Artificial Intelligence

Role of AI in Mobile Field Services on day-to-day Operations


Artificial Intelligence technology is helping in progressing the customer experience. Mobile automation solutions have become the standard in the marketplace. Businesses are utilizing the power of AI to understand if a customer needs assistance in resolving an issue or wants more information. These days’ startups and enterprises are trying to build positive customer experiences by addressing customer needs instantly and effectively.

AI-empowered mobility solution helps service organizations resolve issues faster, enabling them to fix things on time for their customers. The ecosystem gets streamlined where field service technicians, service managers, business managers, executives, and customers can improve overall productivity by 30-40% with an effective mobility solution. Service-centric companies and increasingly utilizing AI-enabled mobility solutions in the first-level service for better interactive customer experiences.

Benefits of AI in mobile field services on day-to-day operations:

Artificial Intelligence utilizes statistical techniques in mobile field service to allow businesses to learn from the data as it runs. AI offers personalized recommendations relevant to the service using a time-based, predictive, and self-learning to streamline service.

  • Support in saving time and cost by automating routine tasks and processes.
  • Offer deep insights and predict customer preferences for better consumer behavior.
  • It helps in avoiding human errors provided the system is set up properly.
  • Arrange a large amount of data to drive insights.
  • Boost operational efficiency to enhance productivity.
  • Drive high revenue for maximum profit.

Impact of AI in field services

It was noticed that earlier field service staff had to personally visit your customers. Before the use of AI started it was tough to find out whether the machine/ product is in working condition or not. Big thanks to Artificial Intelligence helping to perform complex tasks with regular checks right from your computer and save time.

With the introduction of AI, technological growth is anticipating increasingly helping the business field services. The staff can make accurate judgments based on the maintenance, repair, and age of the machine.

The complex process of identifying and resolving the issue has now become convenient with the help of AI-enabled mobility solutions. In this era where technological advancements are modifying and constantly re-shaping the way businesses are done. Now it is possible to leverage data and predictive intelligence to help businesses make smarter choices with decision driven strategies.

According to a study by IDC, worldwide data will grow to 175 zettabytes by 2025, for a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 61%. Not only had this, by 2025, IDC predicted that nearly 30% of the world’s data will need real-time processing. The concept of applying AI in business, has re-captured the imagination of the global business and technology community.

Due to the exponential data growth in the future 49% of data will be stored in public cloud environments. AI is one such advancement that is helping businesses modify the Field Service Management for various progress and improvements. From a certain period industry has witnessed an interest in research and funding flowing for AI-enabled solutions. In the IDC report, it is stated that worldwide spending on AI systems is forecast to extend $57.6 billion in 2021.

Outcomes of using AI in your mobile field services

Artificial Intelligence has strongly created a foothold in this area of the field service industry. AI-empowered algorithms automatically optimize routes and schedules by changing jobs and assignments in field services. With the help of the AI program, the employees are trained on more data to make them smarter. AI helps the business to focus on how to regulate customer preferences, experience, service availability, and major factors.

  • With the advent of AI, the mobile field service has a strong technician’s expertise and the back offices are well- connected.
  • With the GPS functionality, the field service employees can easily locate the coordinates to customer locations for improving responsiveness to the job assigned.
  • The technicians can collaborate on a real-time basis to find a solution quickly using previously reported services or similar problems.
  • The field workers can get real-time updates of new service jobs, tasks and inventory with proper assistance when needed.
  • AI helps to receive alerts for tasks created, respond to assigned tasks instantly, and resolve issues from the customer site for improved customer experience.
  • Effective field service organizations are equipped with AI solutions to execute work more professionally for customers and provide better branding for the company.

Final thoughts

With the help of AI, the field service providers will be ready to deploy AI-based decision support in their field service platforms. This would help them to differentiate the robust capabilities in the complex process. This is the reason why AI-enabled solutions have opted for favorable results in field service delivery and customer experience.

AI is helping to cut down on service costs by reducing unwanted effort due to manual processes and lack of real-time information. As a result, the business can improve the revenue for the services they provide by involving AI.