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On Demand Dry Cleaning & Laundry App: Cost & Features

on demand laundry app

The on-demand technology has completely revolutionized the marketplace. These services have proved a huge stepping stone in mobile app development. Many startups are coming up with an amazing idea to facilitate targeted users. The focus is to bridge the gap between the customer’s needs and customers. This is helping the targeted users to take advantage of the on-demand services in the comfort of your home.

Likewise, according to the global on-demand laundry service is said to increase at a CAGR of more than 4% during the forecast period of 2019-2023. This is helping the businesses in the rising awareness of healthy and hygienic has led to a strong demand for mobile laundry service. Moreover, the business can broadcast their services on a vast and extended platform. The business in the laundry can increase the scalability of their services at the same time serving their potential customers. 

Reason to Establish on-demand Mobile Applications

The boom in the mobile app market

The market of the customized mobile app took a high leap in the last few years. It is surveyed that almost 92% of mobile phone users are using mobile apps and this number is dramatically increasing with time. For any startup, this is the prime factor to invest in on-demand apps.

Wave of Digitalization

In this era of digitalization, the mobile app trend is shifting the marketplace.  From established businesses to young startups are heading towards to present their services to the customers digitally. With the attractive services they are convincing the customers as to why they need to opt for their services. As everything is digitalized the on-demand services can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Secure Payments/Quick Delivery

Secure online payment methods integrated with the on-demand services is the best way to improve the scalability. On-demand mobile applications with quick delivery features can be easily customized as the needs of the customer changes with time.

On demand app development cost

Features of on-demand Laundry Mobile Applications

With the on-demand laundry mobile app, the service provider can target individual customers such as working professionals and students. Apart from that business can pitch for specific places such as hospitals and hotel industry.

Scheduled pick-up

With on-demand laundry apps, customers can conveniently place an order by selecting their suitable pickup time and date. According to the user interest of the service, the app allows the customer to prefer drop-off time with the saved address. The unique feature of the laundry service offers the option of the type of laundry service preferred and a number of clothes with special instructions.

History tracking

The option helps the app users to view the details of all the past orders of the laundry. Through this user can keep a checklist of how many clothes has gone to the laundry. Associated with this feature the user can view the previous order’s amount to regulate the laundry track.

Order Tracking

This is the vital feature of any on-demand service mobile app. Tracking the status of your laundry service the user can make arrangements to pick up the clothes in case of any sudden outing plans. If in case there is any delay due to any reason the user can track it by viewing the location in the order tracking section. Moreover, the customer can also view the present situation is about clothes. This helps the app user as well as the service provider to coordinate accordingly.

Payment option

The laundry on-demand mobile app offers the customers a convenient payment option. The customer doesn’t need to worry about the cash, any dues or balance.  The customer can make the exact payment using their credit/debit card / net banking easily option. With this option, the customer does not have to carry cash or worry about the previous balance.

 Price List

The app user can view the price charged for the different types of clothes and dress materials. With this option, the user can check the estimation of the final price. The service is charged according to the type of cloth are listed in the service order. The service varies according to the type of clothes and material of the dress.

Rating wash service

The option lets the customer’s rate of laundry service on a five-star rating scale. The customer can also post a review on how satisfactory the laundry service experience was. Rating the service provider on the basis of the customer experience helps to market their market. The on-demand laundry service provider can boost the customer experience on the basis of the rating and comment.

The Cost of on-demand Laundry Mobile App Development

Talking about the perspective of on-demand laundry app development, several stages are involved. To calculate the exact cost of developing an On-Demand laundry delivery mobile app depends on added attributes and the hours consumed. Moreover, the development cost demand depends on various aspects like features, platform, complexity, technologies, and many other dependencies. For the development of an on-demand laundry delivery mobile app the cost is around $15,000-$30,000.

Bottom line

Businesses in various segments can customize according to the changing market needs. To remain in the top place in the competitive market an on-demand services app can be the perfect choice for your business. With the on-demand service, the mobile app development makes the customer happy in the comforts of their home. It is the best way to drive revenue to your business. The laundry on-demand app provides you a much wider scope of targeting the audiences in any geographies.

on demand app development cost

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