Celebrating 10 Years of Innovation, Excellence, and Trust

Celebrating 10 Years of Innovation, Excellence, and Trust

On this day in 2010, Quy technology stepped into the field of mobile app development with an aim to help startups to become a brand and enterprises to grow and succeed further. “We started our journey with a small team and big dreams. Completing 10 years of providing bespoke mobile app development, consulting, and outsourcing services is an important milestone for us, says Siddharth Garg, founder of the company.”

Today, we are celebrating our 10th anniversary, Due to situation we cannot gather and have fun like we had on all our previous occasions. However, we are delighted that each of Quytech’s family member is safe and healthy during these COVID times. To celebrate this milestone, we conducted a virtual get together, where everyone shared their experiences with the company.

Quytech feels immensely proud to be a part of the success journeys of many companies. Since inception, we have turned more than 250+ mobile app ideas into reality by leveraging our expertise in AI, AR, ML, VR, Blockchain, and other technologies.

If we look back from where we have started to where we have reached and will go in the future, we can see all our team members have put their heart and soul to deliver what’s expected from a trusted mobile app development company.

We would also like to thank our clients across the globe for giving us the opportunity to set up a foundation for their business success. You have been a continuous source of inspiration to all our hard-working and dedicated team members. We are determined to deliver many more successes to our clients and growth opportunities to our employees in the future as well.

Here is a glimpse of how we have celebrated: