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Top Trending Sports Betting Apps for Android and iPhone

Top 5 Sports Betting Apps for Android and iPhone.

Sports apps are all the rage; people who are passionate about various sports find it easy and exciting to play them on mobile applications. Among the other types of sports (cricket, football, tennis, etc.) mobile applications, sports betting apps for android and iPhone are also gaining huge popularity. The growing popularity and worldwide demand for the same have made the App Store and Play Store flooded with ample best android and iPhone sports betting apps.  

In this article, we have highlighted the five best sports betting apps for Android and iPhone users to help those who want to build such an app for a startup to have an idea of how such applications work. The article is also for those users who want to play the top sports betting apps.

Let’s read about these apps in detail:

01- Draftkings (Android and iOS)

Draft Kings

This app gives players different daily and weekly fantasy sports contests. Players can choose to play sports like baseball, football, soccer, motorsport, and others for free or by paying some amount. The array of formats Draftkings offers include Qualifiers, Double or Nothing, and Head-to-Head. Players can choose from these formats to play with other users. They can also invite and challenge their friends in different sports available on the app.

Draftkings also allows the option of choosing different leagues like NASCAR, PGA, NBA, and more to play particular sports. Winners of the sports get the cash prize immediately after the contest or competition ends. 

02- FanDuel (Android and iOS)


FanDuel allows its players to bet live on matches and win cash prizes, which they can withdraw easily. Using the search option in the app, players can search for daily or weekly contests with different entry charges and formats. They can win cash prizes by playing with different players or their friends. 

03- Betfair


It is also a popular name among renowned sports betting apps. Players can bet on Betfair without the intervention of a bookmarker. Simple and intuitive interface, innovative principles, and exciting features are what make Betfair a preferred choice for the players who love to bet on sports. The app allows users to play live on different sports events, including cricket, baseball, racing, and football. 

04- 888 Sports (Android and iOS)

It is one of the famous sports betting apps that is available for both the Android and iOS platforms. The app offers real-time betting on football, tennis, racing, and other sports. Due to its interactive interface, user-friendly design, amazing features, and round-the-clock availability, the app enjoys a humongous customer base. 

What’s make 888 Sports stand apart is its features that allow a user to play live betting, exciting offers and promotions, hundreds of sports to play, and others. Players can win cash prizes and check out their performance from time to time. The app is available in multiple languages. 

06- Bet365 (Android and iOS)

Bet365 (Android and iOS)

Bet365 provides live streaming for football, tennis, cricket, and almost all the sports matches. At the homepage of the app, players can check the live matches that they can bet on. Bet365 broadcasts thousands of live matches every year. Premium users or the paid account users can access all the streaming services on the app.  

How Much Does It Cost To Build Sports Betting App?

Now when you know enough about the popular sports betting apps for android and iPhone, and want to go to Fantasy sports app development, then you must be wondering about its cost. The total cost of creating such an app depends on several factors:

  • The platform you want to build the app for
  • The complexity of the sports app
  • Features of the betting app
  • Experience of the development company or the developer
  • Size and location of the mobile app development company 

Roughly, you might need to pay around the cost USD $30,000 to USD $50,000 for the sports betting app development

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How To Develop a Sports Betting App?  

To develop sports betting app for android and iPhone, you can either contact a mobile app development services provider or hire dedicated developers. In both cases, we recommend you to research thoroughly and check the portfolio. Also, check the feedback submitted by their previous clients. Another pro tip is not to think of hiring someone that offers cheap mobile app development services. Rather, choose the one that provides you with a perfect combination of cost and quality.

Final Words

Sports betting apps are becoming a new addiction among mobile game players. These apps allow players to bet on their favorite sports or esports happening anywhere in the world. To know more about such apps, give this article a read. Here, we have mentioned the top 5 sports betting apps players are crazy about. 

Now, if you want to build sports betting applications for android and iPhone then reach out to a reliable mobile app development company. You can either provide them with your specific requirements or ask them to make sports betting app like those mentioned here. However, it is advised to provide additional features in your app so that it can stand out.