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Reasons To Invest in Video Streaming App Development


Technology’s involvement in the sector of entertainment overcome the trend of an old cable subscription. With time this trend becomes less appealing since the market embraced the new ways to enjoy video content as Video Streaming App Development. Free Internet pushed the audience to get in the flow. This allowed many big giants to launch the video stream apps in the market.  As a result, the video streaming App development got the buzz in the industry.

The video streaming applications have an advantage over other options that there are no such issues such as storage or download. It allows their users to view video channel anytime or anywhere. Apart from that they can comment or share individual videos and connect with users around the globe. The video streaming App development defined the actual meaning of the streaming. These Apps transmits data as a continuous flow but the streaming files don’t have to save option.“Latest trend shows that the online streaming channels beat cable ones to HDR content, 4K content, and other technologies.” Today in the market we have numerous online video streaming apps options. Like Youtube, Google Play, Netflix, Hulu, Disney, and Twitch other entrepreneur are trying to invest heavily in video streaming app development.

Why should Business forecast on Mobile Streaming App Technology?

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This is the era of 4K resolution video. A video streaming app is the best way to achieve that quality. The quality of the video content delivered through the top video streaming apps is significantly higher than any source of media. Mobile streaming apps allow users to choose which channel to watch. Apart from that, the user has the control of the live video streaming application that is they can choose what to watch and when to watch.

The feature of portability of watching the videos on the smartphones made the usability of these apps more efficiently. It is seen most of the videos are watched on the app worldwide by the users as soon as it is launched in the app. This trend is going to brew with time. This is sure that video streaming apps are outraging the trends of television via mobile devices.

  1. Easily capture more attention from customers
  2. Brand loyalty Increase
  3. Broadcast business prospect hassle less
  4. Real Time user engagement anywhere and any time
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Features Video Streaming App Must possess

There are many video streaming apps in the market, but few of them are at the top of the user choice. The unique feature is the   only key to make the difference between among the others app in the market.


The process of Registration should always be easy with a few clicks. This allows users to register with the mobile number or email and password.

Personal Profile

Users should have a personal corner to upload and edit for their personal details. Options to upload, share, edit or update their profile creates the user-friendly App.

Full HD Video Streaming

User these days are addicted to high-quality videos. HD resolution or Full HD display has more possibilities to get viewed by the more and more audience.

Easy Subscriptions

Like Youtube, with this feature, it is easy for the user to be more aware of new videos that come up on their favorite channels. This is one of the must-have features that create a far different in the video streaming app. More and more you have subscriptions and push notification user, get more engaged.

Content recommendations

Artificial intelligence is helpful in the data analysis of the user choice in order to offer suggestions perfectly according to their tastes.

Membership plans

For better user engagement, free version and paid membership are offered with extra benefits and features that create a better option to experience the preferred plan.

Share on social media

In order to increase brand awareness and inspire potential users best option is to share the content on social media and platform.

Filtration and Searches

To improve the user experience search option in an app is available with a filter option. Filtration is helpful and necessary as it restricts the age of inappropriate content for the restricted age.


Integration of geolocation with the app takes the user experience to next level as it helps to find the broadcasts based on the user’s location.


Offering privacy to share personal impressions and emotions with close friends is user’s prime demand. For streaming video apps, it is a smart choice to implement privacy settings for users.

With these features there are many video streaming apps created a significant position in the market. A big industrial player as Amazon, Microsoft, YouTube, Netflix, HBO, and Hulu have a prime position in the current market. These video streaming providers shifted the market of the entertainment to another world. As the majority of the user is having the smartphone with a high-speed internet facility which is helping the brands connect to the users easily. 

Revenue  Models in OTT   

Payment Mode 

  • PayPal, Braintree, Credit/Debit Cards, Wallets Apps
  • In-app Purchase model
  • Multiple Currency Support

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Bottom line

Users desire for the broadcast of video with high resolution and fast speed that a video streaming app can provide. To build the best mobile streaming apps leverage the power of technology with creativity and advanced features.

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Hence, this would allow you to start with small MVP but end app with a hike in live video streaming world.

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