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Luxury Watch Industries are moving on Virtual Try On Solutions

virtual try on watches

Technology today has changed our outlook the way we experience this real world. In couple of years’ technology has changed how we do small and large number of things. Technology came out with new advance level where user can virtually visualize the object in the real world. Augmented Reality is here with many solutions and offers user engagement to its extreme level.

Likewise, AR Watch is an another innovative solution that lets user use augmented reality to try on various model of watch using colored sport wrist bands. Actually user don’t have to rush to buy watch form outlets. Users just need to install the respective watch app.

About Virtual try on watch

Once App is launched, point phone’s camera at the paper attached to wrist. Within couple of seconds a virtual Watch appears above the placeholder on user phone screen. Now user can examine the watch from a variety of angles, and tapping the one icon on the screen lets you know more about the watch.

This feature puts list of AR watches at user’s fingertips for purchase. The rapid and ever-increasing growth of online shopping is leaving traditional pattern. AR watch showed a potential where customer interact with or see how it might fit them or look in their home.

Renowned e-commerce platforms WatchBox, Swiss AR Watch and Rolex has invested in an augmented reality platform designed to help users try on watches at home before purchasing. They have created the beach mark now it’s your turn

Business prospective

Virtual Try On watch gave an exclusive to the user to visualize the product any time. Generally, it is seen that watch can be bought from the online eCommerce platform. But users are not fully satisfied as they are in doubt whether the watch will suit or not.

Therefore, many well-known company having firm position in watch industry came with an advance solution: AR watch. To enhance the user experience and to make thing better on the behave of the user Augmented reality is utilized.

AR watch innovation opened a wide window in the market field that paralleled the user and eCommerce in a productive direction.

There are number of model that can be checked out among the list. The user according to its choice can order the watch that suits, after taking the visual look of the model through the respective App.

In any occasion when we feel to gift the watch to anyone, this AR solution provides a way different experience where the probability of the mismatch can be very less.

About Quytech virtual Try-On solution

Virtual try on watch

Quytech designed and developed the “Virtual Try on Watch App” that uses augmented reality to project a watch on your wrist to give you a feel of real-life size.

There is always a belief that every invention has the end goal of providing personalized service to the customer. Virtual Try On Watch App scans the cylindrical tracking of the wristband which is wrapped around the wrist. Thereby, offers a virtual watch experience to the user.

Talking about our solution the developer of the company faced a big challenge but managed to prove their capability.

Features of an AR watch app

A virtual try on solution based on augmented reality allows a user to try different watches and see how they will look on your wrist. It also helps in reducing the return rate. Check out other amazing features of our virtual try on solution for luxury watches:

  • Access to a vast collection of watches- The solution allows users to explore a wide collection of watches with different dial, size, type, and brand. They can know beforehand where to invest their money.
  • Share the look with your friends- Using the social sharing feature, users can share the look with others to get suggestions or feedback.
  • Friendly interface- A friendly UI helps users to have one-tap access to different luxury watches and then view it from different angles.
  • Easy to use- Using an AR watch is no rocket science. All you have to do is to download and install it to your mobile phone and follow the onscreen instructions to view the watches collection.

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