How to Develop a Play-to-Earn Game Like Zedrun?

How to develop a Play-to-Earn game like Zedrun

The NFT gaming’s are soaring to new heights, and entrepreneurs find them enticing and worth investing in. Do you belong to those or want to explore more about popular NFT games like Zedrun. If yes, continue reading this blog.        

Australian-based NFT horse racing platform Zed Run created a buzz worldwide. This racing platform is yielding high revenues. Businesses are now keen on developing digital horse racing platforms like Zed Run that incorporate horse racing, non-fungible tokens, and cryptocurrency.

Do you have any idea about the NFT growth in the correct figures? If not, let me tell you that it’s breathtaking.

According to Stats, the NFT market is worth around $22 billion, and its market has grown 20x between 2020 to 2021. The most expensive NFT sold for over $90 million, where half of the top 8 most significant NFT sales were for CryptoPunks.   

Indeed, NFT is booming, enjoying a booming growth worldwide. To benefit from this widespread global NFT gaming ecosystem, many have started to develop their NFT games like Zed Run. Our NFT developers will help you out in it and develop a robust application for you.

Do you want to know the process and explore NFT? Continue reading this blog and know every tidbit of NFT to enhance your learning experience. So, let’s start this NFT drive. 

A Major Overview of NFT Horseracing Gaming Platform-Zed Run

Digital horseracing is an online sport that we have never seen before. Zed Run’s idea is quite simple. You own digital horses, breed them and race them. If you win, you earn money.

Though there’s a lot more in Zed Run, this digital horse racing is exciting and relies on NFTs and cryptocurrency’s game-changing technologies. There is a layer of complexity and opportunity within that you have to figure out and make your way.          

How to Develop an NFT Horseracing Platform like Zed Run?

Developing an NFT horseracing platform requires expert guidance first, and here it’s better to consult NFT development companies. To begin the process, you have to opt for the two ways, which are:

  1. Either develop an NFT Gaming Platform from scratch, delivering the same end-to-end NFT gaming services as Zed Run.
  1. Or, choose White Label Zed Run Clone Script and customize it as per your business requirements and desired features.

I think the second option is much better and affordable. So, let’s continue with option 2 i.e. Zed Run Clone.

Decode Zed Run Clone Script and Its Importance in NFT Gaming World

Zed Run Clone is a pre-built NFT marketplace with similar characteristics to Zed Run. Its Ethereum-based virtual horse racing platform features, having different dashboards for Racing, Breeding, and Stable Building.

Users can also watch live horse races, compete in interesting competitions, and win exciting prizes. Furthermore, information on the worth of horses in studs is provided. 

Developers can quickly deploy the Zed Run clone script and build a Zed Run clone platform that doesn’t need a hefty initial investment.

Know The Key Characteristics Of Zed Run:

#1. Filter & Search Mechanism In the NFT marketplace like Zed Run, investors can immediately purchase male or female horses. With the filter option, they can select colts and stallions. There are different options available there such as Recently Listed, Highest Price, Lowest Price, and Expiring Soon.

Therefore, equestrian fans can receive details on all sorts of horses including the stable’s name, time spent for bidding, and stud fee in the US dollars.

#2. Category-Wise Horse Segregation —  Both male and female horses are classified in different ways. Generation (number), Gender (Colt and Stallion), Bloodline (Finney, Buterin, and Nakamoto) plus Breeds are all included (Exclusive, Genesis, Legendary, Cross, and Elite). This results in people being proud owners of their powerful and vicious horses.  

#3. Start Play Button — Zed Run is a user-friendly platform, and thus features the Start Play button. It’s present on top of the homepage. So, it becomes comfortable for first-time visitors to start their Zed Run experience without any hassle.

There are three options for newcomers- they can choose to watch a tutorial video, read the FAQs, or start playing the game.

#4. Integrated Digital Wallet —Zed Run has an in-built digital wallet that stores all the game assets. So, the users don’t need to go to any other place for storing their Zed Run virtual horses.

The private keys are encrypted and stored on the user’s device. Hence, it becomes difficult for hackers to steal user data.

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are one-of-a-kind digital assets. They exist on a blockchain and differ from each other in terms of properties, attributes, and functions. So, every NFT is unique and not interchangeable.

#5. Racing Section —  In this section, the users can check out all the live and upcoming horse races. They can also see the results of the previous race. The information presented there includes- race type, distance, number of horses, prize money, and the location where the race will take place.

#6. 24×7 functional Help Centre —If any user faces any problem while playing the game or breeding horses, they can take help from the 24×7 functional Help Centre. The team of customer executives is always there to help the users in every way possible. They provide solutions to all queries and problems related to the game.

What Are The Key Benefits Of Developing A Game With Zed Run Clone?

Affordable —  The cost of building a Zed Run clone is way cheaper than developing the platform from scratch. Also, it saves a lot of time as the script is ready-made. So, the developers can quickly deploy it and launch the platform.

Faster Development —  With the help of a white-label solution, the development process becomes faster. The developers don’t need to start from scratch and can launch the platform quickly.

Customizable —  The Zed Run clone script is highly customizable. So, the developers can make changes to it as per their business requirements. They can also add new features and functionalities to it.

Secure —  The clone script is built on a robust and secure framework. So, the users can be assured of the safety of their data. There is no risk of data leakage or hacking.

Scalable —  The Zed Run clone platform is highly scalable. So, it can be easily expanded to accommodate a large number of users. There is no need to worry about the platform crashing due to a sudden increase in traffic.

The Zed Run clone is an excellent solution for those who want to start their horse racing platform. It is cost-effective, scalable, and customizable. So, it can be easily tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

How can Quytech help you in Developing a game like Zed Run?

Quytech is a leading mobile app development company with a team of experienced developers. We have successfully delivered many projects to our clients across the globe. We have the required expertise and experience in developing a game like Zed Run.

With Zed Run Clone, we offer the following features:

Horse Racing —  The users can take part in live horse races and win prizes.

Horse Breeding —  The users can breed their virtual horses and sell them in the marketplace.

Horse Trading —  The users can buy and sell virtual horses in the marketplace.

Digital Wallet —  The users can store their game assets in the digital wallet.

24×7 Customer Support —  We offer 24×7 customer support to help the users in every way possible.

So, if you are looking for a reliable and experienced mobile app development company to develop a game like Zed Run, then reach out to us soon.


Zed Run is a popular horse racing game that allows users to take part in live races and win prizes. It is a great platform for those who are passionate about horse racing. If you are looking to develop a game like Zed Run, then reach out to Quytech.

We are a leading mobile app development company with a team of experienced developers. There is no project that is too big or small for us.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and join the gaming revolution.