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Sports Training App: Key Features, Cost & All That You Need To Know

Sports Training App Key Features, Cost & All

Gone are the days when athletes relied on a printed or handwritten training plan. Today, there is an app for everything.

  • Need to lose/gain weight? Use the diet and nutrition app.
  • Peace of mind? Use the fitness app.
  • Unable to get to the gym? Switch to gym and fitness management app.
  • Missing sports training? Seek assistance with the sports training app.

Almost everything can be done via millions of apps on smartphones. Even for sports enthusiasts, there are countless apps available in the market. And, the demand is increasing day by day. Perhaps, this is what drives mobile app developers to build sports training apps. So here, we will take a look at the key features that your sports training app must have and how much the mobile app development costs you. But before that, let’s quickly have an overview of the sports training app.

What are Sports Training Apps?

The sports training app provides a consolidated platform where athletes can track their training, development, and performance. It enables sports enthusiasts to take online, in-person, and community-based training. Being an athlete, irrespective of any sport – badminton, tennis, football, or cricket, AI based sports training app helps make an individual stronger and faster.

Types of Training Apps You Can Develop

As different sports require a different set of training, the features that you include in your training app will vary. At Quytech, we help you develop a wide range of training apps tailored to your needs and business. Here’s a look at some of the sports training apps.

  1. Cycling Training Apps

It makes cycling sessions more fun and exciting. With this app, cyclists can record how many hours and kilometers they rode. They can upload every ride, track their fatigue, and communicate with their coach after each session.

  1. Running Training Apps

These apps prove to be a strong motivator to help athletes reach their goals. Right from tracking their activities to getting them ready for a race, running training apps do it all. Runners can even log their data and track their progress.

  1. Basketball Training Apps

For people looking to get better at basketball, such apps come to the rescue. It helps count, track, and chart basketball shots in real-time. You can also offer video reviews, analytics, playbooks, and exclusive access to basketball training tutorials in the app.

  1. Soccer Training Apps

To be a pro at soccer, it requires daily preparation. Soccer training apps can help coaches to plan their soccer programs and sessions. Besides, it can be leveraged to analyze players’ performance and help them get better.

  1. Boxing Training Apps

These days, boxing can be learned right from the smartphone with the best boxing training apps. It can help enthusiasts learn some great tips and techniques to master the art. Eventually, they can start practicing boxing with their friends virtually.

  1. Football Training Apps

Today, football players require a high level of training to be an amateur. With football training apps, they can access different training exercises, ball control strategies, and even receive tips from professional coaches to improve their game.

Key Features To Include In Your Sports Training App

features of sports training app

While there are ample common features that you need to include in your sports training apps like sign-in/sign up, user account, payment gateway, and more, there are some advanced features that can help you stand out in the competition. Here’s a look at such features.

1. Connect With Coach

It helps your users connect with the nation’s largest network of vetted coaches. They can review the coach’s profile, specialties, experience, ratings, and more to determine if they can receive sport-specific instructions and training from them.

2. Personalized Sessions/Coaching Programs

Enable your users to register for individual or group training sessions. Moreover, you can provide more value by letting them customize their workouts as per their preference. This helps them manage their training schedule without any hassles.

3. Practice Plans/Workout Routines

Based on the different sports training that your app offers, you can provide your users with pre-defined practice plans and workout routines. This can prove to be a huge advantage, especially for beginners. Additionally, you can provide tools that help users create and personalize their workouts.

4. Training Resources

Let your users learn from coaches, professionals, expert trainers with your sports training app. You can give them access to a range of training resources like workout drills, tips and tricks from recognized professionals,  skills development guides, video tutorials, the news feed, and much more that can inspire and encourage them to boost their training. 

5. Step-by-step Instructions

This is one of the most sought-after features of a sports training app. With this feature, you can expect a lot of traction from users. What it does is, gives step-by-step instructions to the athletes to perform each set of exercises.

Many sports app developers are deploying the use of a smartphone’s camera to recognize the body posture of the trainee and provide feedback in real-time.  

6. Detailed Reports

After each workout or training session, provide a detailed report that includes the sets completed, tonnage lifted, and more. You can allow your users to track their progress from month-to-month with tracking graphs. This helps them measure their progression and provides room for improvements if required.

7. Chat

Effective communication is crucial for virtual or online training. Hence, let your users have one-on-one conversations with their trainers and coaches via chat. Here, trainees can consult with their trainers and avail of sport-specific instructions. Coaches can send their feedback and share tips for efficient workouts. 

8. Social Media Integration

Integrating social media into your sports training app creates a digital impact. It helps users share their daily progress with their friends and sports mates. Moreover, social media capabilities within your app allow users to access their social media handles within a few clicks instead of leaving the app.

9. Notifications

Notifications keep your users updated regarding any developments in their workout routines, availability of new training resources, reminders of upcoming sessions, and more. It makes them visit your app often and stay engaged.

10. Offline Mode

You can make some of the functionalities of your sports training app available offline. Irrespective of the users’ internet connection, they can always access some of the app’s features. This adds to their convenience and also attracts more users.

11. Use Sophisticated Technologies

Here, what we mean by sophisticated technologies is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR). Apps based on these technologies are gaining immense popularity these days. So, highlighting the use of such technologies in your app description can be highly beneficial from a marketing point of view. However, this may add to your sports training app development cost.

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How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Sports Training App?

The answer is obvious, it depends. But on what?

  • The platform you want your app on – Android, iOS, cross-platform, or hybrid
  • The technology you choose to use – AI, ML, AR, VR, and more
  • The features and functionalities you want to include
  • The number of team members who will work on the project

These are the main factors that contribute to the cost of app development. If we talk about an estimated cost, it would be more than $30k-$40k.

Why Choose Quytech for Sports Training App Development?

Quytech is a leading sports app development company with 10+ years of experience in the industry. It masters in serving bespoke business-specific sports solutions to help you take your sports business to the next level. Besides, the expert developers at Quytech specialize in implementing the latest technologies and features to develop seamless sports apps. If you are looking to develop a sports training app, look no further than Quytech!

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