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Guide to Social Gaming App Development – Development Process & Features

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Explore today’s complete guide on “social game app development” from ideation to development & launching stage.

Social games are actually games created to be playable within existing major social networking websites. Social games has gone viral, it’s really a continuation of a trend already taking place. So we can say that Social game development is a scorching field. The effect of these games is so vast that social links have multiplied like wildfire on social networking sites. Seem poised to revolution the game industry the play store and app store are full of downloadable casual games.

The social Game App Development industry represents a viable business opportunity for game developers. There are many venture capitalists investing approximately millions in social game companies.  This trend has always maintained curiosity in social network game players that came out of the box for best games ever. With such energy mobile game developers and web programmers are forging ahead with social games.

It’s no surprise that casual game developers are also running the race with the endeavor of getting viral.  Even Facebook game such a gigantic platform of social activities have a mixture of business models, social games that offer game developers a testing field to see user reactions.

The reason behind such popularity is that sales are direct-to-customer and game developers own the customer relationship.

Social Game App Development and Cost

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These following factors that may affect the cost of your social gaming app development include:

Types of Social Network Game App

There are mainly six categories that you need to understand. Before you begin developing your gaming app determine where your mobile game app idea suits.

With an aim to convert your idea into a reality this is an outline the 6 major types of game apps to help you determine in which category your game app belongs.

  • Sports RPGs
  • Casual Games
  • Word Games
  • Virtual Villages Games
  • Casino Games
  • Ownership Games
  • Location based AR Game

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Features of Social Game App Development

There are already ample of gaming applications floating in the social media market. And to make your app stand out in the crowd, it is a necessity to add some additional or novel features to it. Doing this will require more development time and efforts, and thus, increase the total cost of development.


The platform you choose to run your social gaming app is one of the major factors in determining the cost of it. You can choose from Android, iOS, Windows, and other platforms and pay for the development accordingly. If you are targeted a mass audience and planning to develop a cross-platform gaming app, then the charges could be higher.

Tools and technologies

While estimating the cost of a gaming app development, you cannot ignore considering the tools, libraries, and advanced development environments that will be used during the process.

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Experience of the developer

If you want to develop a highly engaging and entertaining social gaming application that can make you witness skyrocketing success on the Play Store and among the players, then you need it to be flawless, user-friendly, and high-performing. To ensure all this in the first go, you might need to hire an experienced developer who may charge accordingly.

The size and complexity of the app, location of the company, type of gaming application are a few other considerations in calculating the cost of a social game app development.

Social Gaming Apps best for business oriented App developers. Want to develop social gaming apps or do you want to develop an app such like that? If yes then, here we are to assist you. Developing an app like this may cost between $18,000 and $30,000 and it can also go up depending on the type of App you want to develop. Contact us for a complete cost estimation of application.

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At Quytech, we design and develop social network game app. With our experience in this field we know how exactly the AR mobile app development technology can benefit businesses. Our more than a decade of experience prepares us to deliver best solutions.

When it comes about social gaming YadaYada is a social game where users play a card game and get to know each other through comedic, hilarious questions. With an aim is to bring people beyond the two minutes of dull text chat and engage users through playing our ice breaker / relationship enhancer game with funny questions.

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Key Features:

  • 5 Suit Card Deck – LOVE, LIFE, SEX, VICE & COLLEGE
  • Invite a partner (date, friend, spouse, group) to play
  • Find a partner with proximity GPS
  • 7 cards of questions per round
  • Wildcard interactive play card
  • Star or Boot your partner off

If you have a query on how Social Network Game App Development can be used for your business or how to make social media apps then no company better that Quytech can answer you. Experts at Quytech are always eager to help clients in bring innovative business solutions.

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