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Nodejs Vs Python: Which One Is Best for Backend Development

NodeJS vs Python Which is best

Every project has its own set of requirements and objectives. Furthermore, when developing an app, it is vital to select the technology that is most suitable for the project. Therefore, it would be best to make numerous choices before deciding on a programming language for backend development. The major issue with selecting a backend tech stack is that it involves extensive expertise. Whenever it comes to backend development, Node.js and Python have gained prominence.

Node.js (a popular backend framework) and Python (a popular front-end and back-end programming language) are widely utilized for web app development. At the very same time, both have benefits and drawbacks. Some parts of one are favorable to professionals, while others are favorable to startups or novices. The selection between Python and Node.js is one of the most typical major challenges. Both are extremely popular, and each has its own set of Ins and Outs.

In this blog, we’ll discuss our thoughts on Python vs Nodejs and how the two vary so that you can pick the best backend technology for your project.

So, let’s start!

Node Js: Quick Overview

Node.js is a JavaScript-based runtime environment for backend development. It was developed with push-based architecture in perspective and hire Node.js developers to develop real-time apps. Node.js is by far the most prevalent development framework in the globe, as per Statista. Node.js is used by about 53% of all professionals for various projects. The input-output in Node.js is asynchronous and event-driven. It indicates that the runtime environment may handle several requests at the same time without having to wait for the preceding procedure to complete. It is compatible with Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux.

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Features & Benefits That Make NodeJs Prominent For Development!

There are numerous compelling reasons why Node.js has become the most popular. Below, we’ve mentioned some of them! 

  1. Ensures code reusability
  2. Best for gaming apps development & real-time apps development
  3. Easily compatible with I/O bound apps
  4. Utilizes single-threaded model
  5. Decreases app’s loading time
  6. As its output data is divided into chunks, Node.js does not require buffering

Moving on, let’s quickly discuss,

Python: Quick Overview

Python is a dynamic, object-oriented language that is famed for its easy-to-understand syntax and versatility. Moreover, it includes modules and packages, allowing for software flexibility and code reusability. Besides, Functional programming, Object-Oriented Programming, and Procedural Programming are all supported in Python.

Python, unlike Node.js, cannot be converted into computer-readable code before execution.

As per Statista, Python is perhaps the most popular programming language. It is used by 29 percent of developers, compared to 19 percent for Java and 8 percent for JavaScript.

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Features & Benefits That Make Python Prominent For Development!

There are numerous compelling reasons why Python has become the most popular. Below, we’ve mentioned some of them!

  1. Ensures faster development and deployment
  2. Highly scalable
  3. Vast community and library support
  4. Easily compatible with various OS
  5. Decreases time to market
  6. Python is the predominant language for backend development, conducting computations, and for machine learning

As of now, we’ve discussed a lot about both technologies. Now, let’s move forward and discuss the real deal,

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NodeJs vs Python: Which One to Choose For Backend Development? In-Depth Comparison!

Let’s look at the most important factors to answer the debate of Node.js vs Python. Take a look!

#1. Nodejs vs Python: Integration Capabilities

As Node.js is primarily reliant on the JavaScript runtime environment, it does not provide a lot of interoperability and compatibility support for third-party programming languages. On the other hand, Python has a large number of third-party modules, which allows it to readily integrate with other languages. So, in a nutshell, Python has more compatibility.

#2. Nodejs vs Python: Usability

Python is perfect for neural networks, artificial intelligence, cloud computing solutions, government initiatives, and data analysis; it is the best framework for web (backend) development. On the other hand, because of its event-based architecture, Node.js is considered suitable for IoT applications, real-time mobile applications and messengers, and single-page applications.

#3. Nodejs vs Python: Documentation

Python is among the most extensive and complete standard libraries of any programming language. It provides much too many recommendations and resources. Node.js is relatively new, and there are only a few cases and services available on source code-giving sites. Python is simple to pick up due to the large amount of informational resources available.

#4. Nodejs vs Python: Debugging & Error Handling

Error handling that seems to be robust has primary advantages for improving customer experience. Python code is sleek and straightforward, making debugging a breeze. In NodeJs, on the other hand, it aids great performance, but because it handles numerous requests at the same time, runtime exceptions are common, and faults can be hard to manage.

#5. Nodejs vs Python: Scalability

The term “scalability” refers to an application’s ability to scale up in terms of resources as well as functionality. Scalability in Python can be boosted by importing libraries, but it can’t compete with Node.js’ inherent scalability. Owing to its asynchronous nature, Node.js development allows for multithreading, resulting in easy scaling. 

In terms of universality, Node.js and Python are equivalent.

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Nodejs vs Python: Final Thoughts

Both Python and Node.js have their own set of upsides and downsides. Ultimately, it is based on the objective for which you intend to utilize one of them. Python can indeed be used for AI-enabled app development, neural networks, cloud computing, data crunching apps, etc. Whereas, NodeJS is a prominent choice for developing event-driven apps, real-time apps,  IoT apps, etc. 

Regardless of which technology you choose to use based on your needs, you will obtain your desired results. Typically you can hire dedicated python developers who are more easily available than NodeJS developers. Hiring proficient NodeJS developers is a daunting task, that’s why partnering with a top mobile app development company for your app development is a smart move. 

If you’d like to move further with your project development or want to hire dedicated developers, contact us. We’ll examine your project’s requirements and select the backend technology that best suits your company’s and project’s requirements.

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