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Location Tracking App – Track the Movement of Your Employee

location tracking app

Location Tracking App is a comprehensive way for monitoring, controlling, and managing employees who are working in field. This App is based on an effective low-cost operation for corporate organizations as well as Government sector.

In simple words, it can be described as the technical based telemetry system. Moreover, it is a GPS Employee Tracking Solution which works with Web Application, Android, iPhone App.

Location tracking app allows managing your business resources efficiently.  With the help of this vital information, the organization can be managed to improve sales/services and reduce cost. This solution shows all the required details of business-related alerts and reporting features.

The scope of Location Tracking App

The best part of Location Tracking App is that it tracks all field sales with LIVE Location across the globe from a smartphone through GPS tracking. Thus, the use of location-based services (LBS) is to enhance security, efficiency and reduce operation cost.

Enabled with GPS it picks a location at regular intervals as needed by the employers. It displays all the details such as: what time employee tracking started till the time it stopped with reporting GPS location.

Hence, this collected data transform the decision-making process. The data can help in determining everything such as appropriate salary, productivity, optimal team size task and work process.

If there’s anything you should know about a specific employee, then this app will provide accurate data rather than complex. You can easily know about your field employee status where they go, to whom they meet and how many order they received on a daily basis.

Benefits of location Tracking App for Employees

location tracking app

  • Connection

One of the most effective benefits of this App is creating a connection with your employees. It is based on trust-building strategies where Managers get to know about his team members and thus builds understanding.

  • Transparency

To maintain the level of transparency this App follow the policy of transparency by sharing data, goals, and milestones with everyone. This helps employees do a better job and they feel more responsible. Due to this employee are reliable and focused on the authentic daily reports that they get through these tracking applications.

  • Communication

Location tracking application brings more positive and accurate communication that generates trust between employers and your employees. Thus, this ensures that your employees are aware of the tracking and they are told about the positive impact of it.

Features of Location Tracking App for Employees

  • Attendance – This App has to maintain Field force attendance with Punch IN and Punch OUT time.
  • Meeting Reports – You can easily download the employee status report that helps in employee review, appraisal & salary calculations as well.
  • Expense Management – It is easy to obtain and approve field sales agent travel expense reimbursement claims in real-time. Also, you can download reports for audit and reviews of the employee.
  • Messaging – Through this instant messaging feature field agents are aware of the current planning and process. The message is broadcasted through the team which helps them to be at same page.
  • Admin Panel – There is a quick and easy interface to add, modify or remove agents. At time sending reports to managers of routes, outlets, and map agents to circulate the information is possible.
  • Offline Tracking – This helps in tracking and maintaining agent location, route, distance traveled, and call logs.

This App is flexible enough to be customized as per the industry requirements

  • Construction
  • Distributors
  • Staffing
  • Food Industry
  • Shifting solutions
  • Logistics
  • Automobile
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Travel
  • Marketing and more…

Wrapping up….

Location tracking app is to track your field employees. Apart from location tracking this app also offers various useful features like visit check-in, order booking, payment collection details, feedback and pics with Geo-tagging. You can also check how much time your sales employees are giving at the client’s office.

With such significant features location tracking App for employees provides an interactive UI for the best results.

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