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Need of the Hour! How Does on Demand Video Consultation Apps Works for Doctors and Medical Professionals

Key features of a doctor and patient video consultation

With technological advancements revamping the healthcare sector, it is no more necessary to visit a hospital to see a doctor as you can do the same just by installing a doctor and patient video consultation app on your device. We are not kidding. These applications have provided both patients and medical professionals a platform to connect, consult, and treat various health problems virtually.

This article talks about the working of an on-demand video consulting app for clinics and doctors. But, before writing it down the, let’s read the importance of such application:

  1. With an online video doctor consultation app for doctors, you can connect to a doctor within seconds, without visiting a hospital or medical facility.
  2. An online video consultant app for clinics is the best way for doctors or medical professionals to consult more patients.
  3. By using a doctor and patient video consultation app, patients can get online prescriptions
  4. While consulting through such an app, doctors can look into the patients’ past health history and treat them accordingly.
  5. On-demand doctor apps play a significant role in pandemic situations caused by COVID-19 and more.

Key Features of a Doctor and Patient Video Consultation Application

doctor and patient video consultation app

An on-demand doctor appointment app for clinics has the following features:

  1. Ease of booking or appointment
  2. Simple registration and profile creation
  3. In-app chat and calling option
  4. Live video conferencing
  5. E-prescription
  6. Sending prescription to the nearby pharmacies
  7. Medication tracker
  8. Various payment options
  9. Feedback, reviews, and images
  10. Store and track medical records
  11. Search options and filters to find a particular allergist/immunologist, pediatrician, gynecologist, dentist, cardiologist, and critical care medicine, specialists

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Working on an on-demand Video Consulting App for Clinics and Doctors

Now let’s dig deeper into the functioning of an online video consultant app for clinics and doctors:

  1. Once a user downloads and installs the doctor video consultation app on their mobile phone or desktop, the first thing that comes across is to sign up or register.
  2. After the registration and profile creation, the user can tap or click the search icon and mention the type of doctor.
  3. The search result will display relevant results; the user can narrow down the list by applying date, time, language, consultation fees, and work experience filters.
  4. Apart from this, there are many other filters, such as image, rating, feedback, area of expertise, using which you can filter down the displayed list.
  5. Once the user chooses a particular doctor and clicks the Request meeting option to proceed, they are requested to pay for the call. The user can choose to pay through a debit/credit card, visa or master card, or any other mode of payment available.
  6. After making the payment, the user can make a video call or send a text message to the chosen doctor.
  7. After the session is over, both the user and doctor will get the option to submit feedback and rate the consultation.

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Benefits of an on-demand Doctor video consultation app

  • Convenience

On-demand consultation apps make it convenient for both the doctors and patients to connect and communicate without stepping out of their homes. For instance, imagine you are on a vacation in a foreign country. One morning, you wake up with a terrible headache for no reason. What’s the first thing you would want to do? Of course, seeing a doctor; however, it might be difficult in the case if you do not know much about the country.

An on-demand Doctor video consultation app can become a rescuer to you in such a situation. In other words, no hassle of making calls to your hotel receptionist to arrange a doctor and then wait for them to come. You can simply open an on-demand consultation app, find a doctor by checking his/her ratings and reviews, and get a prescription within a few minutes.

  • Improved efficiency of the doctors

Guiding and treating patients virtually helps doctors to save their time and see more patients. Moreover, it also assists patients to escape unnecessary hospital or clinic visits for follow-ups or confirming the prescription again. Also, there is no such problem as missing an appointment.

  • Remote assistance

On-demand Doctor video consultation apps for doctors and patients remove all the barriers of distance and language. A patient sitting in one country can connect and consult to a specialized doctor from some other country before actually flying to that place. Such apps have made it possible to get remote consultation from experts in the industry.

Apart from these three, there are many other advantages of using an on-demand consultation app.

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Popular on-demand video consultation apps for doctors and patients

  1. Doctor on Demand
  2. Heal
  3. Pager
  4. HealthTap
  5. ZocDoc

So, if you want to consult a doctor for some health problem, download a reliable on-demand doctor appointment app today. On the other hand, if you own a clinic and want to see your patients virtually through an online video consultant app, then contact Quytech to get a customized app developed for you.

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