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Kotlin Vs Flutter- Which to choose for Android Development?

Kotlin Vs Flutter- Which to choose for Android Development?

Are you still Confused to choose a Better option for Kotlin and Flutter for android development?

It is undoubtedly true that mobile applications have become an integral part of our lives. From booking travel, ordering food, shopping, connecting with your friends and family, playing games, tuning to our favorite music, booking movie tickets to even studying, we use mobile applications for almost all the tasks.

This growing use and popularity of mobile applications have raised the demand for mobile app development companies that are efficient in developing various types of applications, especially cross-platform these days. Cross-platform apps are getting immensely popular as they can be accessed from multiple platforms. From the developers’ point of view, these applications reduce huge efforts, time, and cost because one code can be used for developing an app for multiple platforms.

A couple of years ago, developers were mainly dependent on React Native and Flutter to develop a cross-platform application. But, technological advances have now brought Kotlin to this race. Comes up with a plethora of features, this new technology has become developers’ favorite in no time. If you are also planning to develop a new application, for your startup or enterprise.


And confused about which platform to go with, kotlin or flutter? then check out the differences given below:

Let’s first start with the definition-

  • Kotlin- Kotlin is an open-source general-purpose language that is mainly typed as a pragmatic platform for JVM and Android. A platform is an ideal option for developing Android, Desktop, Web, and iOS applications. It can be also used for backend development using Java frameworks. Chalk, Yandex, VMware, Autodesk, and other popular companies are using Kotlin.
  • Flutter- Flutter is an open-source software development platform that can be used to developed applications for iOS, Android, Mac, Google Fuschia, Linux, and the web. The platform has the capability of developing native-looking applications using a single codebase.

Check out the features-


Reuse of logic

Kotlin coders can work in the local environmental factors such as JS for the internet, Android studio, Kotlin dasda, and quick and XCode for iOS.

Adaptable and Flexible

With Kotlin, designers have the freedom to scale up developed apps without the need for any virtual machine. This feature makes Kotlin a perfect choice for the apps where scalability and flexibility can be expected in the future.  

Easy to comprehend

Because of its sentence structure (similar to Swift, Java, Scala, and Groovy), it is easy to comprehend the language in Kotlin.

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Simple to use

Flutter framework allows analysis and editing inquiries within the open engineer conversation board, which means it can be utilized easily.


With Flutter, developers have the freedom to add resources to give a customized feel and appearance.

Less development cost

While developing an app for Android or iOS using Flutter, you can utilize a solitary codebase, which decreases the total cost of development.

Suitable for MVPs

Flutter app development requires less cost, vitality, and cost. In addition to the MVPs, Flutter is also a perfect choice for building prototypes.


  • Kotlin- Kotlin can be used while integrating additional features, for inbuilt debugging, and to craft easy-to-understand syntaxes for substantial coding.
  • Flutter- You can use Flutter for creating MVP (Minimum Viable Product), developing simple and convenient solutions, and develop simple set-ups.

Kotlin Vs Flutter

Year of Launch20102017
Programming LanguageJVM (Java Virtual Machine), Native, and JavaScriptDart
UI ExperienceFully interoperable in JAVAExcellent user interface
PerformanceKnown for security syntax and compatibilityExcellent speed
PriceOpen-source and freeOpen-source and free
Testing SupportLots of features for testingWorks with Firebase

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Let’s read more about these differences-


Flutter offers hot reload choice and it allows developers to utilize a single language for both the backend and the layout. Doing this leads to great animation speed and many other benefits. Apart from this Flutter delivers high speed, which makes your mobile application get five-star rating from users. On the other hand, Kotlin code compiles and run in the same format as that of the targeted platform.

So if you are thinking that which among the both is good in terms of performance, then the answer is Kotlin.

UI Experience

While developing an application in Kotlin, you don’t need to create any UI as the developer will take care of the behavior, look, and performance of your application. On the contrary, with Flutter app development you get various widgets to create mobility solution ions in a fast and customized way.

Programming Language

The syntax of the Flutter’s programming language, i.e., Dart, is easy to learn and understand as it supports object-oriented elements. On the other hand, Kotlin requires a developer to have knowledge of Java and other languages.

Testing Support

Flutter comes up with a lot of testing features to examine the UI and verify it at unit test speed. There are no built-in widgets or features for the same in the other platform.

Learning Curve

The availability of various Kotlin learning courses offered by Google lately and the feature of Kotlin to be interoperable with Java gives the platform an extra point in the comparison. However, Kotlin is a relatively new ecosystem with limited resources, so Flutter is the one that wins this race.

Scope in the development

When it comes to comparing the scope of Kotlin with Flutter in the backend development, it is clear that the former is one step ahead of the latter.

Integration of third-party tools

Kotlin multiplatform comes up with various built-in tools and third-party libraries, which means you don’t need to look anywhere else for the same. Whereas, Flutter needs to use third-party tools and libraries as it is a UI development tool.

Market Popularity

Apart from the above points, you can also compare Flutter and Kotlin on the basis of market popularity. Both are free and open-source tools, but Flutter is more popular than Kotlin.

Please note that both Kotlin and Flutter are supported by Google and are developed to develop mobile applications for different platforms. You can review their features, differences, usage, and other points given in this article to choose them for your custom mobile app development project.

Wrapping Up

The article includes key differences between Kotlin and Flutter to make it easy for you to choose between the two. To proceed further with your Android app development project, you can connect to a mobile app development services provider that holds expertise in working with both these platforms. Before connecting to such a company or provider, write down your app requirements in advance and also check the portfolio of the company to have an idea of the efficiency and expertise of its developers.

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