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AI in Sport: How AI Transforming the Sports Industry


The advent of technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence has turned our lives upside-down. By making machines behave, think, and act as humans begin, artificial intelligence is changing the face of every industry, including sports. AI in the sports industry is bringing a radical transformation in sports like football/soccer, formula 1, and many others.

The technology is being used for strategizing, training, advertising, broadcasting, and various other purposes. Curious to know more? You are in the right place. Here, in this article, we have provided 11 ways AI is revolutionizing the world of sports.

Roles of Artificial Intelligence in the Sports Industry

With the increasing importance of machine learning in sports applications, it has now become easy to manage and improvise on several operations. Some of the major applications of AI solutions include

  1. Recruiting players
  2. Monitoring health, fitness, and safety
  3. Examining workout and training
  4. Designing practice and performance improvement programs
  5. For better fan engagement
  6. Improving advertising
  7. For accurate referring
  8. Enabling automated journalism
  9. Player Scouting
  10. Match Predictions
  11. Player Safety

Let’s read them in detail:

1. Recruiting Players

AI in the sports industry can be used in the sports industry to examine the performance of potential recruits. Various devices built with the power of artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning can also assist in keeping a record of a player’s performance and previous data (passes made, runs, goals, scored, etc.) before deciding to invest in him/her.

2. Monitoring Health, Fitness, and Safety

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The predictive and diagnostic capabilities of artificial intelligence can be used to maintain the health, fitness, and safety of players. AI, now a part of medical kits, can help to evaluate the fitness of a player and also assist in diagnosing various physical and mental diseases at an early stage.

Wearables powered by AI in sports analytics can be used to track players’ movements and observe other physical parameters. These devices can also look into cardiovascular and musculoskeletal issues.

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3. Examining Workout and Training

AI sports games can be used to analyze past and existing sports training and coaching programs to create the ones that deliver exceptional results. For instance, an AI-powered wearable device developed by PIQ and Everlast helps in understanding how successful a training or workout program is. The device is specially built for combat sports, such as boxing and martial arts, and captures and evaluates minor variations in the actions of the player.

Artificial intelligence can also help coaches to improve the performance of players by looking into the position & motion of the players, and observing various metrics such as spin and speed. By using this technology, coaches can make better decisions for matches. Read More

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4. Designing Practice and Performance Improvement Programs

AI in the sports industry, along with sensor technology, can help in improving the techniques of players. Moreover, it can also offer real-time feedback about the performance of a player. Technology can also play a significant role in creating personalized training and performance improvement programs so that every exercise can be used to its full effectiveness.

5. For Better Fan Engagement

AI-based chatbots and AI in sports marketing can help players engage with their fans and provide required information about a sport. Additionally, such chatbots can also assist fans or viewers of a sport in knowing their ticket status, finding the checking point, knowing the match schedule, or making queries regarding a particular tournament. Providing the required information at the click of a mouse helps in delivering an unmatched customer experience.

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6. Improving Advertising Opportunities

AI in sports analytics can identify the game’s best moments by monitoring a player’s emotions, actions, and expressions. It can also recognize the language of the commentator to find out the most thrilling moments or highlights of the game. Moreover, the technology can also offer subtitles for a live event to make it understandable for the mass viewers.

By looking into this insight, advertisers can decide the time of their advertisements to grab the attention of their audiences. AI in sports marketing can also help in sports marketing by recognizing the best camera angles for a match. In addition, the technology has the potential to provide valuable information (by examining the previous statistics) to the commentators, so that they can improve live commentary.

Two renowned firms, Opta and Grabyo, have joined hands to create, handle, and publish real-time video clips for the fans at a particular match.

7. For Accurate Referring

Referring is one of the most important advantages AI leverages to sports, mainly cricket. The well-renowned hawk-eye technology utilizes artificial intelligence to determine if the player is out or not in case of the leg before wicket appeal. The technology helps referees to make the game rule-abiding and fair.

Decision Review System (DRS) and Video Assistant Referee (VAR) that utilizes slow-motion replays are the two other examples of how this technology is transforming the world of sports.

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8. Enabling Automated Journalism

Automated journalism is still a fantasy, however, with the way AI and ML are developing, it could soon be a reality. The development of such a system will change the way of sports broadcasting. Just imagine, a machine powered by AI and ML preparing reports on a particular match or sport. Isn’t it exciting?

As of now, AI in sports marketing is being used to create videos of a match’s or event’s highlights. This task, if done manually, can take up a lot of time and require a great deal of effort. By using an AI-based system for identifying the best moments from a match, the media can reduce their time to market.

For instance- An AI-powered solution, WordSmith, developed by Automated Insights, can quickly process sporting events’ data to generate brief descriptions and stories automatically. Moreover, it can also recognize the language, grammar rules, and writing style required for creating the story.

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9. Player Scouting

Sports institutions and teams want the best players to play for them. And AI solutions make it easier to scout the required information. Right from leveraging video coverages to wearables, AI in sports analytics can help measure a player’s different parameters. It can even determine if the player has the capabilities that the team is looking for. The accurate measurements that AI offer is likely not possible manually. Thus, it benefits the team as well as the players.

10. Match Predictions

With AI in the sports industry in place, it is possible to predict match results. There are quite a few apps in the market doing it for different sports. For example, Swarm AI. It uses a hybrid AI model where machines and humans predict match results together. 

11. Player Safety

You might probably be aware of NASCAR, the most popular high-speed sport in the US. You would have also heard about the dangerous accidents that take place in it. AI in sports analytics can help enhance the safety of drivers with the help of self-driving cars. Such cars are equipped with algorithms that can recognize the malfunction or any issue in other cars and alert the driver before the disaster. Thus, accidents can be avoided, or at least the safety of drivers can be ensured.

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Final Words

Artificial intelligence indeed is a game-changer in the field of sports. The technology helps coaches to improve their players’ performance by analyzing the data collected from wearable and other sources. Besides this, there are many other roles AI can play to revolutionize the sports world. Go through this article to dig deeper into how AI can impact this domain.

In case if you are keen to use this technology in any sports application, then reach out to a reliable and experienced AI development company or hire AI developers. Since there are many companies offering AI development services, you need to find the one that offers worth your money without compromising the quality.