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Innovative Tech Ideas To Increase Sales Of Your Restaurant

tips to increase sales of restaurant business

The restaurant business is projected to grow by $1,467.04 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 6.05% in its market share. In this digital era, you can know everything about your customers before buying your service or product. 

You have to hire app developers India to be updated with the latest technology in your business to attract new customers. However, if you want to increase your restaurant’s sales, this is the right place. Here we will tell you about some innovative techies you can use for that purpose. 

Let’s get started!

11 Tech-savvy Ways To Improve Sales Of Your Restaurant

1. Build A Custom Audience Of Website Visitors

You can build a custom audience of website visitors by using Facebook, a tool built into your Facebook Page that tracks the actions people take on your website. For example, suppose someone searches for “food delivery” in Google and clicks through to your restaurant’s homepage. In that case, you can use Facebook to create an audience of anyone who has visited your restaurant website within 14 days after visiting Google.

And then, you can use the power of Facebook Ads to promote posts relevant to people who have visited your page. Approximately two-thirds of restaurants plan to pay for ads. This way, when they see something related to food delivery on their news feed or timeline (similarly to how I was targeted), they may be more likely to click on it because they remember seeing similar ads before!

It’s important because it helps you target those who would be interested in learning more about what you’re offering—it also builds trust between businesses and consumers, so hopefully, those same users will become repeat customers.

2. Create A Custom Audience Of People Who Used Your App

When you have an app, you can create a custom audience on Facebook of people who used your app in the past 28 days. It is a great way to promote your restaurant’s deals, but you can also use it to help drive sales on your website or in-store.

If you have an app that tracks what users order, you can use this data to create an audience of people who have ordered in the past 28 days. From there, you can target them with ads for discounts or specials at your restaurant. These users will use your app again because they already know about it and like what it offers.

3. Online Payment System

Online Payment System

An online payment system is a must for restaurants. Only 31% of restaurants have online payment options. However, it helps you to increase sales, reduce costs, reduce customer waiting time and increase customer satisfaction. These payment methods offer several advantages to customers:

  • They are more secure than cash payments. Customers can use their phones to pay for food without carrying cash or cards. In addition, the fraud risk is lower than credit cards because consumers can’t use their phones as a “blank check” for purchases. 
  • They are more accessible than cash or credit cards; customers don’t need to carry around physical money or cards that may get lost or stolen. They also don’t need to worry about getting change back from their purchases. 
  • You can use it at any business that accepts Apple Pay or Google Pay — even if they aren’t participating in the same program as the customer’s bank or phone company (e.g., if you have an Android phone but don’t bank with Chase).

4. Customer Feedback System

A customer feedback system is a great way to improve your restaurant. It’s a tool that allows you to collect customer feedback and use it to improve your business. 

With these systems, you can ask for specific information about what people liked or disliked about their dining experience, which can help identify problem areas and opportunities for improvement.

By using the data collected by these systems, restaurant owners can make decisions based on customer input rather than guesswork or personal preferences. It can lead to better-informed decisions and more satisfied customers—which means increased sales.

5. Start A Rewards Program

Your reward program should be easy to use, implement and manage. You want it to be simple so that customers can easily see the benefits of using your rewards program and get on board with it. If customers don’t know the reward’s value or overthink effort is involved, they won’t participate in the program.

  • Rewards programs are not technically challenging but require specialized skills and knowledge about how consumers interact with brands online.
  • It is crucial to hire dedicated developers India who understands analytics and digital loyalty programs so that you can track what customers like about specific app or website features and adjust accordingly based on this data. (for example: adding more information about how much money they could earn by participating).

6. Offer Free Guest Wi-Fi

Offering free guest Wi-Fi is one of the best ways to increase your business. According to a recent survey, 82% of customers expect Wi-Fi in public places, and 61% use their phones at restaurants. So it’s no surprise that many restaurants offer customers free or paid wireless internet access.

But what if you could leverage this tremendous new tech innovation even further? What if you could add value to the service by offering additional features or perks in exchange for guests using their phones on your Wi-Fi network?

7. Utilize QR Codes

QR codes (short for quick response code) are two-dimensional barcodes that smartphone cameras can scan. They have been used for years to store information like website addresses, but you can also use them to store information about whatever you want.

You can print QR codes from business cards, posters, and flyers to hats, t-shirts, and even food packaging. When someone scans the QR code with their smartphone, they will be redirected to a page containing more information about the advertised product or service. The possibilities are endless!

You can also offer coupons via QR codes. If people don’t have time to print out coupons or if they lose them quickly, then why not provide them through an app? When someone scans your QR code with their phone camera, they will receive an immediate discount on their next meal at your restaurant! QR codes can also be used as an alternative payment method, allowing you to track customer spending habits or even allocate tips based on the type of food they choose.

8. Respond To Social Media Comments

Social media enables you to communicate with your customers in real-time. It can be an excellent opportunity for you to respond to questions, comments, and concerns.

You should always respond to positive feedback from your customers. It’s good practice for building relationships with them, so they trust you more and continue coming back. Similarly, responding to complaints shows that you care about their experience and want to help them find solutions if possible (which lets them know that if there is an issue, later on, it won’t be ignored).

A common mistake we see restaurants make is only responding when a customer complains or praises their business—but not responding when someone asks questions or makes suggestions! Responding positively here will show people they’re welcome to share their ideas with the company.

9. Social Listening Tools

Social listening tools can help you better understand what people say about your business, competitors, and the industry. You can use this information to improve customer experience and market your restaurant more effectively.

Social listening tools can be integrated with a CRM system or used independently. These tools monitor social media channels to identify mentions of a business or product name, brand name, keyword, or hashtag. 

They then rank these mentions by volume (number) and sentiment (positive/negative). They also categorize them into topics so you can easily view all mentions that fall under the same category (e.g., all mentions related to food quality).

10. Create A Google Alert

Google Alerts is a free service that allows you to receive updates on specific topics. It can help you monitor your business and see what people say online. To set up Google Alerts:

  • Go to and click “Create Alert.”
  • Enter the word(s) or phrase(s) that interest you in the “What’s happening?” field. If you want more than one keyword (for example, restaurant name + food type), separate them by commas (e.g., “restaurant, + pizza”).
  • Select how often you want to be notified of daily or weekly results, and click Next Step. You will then be prompted to select how many results per page; if nothing looks good here, keep scrolling until we arrive at another screen where we’ll discuss how this information can benefit our restaurant sales!

It is a great way to stay informed about what customers say about your restaurant online — a positive or negative review — which can help you address any issues before they become more significant.

11. Monitor Review Sites

In the restaurant business, it’s all about customer experience. The more customers are satisfied, the more they’ll return — and the more they’ll tell their friends. To keep your restaurant running smoothly, you must stay on top of what your customers say about you online. Read reviews on Google and other review sites regularly. 

If any negative reviews need addressing, respond quickly. When a customer gives negative online reviews or in-person feedback, 23% of restaurateurs reach out to the customer directly if there are positive reviews that deserve some recognition, like them! Even better — leave a comment thanking them for their kind words and tell them how much their support means to you.

Keeping track of what people say about your restaurant is essential because it can help you identify areas where your business could use improvements. Review sites are suitable for improving your business, getting more customers, and getting better reviews.


The best technology out there is the tech that improves your restaurant’s performance and that you can integrate into your establishment with the least effort or cost.
With the help of these innovative ideas, you can quickly increase your restaurant sales. You can also hire a restaurant app development company to find out which works best for you and your business. However, these tech fixes are standard in restaurants as breadsticks flavored with Parmesan cheese and basil!