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On Demand Tutor App Development: Features and Cost

on demand tutor app

Technological advances have redefined the traditional way of teaching by allowing students to get enroll in a course from the comfort of their homes. What adds a cherry on top of this new trend are the On-Demand Tutor Apps that help students to connect to a tutor merely by installing an application on their device. Excited to know more? Give this article a read, and you will know everything about the on-demand tutor applications:

Key Features of an On-Demand Tutor App

An On-Demand Tutor App builds a bridge between learners and teachers.

On-Demand Tutor App For Students

  • Easy Registration

With a single-click sign up option, students can register using their email address or social media account. Once the registration process finishes, students can use other options to find nearby tutors or join a session. 

  • Search Tutors

Based on your specific requirements (course, subject, timings, exams, and topic) pupils can search for tutors teaching the course of their interest. To narrow down the searches, students can use various filters by selecting the category, experience, and subject expertise of the tutor.

  • Check Tutor Review and Other Details

The tutor profile includes information about their experience, expertise on a particular subject, and more. The section also comprises reviews and ratings given by other students. 

  • Enroll in a Class or Course

By booking a particular tutor, students can enroll in a specific course. Before finalizing a tutor, students can get a demo class to analyze the teaching style and check the learning modules of that particular tutor.

  • In-app Chat Messenger

Most of the on-demand tutor app comes up with an in-app chat messenger to allow students to communicate with tutors and vice-versa. Students can ask questions about the fee structure, class timings, the learning process, etc.

  • Submit Feedback

Almost all the on-demand tutor applications have this option of submitting ratings and reviews about the tutor. The feedback submitted by students help other students to know about the tutor.

  • Push Notification

The feature is mainly available for the administrators to send automatic alerts regarding any change in the schedule of the class, payment of a course, tutor availability, new course launches, and more.

On-Demand Tutor App For Teachers or Tutors

  • Creating Profile

Profile setup is similar to the one available for the students. By setting up your profile, which requires entering your teaching experience, subject expertise, etc., tutors can make their portfolio.

  • Accept or Decline Requests

This feature enables tutors to accept or reject the request for a class or new course made by students.

  • Modify Bookings

With this feature, tutors can make changes to the bookings of tuitions that were booked previously or are active now.

  • Schedule a Class

Schedule a class option helps tutors to book a class and notify students about the same.

  • Change Class Timings

Any change in the timings of an already booked class can be done using this option.

  • View Monthly or Weekly Income

This feature helps tutors to track their monthly income without keeping a record on any other application.

  • Contact Students

This key feature available in almost all the on-demand tutor applications aids tutors in maintaining regular communication with their students.

How Much Does On-Demand Tutor App Development Cost?

If you want your on-demand tutor app for Android, iOS, and other platforms, then the on-demand tutor app development cost is $25000 to $40000. you would be glad to know that it doesn’t cost a fortune. If you choose a reliable on-demand app development company, such as Quytech, then you can have the assurance of getting a feature-rich, customized, and scalable application at a pocket-friendly price. The cost of an on-demand tutor app may vary according to the features you want to add to it. To know more about the same, reach out to one of our support professionals.

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How Does an On-Demand Tutor App Work?

An On-Demand Tutor App follows a systematic process to ensure smooth functioning and easy accessibility to both students and teachers. Here is how it works:

  1. Tutors can register themselves on the app via a desktop or mobile phone
  2. On the next step, the app asks the tutors to upload required documents and certifications on the app
  3. After the admin approves the documents, tutors get eligible to receive requests from the students
  4. After receiving a request, tutors can accept or reject it
  5. The student makes the payment and tutors receive it immediately
  6. The tutor can then start the online session or visit the student’s place by tracking through the in-built GPS
  7. Tutors can submit ratings or feedback about the student or the class

Our On-Demand Tutor App Work:

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