offshore product development company, look for a promising deal. Check for the reliability and quality standards of the company, discuss the payment terms beforehand to avoid any problems in the future, get the quality assurance, and keep clear communication.

Why Choose Quytech for Offshore Software Development Company?

Due to varied cutting-edge advantages, Quytech can prove to be an ideal offshore software development center for you in India. It ensures the immediate availability of resources dedicated to your requirements along with a plethora of other benefits.

Offshore Development Center

  • Quytech provides you the flexibility to scale up or scale down your team as required.
  • Right from setting up an ODC tailored to your needs to the deployment of the project, we provide end-to-end services.
  • We can help you hire talented and skilled professionals and also monitor their performance.
  • By setting up an ODC with Quytech, you can cut down on infrastructure, recruitment, development, and maintenance costs.
  • We provide on-demand set up, enabling you to kickstart your project in no time.

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The Bottom Line

An offshore software development center relieves you from the pain of setting up your own infrastructure, looking after the team, managing other resources, and taking care of the admin, legal, finance, and other overheads. Besides this, it gives you access to global skills utilizing which you can build desired software for your business at a cost-effective price.

To establish an offshore development center in India, you need to recognize your requirements, find the right offshore development company, interview them thoroughly, hire the development team carefully, and take care of many other things. To know about them, read this full article. 

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