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11 Key Features of a Successful Mobile App

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No matter if it is a startup or an enterprise, getting recognized worldwide is what everyone dreams of (unless they are targeted just the local customers). Most of the businesses today are aware of the thing that having a successful mobile application can make this dream come true. But, there are thousands of mobile applications on Google PlayStore or App Store that no one even looks at.

So, what should a startup or an enterprise do to make their mobile application popular, right after its launch? Well, the simple answer to this question is to make the mobile app unique and attractive. Yes, a mobile app should be enticing enough to make the user hit the Install button. But, what’s more important is that it should include such features that can deliver the ultimate experience to users by fulfilling what they are actually expecting from it.

Today’s technology is evolving at such a rate that you cannot attract customers just by providing sign in/sign up or social media sharing options in the app. Now, you must be thinking that what else you should add. Well, this article is all about that only. Check out the 11 key features of mobile app development mentioned below to know what can make your app reach the doorstep of every user:

11 Must-Have Mobile App Features

  • Voice search
  • Location
  • Face detection
  • Incorporate Analytics
  • Social Integration
  • Augmented Reality
  • AI integration
  • Personalization options
  • Working Offline
  • More Touch
  • Easy Payment gateway

Let’s read more about these features:

Voice search

Voice search  key features of mobile app
Voice Search

Voice search option in a mobile application is considered as the best feature. This is a revolutionary option that is transforming the user’s experience. The scenario of searching for information has been changed with the advent of voice search. With it, users can verbally command the app to search for new products, services, or anything they would have otherwise done by typing keywords.

 Location Tracking

location based mobile app  key features of mobile app

This is the essential feature that an app must possess to automatically detect users’ locations and provide them personalized services. The data such as accurate location, time, and place are broadcasted in real-time to focus the users. This is helpful for the brands to target the right customer with the right services. This feature also relieves users from entering their location manually to find out whether the product or service they are looking for is deliverable in their locality or not.

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Face detection

face detection key features of mobile app

Gone are the days when users have to enter their email addresses and passwords to log in to their account. It is the technological era, a time where they can do the same just by looking over to their phone. It would be no wrong to say that the technology of this modern time is taking the security protocols beyond the imagination.

By integrating face detection features, app developers can improve the security of the app. Most of the mobile app development companies are choosing face detection as the foremost element of app development.

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Incorporate Analytics

Adding a feature to track and identify the actions of the user is another way to be ahead. This is helpful to understand the users’ activities to know their interests and to help them with any issue they are facing while searching for a particular product or service. Merging analytics into a mobile application is renders huge benefits mainly from the business prospect.

Social Integration

The feature that connects users to the social platform is what users are passionate about. Thus, sharing on the social platform has become an unavoidable feature for almost all types of mobile applications. By integrating sharing their purchases or feedbacks on the social media platforms, the app can deliver them a more personalized experience.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality technology enhances the user experience by offering them a three-dimensional digital content or objects of the real- world perception on mobile platforms. The technology started an era of digital transformation information, with a real-time environment.

Artificial Intelligence Integration

Artificial intelligence is one of the top technologies that have revolutionized almost every industry. By adding AI’s touch in your app, you can serve your customers better by suggesting to them the products similar to the one they have added to the cart. You can also show them recommendations and do a lot more to enhance their experience.

Live to Stream

Today live streaming feature has become one of the essential parts of mobile apps. Users are free to share their experience while using the app. This feature has become one of the main parts of mobile applications. App industry is opting this idea to broadcasting their brands in the real platform.

Personalization Options

The latest mobile applications are redefining the way mobile apps used to be in the past. Personalization feature allows the users to work on an app the way they want. It is all about how much an app understands the users who are looking out for different products or services. This feature empowers the user with flexible settings, fonts, colors, sizes, and many more options.

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Working Offline

This is the advanced feature that an app offers the user to work without an Internet connection. This feature allows the app to balance data and functionality in such condition. The app is integrating with this feature allow users to access the information and deal with the situation when the internet is not available.

More Touch

These days apps demand touch. The less typing the more hassle less working. The user looks for the app with a few touches and more accessibility. They can simply tap to choose from different options rather than typing them manually. Apart from this, you can add various filters and sorting options to narrow down the search criteria of users searching for products and services on your app.

Easy Payment Gateway

A secure payment gateway ensures hassle-free buying for the user. This feature allows paying easily, instantly, and securely, especially from the eCommerce app. The payment gateway feature provides an advantage to the app users to make payment through their credit/debit cards, netbanking, online wallets, and more. This builds trust and loyalty among the brands and the users.

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Bottom line

These days, companies put their best efforts into developing customer-oriented mobile applications that represent businesses globally. There focus is to make every mobile app enticing and unique. Adding advanced mobile app development features improves users’ experience, and thus, brings more customer satisfaction. So, consider the mobile app features mentioned in this article while developing a mobile app to make it represent your brand effectively and deliver an outstanding experience to users.

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