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Things to Consider While Hiring Mobile App Developers from India


Indian mobile app developers have a great reputation in the IT industry worldwide. This is the reason why leading businesses hire them to develop custom mobile apps and software. 

Have a look at this statistic: 

According to the Progressive Policy Institute (PPI), it is expected that India will overtake the US and become the world’s largest developer population center by 2024. 

India produces top-class mobile app developers who have extensive expertise in fulfilling all kinds of business IT needs. However, if you are hiring one, you cannot blindly trust anyone and hire them. After all, your whole project depends on them. 

There are a few things that you must know when you hire mobile app developers from India. In this blog, we will go through these factors in detail. 

So, if you are a business owner who is looking to hire Indian developers to develop your mobile app, or to augment them into your in-house IT team, this blog is for you. So, let’s start! 

Benefits of Hiring Mobile App Developers From India

Before we start exploring the factors, let’s understand why it is advantageous for businesses to hire app developers from India. 

  1. Big Pool of Talent 

India has a huge pool of IT talent. There are numerous mobile app developers who have years of experience in the app development industry. 

According to GitHub, there are approximately 6 million+ developers in India. Hence, if you are looking for professionals, India is your go-to place.  

  1. End-to-End Mobile App Development Services

Another benefit of hiring Indian mobile app developers is that you will get end-to-end mobile app development services, all in one place. 

From in-depth consultations to post-development support and maintenance, Indian app developers have your back. 

  1. No Communication Barriers

Mobile app developers have a strong command of the English language. Thus, it becomes easy for you to communicate your ideas, suggestions, and feedback to the development team. 

  1. High-Quality Work

Android and iOS app developers from India are popular for the high quality of work they deliver. They leverage high-end tools and technologies and deep expertise to develop apps that fulfill specific business needs. 

That is why most leading businesses hire Indian developers for app development. 

  1. Few Legal Formalities 

There are only a few legal formalities to fulfill for hiring mobile app developers from India. Moreover, the Indian government also supports businesses that hire Indian developers by providing tax concessions, etc. 

  1. Time Zone Benefits

The last benefit of hiring developers from India is that you can develop your app around the clock. You can augment Indian developers with your in-house team and work 24/7 for your mobile app development. 

Now that you know the benefits of Indian developers, it’s time to explore the factors to consider while hiring mobile app developers from India.  

Top Factors to Consider While Hiring Mobile App Developers from India 

Top Factors to Consider While Hiring Mobile App Developers from India 

India has a large pool of mobile app developers; each with a respective area of expertise and experience. Thus, it becomes necessary to pick out the best app developers for your mobile app development project. 

Here are some factors to consider that will help you select the best developers from a large population. 

  1. Expertise 

The foremost factor to consider while hiring mobile app developers from India is the expertise the developer has. Developing mobile apps is not a simple task. 

It requires extensive knowledge, both theoretical and practical, of app development technologies, programming languages, security measures, app store guidelines, etc. 

Hence, when you hire developers from India, you must cross-check the level of expertise they possess. An ideal mobile app developer must have expertise in: 

  • Mobile app development technologies, such as React Native, Xamarin, Flutter, etc.
  • Programming languages, such as Kotlin(Android), Swift (iOS), Python (cross-platform), and more. 
  • PWA (progression web app) development.
  • Intuitive UI/UX development. 
  • Backend Development. 
  • Emerging technology integration, such as AI, IoT, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality. 
  • Security measures, such as biometrics, end-to-end encryption, and more. 
  • PlayStore and App Store guidelines, and more. 

It is recommended to hire expert Indian mobile app developers to ensure successful mobile app development.

  1. Experience

There is a famous saying that you must have heard at any point in your life:

“Experience separates the amateurs from the professionals.”

Based on this saying, the second factor to consider is the experience of the mobile app developers. The more experienced developers the better they can develop a custom mobile application. 

However, there is always an argument that experienced developers come costly. They charge high per-hour charges compared to freshers or less experienced. But, if you look at the bigger picture, these high charges are worth an investment. 

Experienced Indian developers can carry out your mobile app development project with ease and if any challenges arise, they are also capable of overcoming them soon. 

Therefore, it is advised to hire experienced mobile app developers from India to ensure your mobile app is well-developed and delivered on time.

  1. Portfolio 

The next factor to consider when hiring Indian cross-platform mobile app developers is their portfolio. A portfolio is a developer’s past works showcasing his/her technical skills, achievements, and work samples. 

When it comes to hiring app developers based on their portfolios, you must hire app developers who have diverse projects that belong to various industry verticals. Or, you can hire developers who have worked on a project similar to your app development. 

By analyzing a portfolio, you can easily conclude that if a particular developer is ideal for your job or not. Obviously, it is not the only factor but it is one of the crucial factors you must consider when hiring developers from India. 

  1. Client Reviews and Testimonials

Client reviews and testimonials are also crucial factors worth considering when hiring mobile app developers from India. The client reviews and testimonials are the experiences clients had while working with the top developers in India. 

The more positive the client reviews, the better the experience they had. So, you can also hire top app developers in India based on their client reviews and testimonials. 

Also, you can check developers’ online profiles to access clients’ ratings and reviews he/she received. 

  1. Communication Skills

Communication is the most important constituent of successful mobile app development. If there is no proper communication between you and the team of developers, your mobile app may not be developed as per your expectations. 

Hence, it is crucial to have a common language to communicate well. In the case of hiring Indian developers, you get this benefit. Most iOS and Android mobile app developers from India are well-versed in the English language, providing you with a common language to communicate. 

Also, they can easily communicate with other team members. If they possess poor communication skills, your mobile app project may be affected. Hence, always analyze the communication skills of the app developers while hiring them from India. 

  1. Innovative and Creative Thinking

As of today, every business is developing a mobile app to offer its services to users. But, have you ever wondered how apps from the same niche exist? 

For instance, there are various online payment apps, such as Paypal, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, Chase Pay, and the list goes on. But, how do these exist when there is such tough competition? 

The answer is creativity and innovation showcased by developers when building these mobile apps. Their creativity and innovation make these apps distinguished from each other. As a result, they all exist and have millions of users. 

Therefore, you must also hire mobile app developers from India who possess a high level of creative thinking and innovation skills and the ability to make your mobile app stand out from the competition.

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  1. Intellectual Property and Confidentiality

Another factor to consider during the process of hiring developers from India is to protect your intellectual property and maintain the confidentiality of your app idea. 

While interviewing the top developers in India, you need to share your app idea with them. But, there is a risk that your idea may be leaked out in the market, and someone else develops an app based on your idea. 

Therefore, it is crucial to maintain full secrecy when sharing your idea with the developers during the interview process. You can share initial not-so-important information first, and later share the core details. 

In between, you must make your developers sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure your intellectual property is protected and confidentiality is maintained. 

  1. Project Deliverability and Timelines

A project timeline is a chronological arrangement of stages of the mobile app development process. It is necessary to meet these milestones on time for timely delivery and launch of the app. 

Thus, always choose the best app developers who agree to meet milestones on time, and assure you of timely delivery of the mobile application. Delay in app development causes a rise in overall cost, hence, keep a tight eye on timely delivery. 

  1. Post Development Support and Maintenance

Post-development support and maintenance is as important as the development of the app. In other words, it is the extension of the mobile app development. 

Also, if a bug arises in the mobile app after the launch, you must fix it as soon as possible. For this, you will require development support from the developers.

Moreover, if you want to scale your application, again you will need app development support. Overall, post-development support and maintenance are necessary for keeping the app relevant for a long time. 

Therefore, it is advised to hire mobile app developers from India who are willing to offer post-development support and maintenance services. 

  1. Hourly Rates 

Here comes the most crucial factor to consider when hiring top Indian mobile app developers. Hourly rates are the monetary charges that are charged by the mobile and web app developers for providing their services. As the name suggests, these charges are usually hourly-based. 

Experienced mobile app developers with extensive skill sets charge higher rates than freshmen.

When hiring, you need to carefully evaluate the charges quoted by the developers. Many times, developers quote charges way higher than the quality of services they provide. The hourly rate must justify the quality of services they are offering. 

However, there is a common mistake that most businesses make when hiring developers from India. They choose the low-cost ones without analyzing their expertise, skills, and the above-mentioned factors. 

Therefore, we recommend you evaluate the cost by the value the developer will provide to your project, and hire the ideal ones whose cost justifies it. 

Hence, these are the top factors to consider while hiring mobile app developers from India. Now, let’s talk about the ways to hire the best mobile app developers from India. 

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Best Ways to Hire Mobile App Developers from India 

The following are the best ways to hire dedicated mobile app developers from India: 

  1. Referrals

The best way to hire app developers for mobile app development is to check referrals. Notable clients who have worked with developers in the past usually refer them based on their skills and experience. 

Therefore, it is a proven way to get the best mobile app developers from India. You can consider hiring developers who have been referred by esteemed clients worldwide. 

  1. Expertise Through Content

Those who are experts in a particular niche or industry can talk about that topic for hours deeply. 

Considering this point, another best way to find the top mobile app developers is to check top mobile app development companies that have in-depth content on their websites, blogs, insights pages, etc. 

The company that talked about mobile app development in depth is obviously the expert in the industry. Therefore, hire app developers from an app development company in India who have strong content for mobile app development. 

  1. Directories 

Last but not least, online directories are another best way to hire Indian app developers for app development. 

Directories, such as BusinessofApps, Goodfirms, and The Manifest, feature top mobile app development companies that have notable reputable in the industry. 

Thus, you can easily find ideal developers by exploring the previously mentioned online directories. 

Therefore, these are proven ways to hire mobile app developers for the app development project. 

Models to Hire Mobile App Developers from India 

There are usually three models to hire mobile app developers from India. 

  1. Full-Time Hiring Model: For hiring developers full-time, ensuring consistent dedication, collaboration, and expertise for the project. 
  1. Part-Time Hiring Model: For hiring developers part-time to scale resources according to project needs. 
  1. Hourly-Based Hiring Model: For hiring developers on an hourly basis for flexibility in project scope and budget management. 

These are the top models for hiring Indian mobile app developers. 

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How to Hire Mobile Apps Developers from Quytech

The process of hiring mobile app developers from Quytech, the top mobile app development company in India, is as follows: 

Step1. Share your Requirements 

First, you share your requirements with our consultants. Based on your requirements, we provide you with a list of top mobile app developers and their details. 

Step2. Pick Developers 

Screen the developers and pick the ones that are ideal for your job. 

Step3. Interview

Have interview sessions with the shortlisted mobile app developers to gain insights into their expertise and experience. 

Step4. Finalize 

Post-interview, finalize the mobile app developers you want to hire. 

Step5. Paperwork 

Complete the required paperwork, such as contract and non-disclosure agreement (NDA). 

Step6. Pay Weekly or Fortnightly for the Work Done

It’s done! Our mobile app developers will start developing your app. Pay weekly or fortnightly for the work done. 

Isn’t it easy to hire mobile app developers from Quytech? So, don’t wait anymore. Share your requirements with us and hire the best app developers from India for your app development. 

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Summing Up

Mobile app developers from India are in great demand. The obvious reasons are their professionalism, high-quality work, communication skills, and more. However, you cannot hire any developer from India for your app development. 

There are some factors that you must consider while hiring mobile app developers from India. We have explained these factors in detail. Hope you find it useful. 

Moreover, if you are looking for the best mobile app developers, reach out to team Quytech. We will provide you with highly experienced and skilled app developers for your custom mobile app development and other related projects.