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Microsoft HoloLens: Offer Futuristic New Technology to your Businesses

Microsoft HoloLens Offer Futuristic New Technology to your Businesses

The advent of Virtual and Augmented Reality transformed the IT world. The VR tech right now is considered as one of the promising technology. The immersive nature of Virtual reality is allowing the world to visualize the virtual world. The market of VR headsets is growing at a fast speed. According to the study, the market size of virtual reality hardware and software projected to increase more than 19 billion U.S. dollars by 2020.

With such a scenario wearable tech has created an irreplaceable position in the market. Likewise, Microsoft HoloLens a mixed reality headset is changing the world in a better way. The Microsoft HoloLens offer eye-tracking, object recognition, and other computer vision processes to experience. The users can visualize and experience various facets in an immersive way. Virtual Reality (VR) technology has gone mainstream after thriving the game sector.

About Microsoft HoloLens

In 2016, Microsoft revealed the HoloLens with the distinguishing features. HoloLens is the machine with smart glasses, the processor, battery, cameras, and sensors all built into the headset. This helps the user to experience the virtual images overlaid onto real-life environs. The mixed reality is a futuristic technology helping the user to experience anytime and anywhere.

HoloLens projected Augmented Reality in the best way. Apart from that, it provides 2k resolution for each eye for a wider field of view. HoloLens has a powerful Snapdragon processor that provides a truly immersive experience with precise eye-tracking.

HoloLens For Medical

HoloLens For Medical
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HoloLens technology is revolutionizing modern medical practices. HoloLens helps in viewing stationary screen to view a patient’s x-rays during the surgery. The physician can get guidance during the surgery of the patients. This can enhance their efficiency and improve the patient experience. HoloLens technology can offer insights to the doctor to visualize the concerned area of the patient. The HoloLens can form x-ray vision over the patient’s body to operate the operation with the expected outcomes. Apart from that, HoloLens can be a better option for the fresher in the field of medicine.

Use cases of HoloLens in Medical: Case Western University in Cleveland is transforming the way medical students learn anatomy using HoloLens. With AR capabilities of the HoloLens students and professor can study the holographic object is a three-dimensional AR model of any body part.

HoloLens for Manufacturing

HoloLens for manufacturing
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HoloLens can be efficient in the field of training and educating the employees in manufacturing. It can offer videos with 3D content to visualize the whole process better. The employee in the field of manufacturing can view step by step instructions in real-time, superimposed over the machinery. HoloLens can be used to overlay digital data on physical products to project the operating condition of the equipment. This helps to boost the performance of the employees. The practice session using HoloLens can help to provide expert knowledge videos of repair and maintenance.

HoloLens for Retail

HoloLens for Retail

HoloLens is helpful in every sense when it comes to retail planners and merchandisers. The retail sector is revolutionizing with the implementation of the HoloLens. Through the virtual catalog, the customer can experience immersive shopping, sitting at the home. The businesses in retail can easily decide the items with virtual content. HoloLens is offering the companies to engage their potential customers.

Features of HoloLens include:

•    HoloLens offers the same level of security as other Windows hardware.

•    HoloLens offers the facility to configure multiple devices simultaneously to manage their settings and installations Mobile Device Management (MDM).

•    HoloLens offer the kiosk mode through which a user can limit apps to enable demo or showcase experiences.

•    HoloLens has Remote access features to enable users to remotely connect internal business server.

Microsoft HoloLens Cost

The HoloLens Development Edition currently sales at USD 3,000. The HoloLens package includes HoloLens headset, Clicker, carry case, microfiber cloth, HoloLens charger, and USB cable.

Few HoloLens App

•    HoloLens’ Photos app

•    HoloLens Aquarium

•    Magic Window

•    HoloBasket

•    HoloLenz Gate

The takeaway

HoloLens is helping businesses in different dimensions to move ahead. The solutions of the HoloLens are aimed to create an impact on the users as well as the enterprises. The impact of the HoloLens technology is creating possibilities with endless opportunities for the businesses. HoloLens is the new future of businesses in different verticals.

Our Work in HoloLens

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