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On Demand Babysitting App: Find Babysitters and Nannies

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The blend of the technology and user need is changing the outlook of people towards the world. There is a flood of apps according to the necessity in play store and App store that is grabbing every sector of the market. These days many apps are downloaded from App store, after registration the app can be used using the menu. Accordingly apply for the services provided by the application to your doorstep.

With the development of technology, people look over the mobile app for every work to be done. With huge number demand people find it easy to look for App like babysitter that works with vision of helping the end users.

Here comes babysitter Apps in picture for helping not only the service class people but also those who look for babysitting anytime.  With online payments, everything is done from mobile apps. Having timing issues there are many young professional couples find this method too easy to look online for babysitter which manages according to them.

Office goers especially in metropolitan cities can take advantage of this App on daily basis.

Babysitter Application can become instantly popular among users with its attractive features. With different features, people can opt for babysitting at the time of need.

User Experience


This Application assists user at the time of the requirement of the babysitting. Babysitter app provides manual and social media login at the time of the registration. The portal is user friendly that search babysitter at a particular area.

The user can save and opt once again the babysitter on the basis of the rating. Apart from that there is a view of all babysitter or you can go through the provided catalog of the babysitter. Booking of the babysitter can be so convenient who must have thought but technology take any idea out of box and creates a user friendly platform. Real time booking and Scheduled Booking is tracked for the data security purpose.

Viewing past Bookings and future scheduled bookings is the major part of this application.  When you are out and the babysitter is on your duty then there is a Chat option with selected Babysitter. This keeps the user and the babysitter connected. Moreover the user can track the babysitter which keeps them updated about the babysitter.

Features list

baby sitter app demand

Background Verification:  The babysitter app comes with a background check feature to ensure you appoint the best people. With such feature proper authentication of the service provider / babysitter is done.

Navigation: The babysitters can be found through the navigation. Apart from that clients may find nearest babysitters using in-built access to Google Maps.

Personality Matching:  After analyzing babysitter and its rating / history through inbuilt personality matching client can suggest best people for a specific job requirement.

Payment:  This app is provided with an inbuilt payment gateway allowing users to pay through different payment methods. This feature eases the payment service without any delay.

Connectivity:  With this in-app message users and babysitter remain in contact with each other through internal messaging & notifications. This gives user feeling of security.

Notification:    Feature like sending push notifications to your users about their orders/booking / confirmation/scheduling and offers.  Likewise the babysitter also receives such notifications which keep babysitter aware of the new arrival of the services in the future.

 Cost of on-demand babysitter App like Uber

Parents can book their best matches instantly this app. Babysitters are pre-screened with background and reference checks at social-media and in-person interviews. After that you can book this service an hour in advance.

Each service provider profile can go through an intro video, experience, personal references, reviews and certifications. And at the end your credit card is charged with some tip if required.

If you want to know the cost of the Babysitter App like uber, feel free to reach out to a skilled app development team at Quytech, which has years of experience with successful app design. We are here to help you to design an app that will help you to achieve your goals as well as keep your customers engaged and fulfilled.