ReactJS vs VueJS: Which is The Right Web Framework For 2021?

ReactJS vs VueJS

For an extended period, web apps have dominated the development environment, and understandably so. End-users only require a web browser and cloud-based features. And just with that, things become so much easier for both the consumers and the businesses. 

This also means that there are several app development companies that offer both these options. Regardless of what you are offered, you should be sure of what you want, which is why you should be aware of the differences between different frameworks. 

With frameworks being among the core components, there are different types of frameworks used. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. In this particular article, we will compare ReactJS vs VueJS.

So if you’re trying to hire a reactJS developer or hire a vue.JS developer, don’t worry. This article will guide you the right way.  

ReactJS and Vue.js are quite popular among developers and have been used to develop several successful apps. To further understand the distinctions, we will evaluate them on a variety of criteria, including:

  • Consistency 
  • Testability 
  • Reliability 
  • User interface 
  • Developer accessibility, and so forth 

And after this analysis, you’ll know exactly which framework is the best for your forthcoming web application development project and the kind of developer you need. 

ReactJS vs Vue.js

As previously stated, Vue.js and ReactJS are two common frontend JavaScript frameworks. Before we dive into the differences, you need to know what they exactly are:

An Introduction To ReactJS

ReactJS is a Javascript library that you can use to build mobile applications with dynamic user interfaces. React allows users to make interchangeable customized modules, allowing a fast-paced development process. In addition to this, the ability to load a page quickly makes it one of the best frameworks to work with.

A survey by Stack Overflow showed that 68.9% out of 57,378 respondents wanted to continue working with ReactJS, even after three years.  

An Introduction To Vue.js

Vue is a JavaScript-based platform that offers sophisticated web tools for developing futuristic SPAs and front-end web applications. Vue is often regarded as a flexible and revolutionary JavaScript platform. It allows changes to be made to an app’s coding without affecting any key features, enabling progressive UI development.

Vue’s broad decoupling also allows you to add personalized plugins and graphic elements to the web app’s features.

ReactJS vs Vuejs: The Comparison

Here is a comparison of the features of ReactJS and Vue.js.

Coding Style JavaScript Expressions, also recognized as JSX, is used by ReactJS. Simply put, JSX is a way for you to use the HTML code in your JavaScript code.
The JS system treats the whole of the React system as an element. Furthermore, every other node has its very own component lifespan. 
React provides numerous lifecycle ways of dealing with any of these elements.
VueJS has a scripting structure that is somewhat similar to the website development situation that existed prior to the introduction of React. Vue distinguishes CSS, HTML, and JavaScript in the standard form of coding web apps.
Vue.js, like React, has feature life cycles. 
When placed on a reference scale, though, they become much more easy and straightforward to use. 
Scalability Because of its scalability, React does have an advantage. 
Developers could perhaps use standard code arrangement strategies for fast scaling because React applications only use JavaScript. 
Reusability of components improves React’s scalability.
Vue is scalable. Owing to its extensive range of customizable tools, it is almost always found in smaller apps. 
Because of the complex design, you’ll have to use Vue’s libraries and Mixin components to get around the scaling issues.
DocumentationReact adheres to the time-honored custom of improving documentation over time. 
Fortunately, things are much smoother today, and the React developers promise that things will continue to improve with time.
Even though VueJS is among the youngest JS frameworks, it has some of the finest documentation of any JavaScript system.
ExamplesBBC, Airbnb, PayPal, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, and many more. Gitlab, Adobe portfolio, Behance, Vice, Alibaba, BMW, and many more.
Community SupportReact was developed by Facebook and is also maintained by them. 
This means that they have plenty of support from the user community. 
Since a developer instead of a company created Vue, it could not get the same popularity as React. 
Vue has experienced significant growth and success due to the user community’s ongoing support and participation.

ReactJS vs VueJS: Security 

Vue and React have security vulnerabilities, but Vue applications are slightly simpler to protect than React-based apps. Though automated security against XSS vulnerabilities is not feasible, Vue programmers may sterilize the HTML code before implementing it or use external libraries to protect against threats effectively.

ReactJS vs VueJS: Flexibility 

React’s flexibility is among the main appeals. React, for instance, doesn’t have any kind of in-built routing capabilities. While we do get a React router, a standard routing solution, it’s not really a component of the authorized React package.

There are quite a few third-party options available for individuals who do not want to use the React router.

Vue.js is a flexible framework as well. But when contrasted to ReactJS, its flexibility is somewhat restricted.

Vue.js includes the following features as part of its official package:

  • Vue Router
  • Vue Server-Side Renderer (for back-end rendering)
  • Vuex, for the management of the state

Wrapping Up

The decision to choose between ReactJS and Vue.JS for an authorized project is based on the specific situation and your company’s requirements.

React may be the best option for those wanting to create complex applications with the possibility of expanding them in the future and taking on far more developers. When creating an easy and streamlined app, Vue seems to be the best choice.

However, both are excellent choices for progressing in JS and web creation. With all these points in mind, hiring a developer becomes a much easier task. 

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