Augmented Reality

Kids Discovering Virtual World with Augmented Reality Toys

ARReality in Toys

Augmented reality brings the digital world to the real world that we can see, hear, and feel. Hence, to create 100% digital worlds Augmented Reality uses sight, sound, and adds a digital layer to our real-world experiences. Likewise, AR toy offers a combination of both worlds, the digital world and the world of real toys.

This is new to boosting kid’s creativity by encouraging them to learn more with hassle less approach. Thus, the most successful AR products in the Toy industry disrupt traditional methods and introduce a new concept of learning while playing. Augmented Reality Toy is more than fun and entertainment.

For kids, advance technology merges knowledge with age-appropriate content and avoid scaring or confusing content. Kids with Augmented Reality technologies always look for something that they can literally hold it in their hands and feel the virtual world. Toy companies are looking to AR to recover the traditional old games, action figures, and coloring books to engage kids.

In the latest survey, Digi-Capital estimated that mobile augmented reality would become the primary driver of a $105 billion combined virtual reality and augmented reality market by 2022.

The reason for using Augmented Reality for toys 

The reason for using augmented reality is to change the level of the interaction between the toy or the video game with the kids.

 The storytelling feature of AR is letting industry to explore more and more opportunities such as AR toy is beyond playing learning. Therefore, using a smartphone or smart device the kids can look through the screen and sees the toy on the other side of it.

This creates an important difference between the usual toys or gaming industry and Advance AR toys. This keeps encouraging the player to keep on interacting with the toy and develop learning habits without forgetting about it.

Augmented Reality is a sophisticated technique that allows kids to interact with a toy with very low hardware costs. As for the Augmented Reality technology, it offers 3D experience as well as an effective approach to visualize the surrounding world while playing games.

Nowadays, kids are having access to a smartphone or tablet and without the need for extra hardware costs. Therefore, we can say that augmented reality is also a very accessible technology but also offer appealing and immersive quality to the kid experience.

Hence, AR offers customizable toys that are brought to life by a smartphone or tablet. Using augmented reality, investor’s vision is to revolutionize the way the kids play, both with toys and each other.  This helps to bridge the gap between physical and digital interaction with the surrounding.

Use cases of AR toy industry

Kids always get attached to physical objects with storytelling features and AR toys offers the mixture of both these thing. The best part of AR toys that it carries out both sides of the equation when it comes about the kid entertainment.

  • Interactive and Appealing

Augmented Reality toys very interactive and engaging for kids. It is seen that Augmented Reality toys in school programs are more engaged in work and high interaction.  Children learn more about how to work in a team and build and grow together. This helps them to be more focused when it comes about the kids.

  • Gamification

Gamification of a feature of the AR toys makes kids very happy. As we are aware that games play a major role in the lives of children in their growth and interaction. Thus, Augmented reality toys allow kids to bring to life the characters. Interacting with the world of fantasy come to life with Augmented reality technology, which makes the children feel out of the box.

  • Development of reasoning skills

Augmented Reality in toys enhances the learning and reasoning skill of the children by engaging them in games. The educational techniques taught by the AR games help to generate the analytical and reasoning skills of the kids.  Thus, AR toys help kids to learn worthy and practical knowledge.

  • More sovereign and free

AR toys and games teach the kids to be more independent as it is easy to handle the various situations while playing the game. The AR interface of the toy or games increases their sense of authorization and liberty. Therefore, the kids try to handle tasks in daily life which also boosts their confidence levels.

Bottom line

Augmented Reality toys will likely to be seen as one of the major application of the educational toys for kids. More importantly, the application of AR toys has gained a trend and children tend to enjoy them a lot.

Hence, it can be considered as one of the best innovations in the gaming industry which is helping in shaping children’s experience. And moreover, it is also improving kid’s imagination and affecting their behavior.

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