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Top UI/UX Design Trends in 2024

Top UI and UX Design Trends

Each day, several new apps are developed, making it more challenging for online businesses to hold and sustain their customers’ attention. Businesses and individuals must keep their applications updated with the newest technological breakthroughs to make them more fascinating and engaging. 

UI and UX design trends have shifted dramatically this year as a result of the emergence of virtual and remote working cultures.  

And the year 2024 will indeed be no exception. As a UX/UI designer, staying informed about these ever-changing developments is essential, as is following and replicating strong UX design examples.

In this post, we’ll look at the top UX design and UI design trends for 2024, as well as what’s driving the shift and why you should pay attention to them.

So, let’s get started!

Top UI/UX Design Trends for 2024! 

As per statistics, below are the major UI and UX design trends that will continue to expand in 2024. Have a look!

#1. Voice User Interface 

Customers can utilize speech to engage with software programs using Voice User Interface (VUI). Although the VUI is utilized in numerous apps and devices, it is most known for being used to create virtual assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. By 2025, it is predicted that 75 percent of US households will have voice assistants, up from 50 percent in 2023. As a result, many consumers are familiar with VUI, and businesses are increasingly incorporating it into their apps.

VUIs enable businesses to enhance customer engagement by allowing them to interact with them without having to use their hands. VUI implementation in mobile app development is likely to be amongst the most prominent UI and UX design design trends in 2024. 

#2. AR/VR & Metaverse   

Augmented Reality, like VUI, is an important aspect of the user experience. In the tech world, AR and VR are exploding and are quickly becoming the standard. AR and VR open up new worlds for consumers by allowing them to interact seamlessly with virtual settings, and the B2B industry is no different. The work-from-home dynamic has ensured that business will continue to run as usual, and virtual reality office environments have emerged as a new trend. The “Horizon Workrooms app” on Facebook’s Metaverse platform is an indication that businesses are becoming much more conscious of these new working dynamics.  

#3. 3D Visuals

3D visualization is actively winning its position among the app technologies. Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) are increasingly being used by businesses to catch the attention of their customers.

The global VR and AR market are expected to reach $300 billion by 2024. Many companies are using 3D to make their websites and mobile apps more engaging. They use 3D eye-catching elements in their app’s user interfaces to promote new products or simply give a ‘wow impact’ to various site components, making it more engaging.

In 2024, we’re positive that 3D will be one of the most popular UI and UX design trends. Companies have just been given access to 3D advertising on led screens. China, South Korea, the United States, and Japan are all home to a large number of them. 3D billboards are already gaining traction around the world, making the 3D animation one of the most important UI design trends and UX design trends for 2024. 

#4. Dark Mode

The dark mode is an important part of UI design. The dark mode is already available on Google, Android, and iPhone. Dark backdrops, including blue light, have become popular in user experience because they reduce eye damage and dryness (However, it has not been statistically proven). Dark backgrounds, on the other hand, draw attention to the piece and give it a unique and modern appearance. The addition of a dark mode will increase the user’s flexibility. Presently, the majority of applications provide the ability to switch to dark mode. You may also specify times for the appearance to change automatically on some smartphones.

#5. Micro-Interactions 

Microinteractions are little components that add vibrancy and intrigue to user interface designs. These modest animated triggers can react to the actions of users, improving their interaction with the design. For example, when users wish to react to the news on Facebook, they can employ emoticons or use the pull-to-refresh action to update the page’s content.

Each microinteraction aspect must be carefully considered by UI/UX designers when designing apps. Alternatively, they risk ruining the app’s experience, leading to consumers abandoning it for no apparent reason. Microinteractions will continue to be important in web and mobile app UI/UX design in 2024. Developers will indeed have to figure out how to incorporate these aspects into the needed apps in a smarter way.

#6. Mobile-First Approach

Mobile app development is turned on its head with the mobile-first approach. It forces software developers and UI/UI designers to start with the most difficult task: designing UI and UX for the smallest screen, then moving on to larger and easier-to-work-with devices. This method encourages app developers to concentrate more on the app’s content and usability. For example, they must take into account screen size, bandwidth, visual design, and other factors in order to arrange app content in a way that is appealing to end-users.

The mobile-first approach makes it easier for software developers to convert all of their app ideas and improvements to other devices. 

#7. Buttonless Designs 

Many mobile phone manufacturers are increasingly deleting physical buttons from their devices. This may enable product designers to provide users with extra information or data. Rather than employing digital buttons, the emphasis will be on using motions to display content. Another new technology, known as liquid swipe, will be widely employed to increase the impact of gestures.

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Technology evolves and adapts to meet the desires of consumers. In this regard, user experience and interface design are similar, and we’ve discussed the numerous ways it will continue to grow through 2024. The focus of UI and UX design trends in 2024 will be on user engagement through the digital environment. In comparison to 2023, there are no significant changes in the tendencies. Continuously implementing the newest UI/UX advancements in online and mobile apps is one of the most efficient ways to astonish and attract more clients. As a result, many businesses look for teams that can efficiently integrate these advancements into their solutions. 


A top mobile app development company is also recommended since such a company would have expertise in developing well-received Apps. The best method to create an App that truly turns heads is to adopt an iterative design/development process that integrates real community input.