Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Training for Employees and Analyze How They Learn Complex Task Easily

VR Training employee

Virtual Reality has changed the viewpoint of every possibility in the industry. One of them is Virtual Reality-enhanced training. The goal is to create realistic workplace experiences and allow employees to take training in a risk free environment.

It is seen that taking training in real environments have potential drawbacks or disadvantages. Providing training to the employees with existing staff can have different scenario. Whereas, VR ease risks and allow employees to simulate respective tasks that could otherwise be too dangerous to practice. Here are a few factors that really matter when providing training to your employees.

  • Training Cost or Staff Training Cost
  • Qualifications of the Trainer
  • Time Requirements for each candidate
  • Control of the Training sessions

Virtual reality training provides an immersive learning environment. And talking about virtual reality setup costs, it is decreasing with time as compared to traditional training expenditures.

There are many VR App developing companies working on App for VR simulators and Oculus Rift headsets to promote VR training. There are few industries such as healthcare, aviation and many more that started using Virtual Reality for job training. With time VR is ahead into retail, hospitality and other industries also.

Now the question arises that “Why VR is so important for Training?”

VR training simulations have a variety of long-term benefits. Due to the flexibility of VR training, it improves learning retention of the employee. The employees are engaged and focused as VR headset reduces almost all outside distractions.

Organizations in any sector can save the cost by offering training to employees with respective training locations. Apart from that, it saves travel and personnel costs also. In that case, employees don’t have to travel to the different location to take the experience. Giving training to employees can be easy with a simulation of a specific location in the VR environment. This provides the real experience which helps in the exposure of the employees.

Industries like healthcare and manufacturing, professionals can practice without risking their lives. VR is getting popular in the industry as it can also be used to simulate emergencies, fires, and natural disasters.

Thus, the organization doesn’t have to create such a realistic setup in the real world. VR simulations can replicate the equipment and heavy machinery via VR environments by providing training to any number of trainees at any time.

Industries utilizing VR Training

Gone those days when companies look for an information or getting in contact with subject matter experts who can resolve issues before they become large enough.

These VR training solutions allow for communication between the worker in the field and office support. Thus, this also expands employee knowledge when combined with business data integrated with the VR headset.

VR in Classroom

VR is playing an important role in the education industry. With time it continues to evolve. Students and teacher are embracing this technology.

Stats show that this VR solution is improving the level of education which is possible only with immersive storytelling. VR solutions focus on training teachers and other instructors too. Thus, the use of VR helps in gathering feedback and stats of the students engaged with VR headsets.

Devices such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Gear VR, VR based training has been used by institutions to aid learning and collaboration of different subjects. There are different VR programs to study and handle the student’s engagement in the class. This immersive technology is also focusing on pilot programs where VR Education solutions will distribute education through Oculus Go and Rift headsets to schools, libraries, and museums.

Virtual Reality in Corporate Training

vr based training

Virtual reality (VR) simulation, improved the approaches to respond to crisis and defined how to come out of the stress more importantly.

The trainers got to know how they can adequately prepare learners to make good decisions. How to face dangerous or extraordinary situations can’t be learned by simple learning materials like books and classes. Thus, VR promises to offer a method of training that can break this trade-off of learning.

VR in corporate provides employees with effective training in a safe, cost-effective environment. Thus we can say that VR has been shown measurable enhancement in a wide array of immersive learning results.

VR Training in Retail Sector

VR Retail raining

There are many firms that are using VR to train their employees. To sustain in respective sector, brands and organizations are using all VR technologies to advance their productivity.

An industry like retail is using VR to improve the performance of brands, and organizations by using a VR headset to train staff. Thus, using 360-degree video-based technology includes on-screen setting and different program for different training. Such an environment helps staff to make better decisions based on real-world situations.

Using VR headset employees can go through training related to customer service and management scenarios.

Virtual Reality Training in Healthcare Sector

VR is creating huge opportunities and possibilities in the healthcare sector. Virtual Reality in Healthcare is assisting specialists to explore how VR can be used to train healthcare professionals. VR training is helping the trainee to go through the live experience where they can heal the life of patients in a VR environment.

Technology and Healthcare came together to revolutionize the way medical students can understand the anatomy of a body. Likewise, the VR training program educates the students how body parts are related to each other.

Virtual Reality Training in Hospitality

A sector like hospitality is also trying to patch up VR technology with their possibilities. Using Virtual Reality, it provides trainees with a tour of a hotel or restaurant location with the 360-degree view.

The trainee goes through the intense training where the aim of the VR training collaboration is to create a paradigm shift. According to specialist these VR training is helping the next generation to get ready for the extreme level in the hospitality.

With the recruitment of so many new employees, the hotel industry is trying to implement VR training. This would mean that the trainee and instructor can use this VR training solution for overlaying instructions, doing face-to-face communication, interacting remotely with each other.

We designed and developed Virtual Reality Training Solution for Fire safety.

Bottom line…

This Immersive technology allows for on-the-job training without harming to the employee and co-workers. Providing job training is costly in comparison to the production and manpower. Thus the VR training is helping various sectors to overcome those parameters which are critical for business success.

There are some scenarios where it is impossible to replicate situation without immersive virtual reality. By applying VR training the aim is to provide consistent training throughout the session.

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