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Telemedicine App Development: Features, Cost, and Tech Stack

Telemedicine app

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 worldwide, people are being requested to maintain social distancing, go self-quarantine, and take precautionary measures. Many hospitals have also suspended their OPDs (Outpatient Departments) and urged people to use telemedicine to shun the spread of virus transmission.

Statista’s report shows that the global telemedicine market will reach $460 billion by 2028 . This means that healthcare will inevitably go online. But what benefits does telemedicine bring to businesses?

Telemedicine App Development: Features, Cost, and Tech Stack
Source- Statista’s

Telemedicine, aka telehealth, is the distribution or delivery of healthcare information as well as services through telecommunication technologies. It facilitates examining, diagnosing, and treating patients in real-time without meeting the doctor in-person. This pandemic situation actually needs something like telemedicine app development that offers people, seeking medical advice, a platform where they can directly contact with doctors.

There are many on demand doctor apps that can help patients to consult specialists from the comfort of their home. Wondering how? Well, this article will highlight everything about how a doctor appointment app can become a knight in the shining armor in the midst of Coronavirus lockdown:

Cuts Down Unnecessary Visits to Hospitals

The potential pandemic setting demands the health of healthcare providers to be considered on the utmost priority. But if people will keep reaching out to doctors even for the mildest symptoms, it might increase their chance to get in contact with the infected people. With a telemedicine application installed on a phone or laptop, people can easily connect to a specialist and know whether they need to be tested for Coronavirus or not. In fact, people can also get treatment for other problems they are facing.

These telemedicine app development is embedded with highly advanced features that can help the professional to evaluate cough, fever, and other symptoms from a distance. Some of them can even diagnose the pulse rate, respiratory rate, and body temperature.

Overcomes the Shortage of Healthcare Professionals

As the number of Coronavirus patients is increasing every day, many countries are facing a shortage of doctors. Telemedicine app development is the safest way to strain the healthcare system, save the time of healthcare professionals so that they can see more number of patients. Even those healthcare professionals who have quarantined themselves can examine patients from their homes and support the workforce to combat the crises of this magnitude.

Minimizes the Use of Masks and Gloves

Less the number of potential patients moving out from their houses for diagnosis, lesser will be the use of masks and gloves. In other words, using a doctor appointment app and consult to a doctor virtually can cut down the utilization of masks, gloves, and gowns.

Delivers Remote Assistance

Telemedicine app development can be accessed from every nook and corner of the world. Even those sitting in remote areas or villages can communicate or consult the specialists and know whether they need to be tested for Coronavirus or not. This will also prevent emergency rooms and other medical facilities from being overcrowded and misused.

Telemedicine App

How Does the Telemedicine App Work?

Telemedicine apps follow strict and approved algorithms to examine and evaluate a patient accurately. First of all, the patient is asked to answer a number of questions that get stored in the cloud. Then the big data analysis is used for the proper diagnosis. Other features such as telescreening and time-specific appointments are will help in further treatment.

If you too want to consult to a doctor, then it is advised to get the best telemedicine app from the ones available over the web. By downloading the application, you need to create an account and choose the area of specialization of the doctor you want to reach out to. Follow further on-screen instructions, and you will be connected to a doctor in a matter of seconds.

On the other hand, if you are a part of the medical industry and want to release a telemedicine app to help patients connect to doctors, then you can contact Quytech a leading Healthcare app development company.

Key Features of a Telemedicine App Development


Feature Listing: Doctor app:

  • In doctor app, Doctors can log in with their credentials
  • Manage their calendar (This can be linked with their Google Calendar too)
  • See the appointment (Accept and Decline this )
  • Can do the chat with Patients.
  • Can initiate the video/audio call within the app and consult with patients.
  • Can check the billing history for the patient within the app itself

Feature Listing: Patient app:

  • The patient can register and log in.
  • Setup their payment through credit/debit card
  • See the schedule of the doctor and book the appointment accordingly.
  • Make the payment online.
  • Can have a video/audio call within the app and consult with doctors.
  • Can leave a review for doctors

Feature Listing Admin Panel: This will be the password protected web based admin panel where admin can access following:

  • Admin can manage doctors/consultants and patients
  • Admin can add/edit delete the doctors/consultants.
  • Can check the Sales Report.
  • Can check the total appointments (Completed, Upcoming and Cancel).

Other Features of the Mobile app (Doctors Listing and Detailed Information)

Calendar Feature of the app

Video Call and Feedback Feature

How to Create a Telemedicine App: Tech Stack

The technologies that find great application in telemedicine app development include:

Telemedicine App

How much does it Cost to Develop a Telemedicine App in 2022?

The various possible features that such an application can have, make giving definitive pricing for such apps very difficult. This cost for app development depends on various factors. Some of them are as follows:

To put in short, telemedicine app development cost ranges from $45k to $200K .

An average price of building telehealth apps of different types.

Store-and-forward: $40,000 – $60,000

Remote monitoring: $65,000 – $150,000

Real-time interactive: $75,000 – $200,000

hire mobile developer cost
  • Platform (Android or iOS or both) where you want to launch your app
  • Location and size of the development team
  • Features you want in your app
  • Technologies and tools to be used for the development
  • Complexity of the app
  • Duration of the project
  • After deployment maintenance and support
Telemedicine App

However, to get the exact cost, list down your app requirements and connect to a reliable healthcare app development company.

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