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Role of Artificial Intelligence in Social Media

Artificial Intelligence in Social Media

Considering the fact that there are 3.81 billion (continue to grow) active social media population worldwide, it would no wrong to say that we live in an era of social media. Different online studies reveal that every smartphone users uses at least one social media application (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc.).

But, social media is not just about connecting to your friends or family, rather, it has become a perfect place for businesses to find new clients or nurture their relationships with the existing ones. By sharing their thoughts, photos, or videos on these platforms, both the businesses and individuals are adding an unimaginable amount of data that is increasing exponentially with each passing year.

And, if you are wondering how these platforms are managing the same, then the answer is through AI and various other technologies. Yes, AI or artificial intelligence is contributing massively to manage this sea of human data coming to these platforms.

This branch of computer science makes machines to act, think, and behave like human beings. AI and machine learning (a subset of AI) in social media are helping the giant social networking companies to make sense of the user-generated data to manage various activities. This article is all about the impact of artificial intelligence on social media.

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How is Artificial Intelligence Used in Social Media?

Managing social media platforms (flooded with innumerable users) is not a child’s play; it requires a lot of things to look upon. With artificial intelligence, social networking companies are analyzing voluminous data to find out what’s trending, different hashtags, and patterns. This analysis helps in understanding users’ behavior.

With the help of various algorithms, artificial intelligence can keep an eye on the unstructured user comments to offer a personalized experience and to recognize crisis. The technology can also assist in providing content analyzing different activities as well as demographics.

Most of the top social networking companies have already adopted AI to scale up their processes and take their business to the next level.

How is Artificial Intelligence Used in Social Media


Top social networking platform uses machine learning and AI for serving you the content of your interest, recognizing your face in photos, recommending you tag options, identifying visuals, and for various other tasks.


The platform uses AI to detect a face, from a complete image, to create a thumbnail. It utilizes neural networks to decipher- which section of an image the user would like. Twitter also uses this technology to suggest replies while commenting on a tweet or answering a comment.


This social media platform relies on machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict suitable candidates for a particular job role. Using AI, Linkedin also highlights the candidates who are actively looking out for a new opportunity or are most likely to respond.


There are more than 200 billion users who Pinterest pins on this platform and 80% of them make a purchase the personalized content. The platform uses neural networking to show its users the content of their interest. It means images available on Pinterest are linked to a neural network based on a particular theme.

Apart from these four, other social networking websites are also leveraging AI and machine learning to streamline their processes and deliver an unmatchable user experience.

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Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence in Social Media

To Recognize Images

AI-powered image recognition software and tools help in recognizing various images to understand the change in users’ behavior or pattern. Through complex algorithms, it can go through millions of images to bring out valuable information.

AI-Powered Chatbots

Businesses running over social media can use AI-powered chatbots to answer their customers’ queries in no time. AI-enabled chatbots can efficiently conduct conversations with the consumers and provide them the required answers by understanding the intent of a query. With this, businesses can improve customer experience to a significant level.

Analyzing Sentiments

Since AI can analyze the nature or intent of a query or comment or something posted by a user, it can help brands to identify sentiments to know how you feel. For this, AI uses another subset known as natural language processing. NLP also helps in finding out positive and negative words in a post or comment.

Increased Security

AI can help social media platforms to protect the user data and increase the privacy of their information. Through user authentication, pattern detection, fraud prevention, and other features, this technology can help users to improve the security of their social media accounts.


Future of Artificial Intelligence in Social Media

The amazing benefits artificial intelligence is rendering to social media platforms depict that the technology is here to stay for long. Keeping in view the growing number of social media users, it would be no wonder to consider it as the biggest marketplace in the future. The technology will help social networking companies to deliver better customer experience and help marketers to target the right customers that will increase the conversion rate and ROI. They will use images to boost the engagement of their targeted audiences and look into their behavior.

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How AI Is Used in Social Media Ads or Social Media Marketing?

AI-powered tools help you to look into your brand’s social media profiles and visitors. Using those tools, you can understand users’ behavior and what they say or post about your brand. This data can further help you to know your global brand equity, recognize new trends, target new audiences based on their interest, and identify new ways of social media promotion.

While social media platform gives individuals and businesses to connect to people and targeted audience, it also allows brands to run paid advertisements based on behavioral targeting and demographics. Having funds is not the only criterion to run a brand advertisement successfully; you need to be creative to make your ad get the desirable clicks.

There are several AI-based tools that can help to know how to optimize your ad for conversions and clicks. These tools can also provide you other valuable information, such as which language will deliver better results or what words are popular among customers looking out for the products or services like yours.

AI-enabled tools can also help you to measure the performance of your ad campaign to know whether it is going in the right direction or delivering the desired output or not. AI can also help you to predict market growth and make your ad strategies accordingly. You can increase ROI and get more organic customers for your brand.

Final Thoughts

Artificial intelligence is helping social media platforms to manage the pool of data and make sense of it to know the latest trends, user behavior and their interests, find out and block abusive content, and for various other purposes. It has a bright future in this industry as it improves user experiences and help brands to serve them better. AI also plays a major role in social media marketing by letting the brands measure the performance of the company and identify users that can be converted into potential customers. To integrate artificial intelligence in your existing social media application or to build a new AI-powered social media app, reach out to a reliable AI development company, or hire AI/ML developers.

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