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OLIO A Food Waste Tackling App Gets Funding $6m

Talking about this food sharing app” OLIO” this app has a different approach. The purpose is to share as well as redistribute valuable resources that would otherwise be wasted to facilitate real-world interactions between neighbors. This would save a lot of resources that otherwise go to waste. Good approach towards mankind.

OLIO is an online digital platform that is changing offline consumer actions by utilizing resources differently. It’s something out of the box where an idea is beyond the obvious reason and provides benefits to the environment.

With a mission to tackle food waste and to share unwanted or leftover food OLIO is approaching many firms. This included taking the help of local shops, cafes, and individual users to share unwanted food. The user instead of throwing leftover food away can take pictures of their items and upload them onto the platform. People living nearby can request any time whatever the requirement by posting customized alerts if they are looking for something in particular. It allows the society people to find suitable sources in their local areas to avail excess food. This is to serve nearby needy people.

OLIO is a UK-based startup that is behind a food-sharing app. Founded by entrepreneurs Tessa Cook and Saasha Celestial-One it has raised $6 million in Series A funding. This whole process was led by Octopus Ventures along with participation from existing backers including Accel, Quadia, and ASOS co-founder Quentin Griffiths.

Apart from it “Food Waste Heroes Programme” campaign has also started where volunteers collect any unsold or uneaten food from local businesses. Bakery, supermarkets, delis, events or work canteens can forward their lefts at the end of the day, and thereby re-distribute it to the local community.

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